Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



It’s a valid feature request :grin:

Not sure… I tended to avoid her as much as possible :sweat_smile: maybe being neither mean nor actually friendly sufficed? :thinking:

Sorry for the torture :stuck_out_tongue: and good luck with your computer :smile:


Please don’t give him any ideas, I feel like he’d screw me harder…

Though on the other hand I might go into choicescript specifically to mess with him if that was the case

Set deadboyfriend +5
Set killro True[/quote]

[quote=“idonotlikeusernames, post:2452, topic:15440”]
How the heck did you manage that!? :astonished: Don’t you get a few points already for simply not being accommodating to Lani’s every whim?
[/quote]But I did it too… :sob:


You already have a bad ending exclusively for you! :smile:

(And I get the feeling I wouldn’t like your game even without that “feature”… :unamused:)


Do I get an exclusive good ending? :innocent:

I will add this to my game…

*if forumhandle=ParrotWatcher
*set livingboyfriend +2
*set boyfriendinvulnerability true



That just makes @Dark_Stalker want to kill them even more… :disappointed:


*if forumhandle=ParrotWatcher
*set deadboyfriend +7
*set companoins female

To be fair, I think I saw Soloman first.


Something like:

“if forumhandle=idonotlikeusernames
Set badending1darknessthreshold to 20 (vivisection)
if darkness=20 set badending1 true
Set badending2darknessthreshold to >=21 (blackmailed by mob, forced to marry Lani! :fearful::scream:)
if darkness>=21 set badending2 true
Set philjudgesmctooimmatureonaccountoftalkingtoimaginarycats true”

Add requirements for other bad endings as desired.
Note this “badending2” might actually be the worse ending compared to vivisection, at least even with skilled doctors and life-support equipment vivisection cannot likely be stretched beyond a couple of days. I should probably quit making this too easy on @ParrotWatcher, since he’s from perfidious Albion he doesn’t need our help to come up with insidious evil schemes anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did actually…


I think I made it much worse right? Though it probably goes to hilariously dark territory at that point.

At least you can still use the omnitrix for evil.

I still petition to get rid of that 10 empathy, I’m feeling very unwanted as a person.


I don’t know, maybe we could trade it with another stat? I could really use some boost for my will stat.


Meh, that’s too much, wouldn’t even be worth playing for the journey at that point. You really need to learn from Cata in making people actually want to play your game and saving your sadism either until the very end or at appropriate and totally unexpected moments.


But it would be at the end? And I did say

If I was going for something even attempting to be sad it’d probably be along the lines of friends killing you, sacrificing themselves for you or a unhappy life.

And my sadism peppered throughout by Rng :blush:


How could you do that to him? :scream:

Like forcing you to choose between leather and a cute boyfriend? :smiling_imp:


Because it’s fun?


That’s inhumane!!! :fearful::scream::anguished:, well to most of my mc’s anyway, I do have a few that don’t particularly care about fashion or cute “bad boy” looks.

Addendum, besides @ParrotWatcher already destroys our mc’s entire wardrobe, along with the house, so we are basically kids in rags by the end. :cry:


All hail s.a.m.t.t.w.a.p.l.f.m.e.c.m.o.n.s.s.b.s.w.r.p.f


Now that is one stellar team name. Talk about having all your bases covered.


Would’ve expected Will to be your highest, though. I am sad.


error encountered

chapter3_3 line 7: Non-existent variable ‘throwmatch’


Well… I guess I’ll have to wreck your relationship, then… that could get interesting… :thinking:

Didn’t I already do these? :thinking:

I think that might be an old save problem… :confused: Could you try from the start again?