Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



@HomingPidgeon I think in an apocalypse doctors wouldn’t care too much about each specific patient. also didn’t everyone already know MC got superpower?
@Sammysam hm but in my playthrough it’s MC who removed the debris that caused Sammy’s injury


I had always intended that it would be as @Sammysam suggested: the MC can only heal others like them (whether they’ve met their TOT3M or not). So yes to Kay, no to Sammy. But I’m still trying to figure out how to mention that in the story, and if I can’t fit it in later, I may have to go back to include it for Sammy.

And not everyone knows about your superpower. Yet.


Maybe let the MC try (and fail) to heal Sammy, then let them have a discussion with their TOT3M? Preferably a discussion where the TOT3M doesn’t actually know the answer, and the MC can guess it.


Yeah, that’s how I was thinking it would have to go.

I guess that would work for high-int characters, although I’d still like to let low-int MCs know, too.


Good point.

What if… what if, for low-int MCs who can’t reasonably guess, their TOT3M comes back a scene or two later after having guessed it without the MC’s inspiration? Not that it’s wrong to have the TOT3M guess during the same scene, but it’s less of a conversation and more of an “info-dump” if an NPC already knows everything the MC could ask them.

Alternatively, someone could suggest “Let’s do some SCIENCE!” and the MC just tests it on a bunch of friends and family-of-friends until it’s more clear what’s happening.


Who would ever do such a dastardly thing?


Hey, I was gonna suggest you might wanna do a poll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Currently looks like the median result is in the 1-5 bracket :thinking: which is definitely lower than I’d suspected.

I suppose there are some pretty smart people around who might be able to guess it if the MC can’t, like Anara :thinking: or for that matter, it also sounds like the exact kind of thing Sammy might worry about anyway :disappointed_relieved:


Says the guy who’s the perfect little angel who got darkness 0. :angel: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Like I said, I like my mc’s story to be a bit grittier than just pure power-rangers “status-quo is god and nothing truly bad can ever happen to the heroes” fantasy, without going overboard too, particularly considering our mc’s relatively youthful age here. I honestly thought my score in the high 20’s would have been right in the mushy middle, guess I was wrong, huh?


Anyway, update time! (Yay! :smile:)

This is a shorter one, as it was supposed to be part of the last Episode, but that got so long that I decided to update it in parts. I’m thinking I’ll probably upload the finale in separate parts, too.

The current game contains about 197,000 words, with an average playthrough length of 60,000 words.


At the end I got:

Darkness = 9. Will = 32. Empathy = 10. Intellect = 88.

Tot = 40.

And this is from the last update, but at the end of the date with Anara it apparently has two dialogues appear at the same time? It looks like a bug:


Even after what has happened so far?


Whoops, looks like Chi’s text got in there, too… :confused: Well, it’s an easy fix… and it should be done now.

As in: people know of you, but they don’t know who you are. Yet.


how many people actually know mc identity?


Any chance to keep it that way? You know so my mc can actually hold onto a vanishingly small hope of finding a way to attend college.


im not sure should i be happy or sad… im really happy because its finally Update time!! YAY!!
and im SUPER sad because im still can’t playtest anything after the incident that make my laptop rest in peace D’X which is why i cant do anymore art and have to put my works, and also my game on hold for the time being QAQ. for now i have to use my father’s ancient notebook that just had ram 504mb (just imagine how slow and annoying that is) and not to mention i have to use on-screen keyboard to type several alphabet so my words wouldn’t looks like alien words :cold_sweat:

so for everyone else, please enjoy the update and don’t forget to report to our dear @ParrotWatcher if you find some typo or bug… coz i can’t check it out if the notebook i use always close the browser by itself every once in a while :sweat_smile:


Everyone at your party, several army higher-ups and scientists, some police, the Man’s men… :thinking: Maybe a few more I’ve forgotten.

Maybe. :smirk: How much is it worth to you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :moneybag:


Well, due to being a minor my mc has no money and I doubt the insurance is going to cover the house, so at best that would leave us with whatever dad has managed to save and we just blew most of our college fund on a stupid party.:worried: So my mc probably needs to find a way to leverage his intelligence into a scholarship, but that most likely prohibits using a fake name, so he really has to keep his fame level down to have a chance of that working.:pensive:

The other options don’t seem much “fun” to my mc at all, since they seem to be becoming some sort of celebrity (with a totally fake life) an “agent” for the government (with a totally controlled and fake life) or failing to find a way to attend college and ending up in whatever menial jobs he can find for the rest of his life. :sweat:

Crap depending on how many survive they’re going to blab, Lani seems particularly likely to either spill the beans or try to blackmail us somehow, maybe even into serving her mob boss dad, which may actually be worse than ending up in the hands of the media or the government, barring the government actually vivisecting my mc of course. :fearful:


Darkness = 43. Will = 52. Empathy = 10. Intellect = 72.

Tot = 44.

Well…that was really something…but does that mean we have to choose which faction to beat down? Because I really…really want to destroy all three of them, such a shame if we have to pick only one.


Well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but… the one thing I will say is that you won’t just be choosing the order you go through three otherwise unchanged fights. Your choices will have an impact.


My save got deleted, had to restart the game.

My darkness value went up from 0 to 3.

I have sinned, please forgive me.

Oh, and what’s “Tot”?