Totem Force [Released!]

Well, at least he has a fan… :sweat_smile:

:scream: CHEATER! Nah, I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s what I do with the games I beta test.

I was thinking I might give you at least the opportunity to try with the later “monsters”. (It may or may not work…)

Actually, it has been used a little down some paths (just not very much), but I certainly need to rewrite the scene, even if I keep it.

As I said, I was about at Episode Four or Five before I actually started mapping it out. It’s fluctuated a little since then, but within a far stricter framework.

Plus I’ve already written most of the story, and I don’t really want to delete large chunks of it… :sweat:


Ah, empathy my good ole dump stat, which means my mc is quite the little killer by now, isn’t he? :sweat_smile:

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Congrats on taking one more step towards being a game developer as well as writer :slight_smile:


Okay, so thus far I’ve had the following names submitted:

@Bluestar2.0: Super Awesome Mega Tubular Teens with Attitude Power Ludicrous Flamboyant Multicolour Explosive Cool Mystic Overpowered Ninja Samurai Space Brave Spirit Wizard Rangers Patrol Force

@Lizzy: Sapphic Force

@idonotlikeusernames: Crazy Cats

@Sammysam: ${heroname}'s Lackeys, New Daitoshi City Help Squad

@Alexandra: First Defenders

@Ylva: Viri Sanguinum


@TSSL: The Tentacled Monstrosities, Amazing Aliens, Daring Dragons

@SeventhJackel: Eidelon Echelon

@Disciple: Spectrum, Rebel Experimental Soldiers, Reckoning, Fallen Knights of Avalon,
The Amazing Boytoys of Lani

I’m afraid I’ve removed the names which imply a team size (Magnificent Seven, QuadSquad), and the one I feel would probably be a little copyrighted. If anyone has any more suggestions (or anyone already on the list doesn’t want their team name potentially in the game), please let me know. I should note that I probably won’t be using more than a handful of these names.


…The Spanish Inquisition? shrugs


Nobody would expect that :thinking:


I normally use Totem Force for the sake of laziness consistency with the game’s title, but if I’m feeling fancy I go with something like Eidolic Force or Eidolic Strikers instead.

If you don’t want to give each player more than three or four choices, maybe make Totem Force one, something related to eidolons because that’s what Anara nicknamed the TOT3Ms, something related to the type of TOT3M the MC chose (cat, alien, skull, etc.,) and something randomly selected from a short list of extra names?

Plus the mandatory “I’ll type it myself” option, of course.


No way I’m gonna read through this whole thread. But it looks like you’re taking suggestions for team names? The name I put in was Totemic. It’s simple, symbolic and relevant.


I’m about to crash for the night, so pardon me if this is very abbreviated/doesn’t all make sense, but I wanted to get the bulk of it written out so I don’t forget! Chi characterization suggestions:

  • very outgoing, leader-like personality, tries to inspire others to work hard and keep their chins up
  • tends to take charge in terms of rallying and morale and making teams feel like teams
  • during day off, maybe have it so he invited the other team members too, because he wanted everyone to have something relaxing to do and maybe bond and have fun together outside of superhero stuff, plus wanted to help the city return to something more normal despite the situation
  • probably takes after his mom in terms of being very charismatic and a good leader, and he also genuinely cares about the people who look up to him (as his mom does, or as he believes she does, regardless of if that’s true)

All this would also reinforce the way he and Anara are introduced as kind of opposites; she’s very intellectual and scientific, he’s much more people-oriented and charismatic. Emphasizing things like that instead of worrying about the sports and stuff might make him easier and more fun to write for you. I’m sort of thinking of him as like, team dad, or team cool big brother who kind of brings up everybody’s spirits and boosts morale and is generally the emotional glue of the team (and Kay, of course, but Kay is more one to fuss about wellbeing than to give pep talks). I also can picture him arranging some sort of impromptu theater performance for the public, since both sports and theater kind of serve to bring communities together, and the city could really use something like that in the wake of the military takeover.

Feel free to take or leave any or all of that, I don’t really mind either way – I’m just hoping to help get the wheels turning on what might make him a more engaging character for you to write (and therefore for the player to get to know). I may or may not throw more suggestions this way at a later date.


Can someone give me some new words to make my already large team name larger in words :confused:

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That would significantly change the dream sequence, wouldn’t it? :thinking: Since that kicks it off…
But, yeah, I can see it’s not really as connected with everything else, unless that group of people has some involvement with the shady villain stuff that we don’t yet know about.

But, I mean, also sort of an origin story :thinking:


Well, the alliterative ones I mentioned were supposed to be extending @idonotlikeusernames’s suggestion so as to have a special themed one for each totem. In which case, a skull and an angel name would complete the set, and then potentially you could have it so only one of those displays for any given playthrough… let’s see, “Amazing Angels” works just as well as “Amazing Aliens,”… or you could be a weirdo and call them the “Angellic Angels” or something :innocent:
And you could have the… “Scary Skulls?” :confused: maybe…

Oh, yeah, that would really make sense to include.

Maybe a reference to SAMABT, too? :thinking:

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I have been playing Totem force for about 11 months now… I even had my first reply/comment/post/whatever here 11 months ago and this thread still lives


That a good thing right? :smile:


I am fairly certain @ParrotWatcher uses blood sacrifice magic to keep it alive


Nah, blood sacrifice magic is @Havenstone 's game around here, literally. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m fairly sure @ParrotWatcher just uses his own metahuman super-powers. :wink:


Yeah, I hadn’t thought it through. I’m definitely keeping the scene, although certain things will be changed.

Eek! They’re on to me! :fearful:


Sammy’s Saviours.

Mm, you know, I believe I have missed the last update. Or two. Whoopsie-daisy. I’ll return in a bit. Hopefully nothing too drastic happens…to anyone that isn’t Lani…


I wonder if the zero darkness club can work with s.a.m.t.t.w.a.p.l.f.m.e.c.m.o.n.s.s.b.s.w.r.p.f :thinking:


I refuse to work along side any group advocating for rights and protections of Sammys

Actually an acronym like that is also a deal breaker :blush:

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Salsa and mayonnaise topped totally with a plateful of lemons filled with mackerels and even covered munchy oranges no silly squabble because soup will be ready pretty fast? :thinking: