Totem Force [Released!]


Was amazed with that show.
After seeing how similar Kei was to my Daemon, I even changed his super name to Ajin as a way to honor the show.


Are you…are you up to date with the manga? Because I’ve heard various people being either confused or dissapointed with the…character development…

And i wouldn’t really call Ajin a classical Shounen either, not even following the latest turns in “characterization”.

But I agree with this:

@ParrotWatcher you gave us this feature now use it to let us descend to darkness and terror if we want so (and with high Darkness I guess you just can assume that)…If Sammy can die Kay can be broken, that’s only fair (have to keep it fair with MC’s best friends).


[quote=“Sammysam, post:2361, topic:15440”]
Because I’ve heard various people being either confused or dissapointed with the…character development…
[/quote]Barely anyone has definitely changed, and it’s mostly small. Though we got characterization for a lot of them.

It started as an official shounen but then the Artist took over the author’s job and made everything dark, which is why I joked that they broke. The anime started dark.

If only every villain was as likable as Satou.

I was mostly keeping up with the manga, and only watched the first ep or so and a clip from nine, due to them changing Satou’s 9/11 reenactment to dropping a building on them.
I’ll probably watch it later this week.

What was his old super name?

I always had a problem with games which force me to do things (or encourage in the form of bonus power) cough cough Heroes Rise cough cough consistent personality choices, since my mc’s personalities usually amount to “whatever they feel will help them the most at the moment”, which is why I don’t go with triple digit darkness as my canon playthrough.

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Okay, now I’m pretty sure we are at different points of the manga. Very sure even. Or we have very different standards about topics like consistent characterization…


I’m at ch 50. Everyone to me has either just showed that they weren’t complete jerks in the first place or got slightly nicer (with one exception who got a lot nicer), to me. Or they stayed the same.


Interesting, even when I disagree. But I think if we want to continue our talk about it we may should move it to the Anime/Manga Thread or pm, if that’s okay for you?


I only saw the anime.

I actually preferred the change.

Sure, crashing an airplane into a building was bold but, it’s been done. That fact makes it less impressive.
What hasn’t been done? Destroying a building by dropping another building on it, while riding the whole thing down just because you can.


Hey reached end of game and it said to write down darkness=39


B-but that’s not what happened to my MC! Wait, does that means that my MC is not one of the heroes of this story? I-is he the villain?! Will we finally gets to fight Kay and her foolish ideal?

In all honesty though, there doesn’t seems to be that much of a change between a light sided run and a dark one (I always gets a darkness score of 35 to 47, so maybe it’s just not high enough), which is kind of weird (stuff I’ve noticed : What your TOT3M says, what happens to that fire guy, what happens to Sammy and stuff you can do, but no major story altering event), though, the extra bit of dialogue between a fallen MC and Kay during their ‘date’ is a nice touch.

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Can’t speak for sure about your MCs, but my evil!MC certainly is…and empathic but high darkness level MC is probably too, even if they themself would disagree (self-awareness is not their strenght).


I don’t know, can you really be the villain if what you’re doing is (intentionally or unintentionally) trying to save the world, or at least the city?


Of course! If you only save it to become the tyrant of what is left/don’t really care about saving anything and would without second guessing change sides, sure.

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That does make me wonder how a playthrough in which the MC goes bad might look different from one in which the MC starts bad :thinking:
(And vice versa, for one where the MC starts bad but goes good… though in that case, I think they might still be looking at a rather high darkness score since I don’t think there’s all that many darkness reductions :thinking:)

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Can we have a way to get Sammy to die despite playing as a goody two-shoes? Especially if the player was dating him, that would be a fun read :wink:


Well, I don’t really like killing off characters that the MC is pursuing (I’ve had it happen too many times to me), but… have you ever tried talking to Lani at the party while in a relationship with Sammy? (You have to have been quite antagonistic towards her in earlier scenes…) :innocent:

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Aha yeah but that was more frustrating than gratifying because he wouldn’t listen to me and at no point in the game after that happened was my mc given the chance to explain that Lani jumped me…and then he died so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I just want for it to be possible for him to die even if my mc has low darkness/is close to Sammy. I think I read somewhere that he will if you leave him to die in the dream but I tried it and it didn’t happen?

(tfw when u want Sammy to die to not ruin the parallels to the in-game universe of SAMABT lol)


Kay reacted… surprisingly well to my killing/torturing people… I honestly expected her to freak out :neutral_face:, but it’s nice that she didn’t give up on me; it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :blush:


Darkness = 2. it asked to report this to the developer and btw i FRICKIN LOVE THIS GAME TAKE MY MONEY NOWWW!!!


So…Sammy like PC and Phil both or? Kinda confused :frowning: Also Chi confessed to PC too? It felt a little bit rushed, because PC spent little time with him. And I ended up with darkness = 10!

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Don’t worry, Sammy is confused, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I had been trying to almost parallel the MC’s feelings for Anara (or vice versa). However, that didn’t take the rivalry path into account, and, what with everything else I’ve been trying to fit in, it does feel a little bit pointless.