Totem Force (post-release thread)

Talking about sequels, I do have some ideas. :thinking: Specifically, the story would have to be about a different group of characters, and taking place in a different part of the same world. This way, I could keep everyone’s original epilogue canon, but still have a story with the same tone and style, although it wouldn’t be a direct sequel.

That said, I don’t really have any ideas for the plot, so I think I’ll just concentrate on the two WiPs I already have (The One Chosen over here, and Lovecraft Academy on for now… :sweat_smile: But thanks for the interest. :slight_smile:


Ok so this new cast could be some survivors from the experiment that escaped and fled to a different country. Remember u said some of them died and some survived so that can be canon.

The question is would they be stronger or weaker then the original? It could be either they were considered failures.

As for canon to the other story the old characters get mentioned on the news and what happened over there depending on their ending. Also would they actually meet and team up and fight together against a global threat or fight depending on their view of right and wrong.

This would make sense on the bad endings when the character joins the army or ends up as ruler. If they teamed against global threat how we make work since the mc can get god power in first game and one shot it. :joy: Rip Sammy

Unless the threat is otherworldly and stronger than the god in the first game. Maybe have a god of destruction that awakens and try’s to destroy earth.

Either way this is what my ideas are. No need to use if u don’t want to. Just finish your current wips first.


Hi all. My friend Sen, the Totem Force cover artist is in a bad situation, and has set up a Kofi to help fund himself. Please consider donating if you can. Thanks.


It’s the third anniversary of the release of Totem Force today, and in celebration, I’ve made quite a few posts about the game on Tumblr, if you want to look. Thanks!


I was just playing Totem Force yesterday! I realize now that I’ve been imagining Anara’s skin colour wrong for three years—I always pictured her as dark brown for some reason.


Honestly, it’s pretty much up to you. :sweat_smile: She’s described in the text as having “mid-brown” skin, which certainly could be darker than is depicted in the official art.

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It’s the third anniversary and I still haven’t quite got every achievement. I had fun playing it regardless and it’s has lots of replay ability.

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Hi; I recently started a Discord server. If you want to discuss the game (or any of my others) there, feel free to check it out. Thanks!


Can anyone tell me the cut wires things please, which one should i cut?

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Whichever you prefer if it’s the one where everything was of a red color

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Yeah, it’s basically just a joke. :sweat_smile: There is no “correct” wire to cut.

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It was a fake bomb to pick whatever one u like. It was only a distraction for us

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I just finished reading this and I love LOVE it so much! I grew up watching Power Rangers and anime. I’m currently studying Japanese as well so seeing some Japanese words in the story made me laugh. :joy:

My fav references are tatemono and Pogioh. :joy: I, unfortunately, not familiar with Professor Methuselah so I hope you’ll be able to tell me who he is.

I was originally going for Chi because I thought he was the jerk rival from the story description and I have a thing for rivals to lovers trope. Turns out it was Ryu. Still love Chi though but Ryu has my heart.

Speaking of Ryu, I really love the way you handled his romance. I’m a sucker for tsuns and you wrote him really well. I love that I had to work hard to get him (I restarted ten times but it was all worth it) and he didn’t disappoint. I felt a lot of emotions (mostly fangirling) the whole time.

That climax scene though is just chef’s kiss. Like yes! Gimme that anguish and kilig feelings at the same time. :joy:

Ryu is now in my list of best tsuns and ROs in this genre. Totem Force is definitely one of my fav HG games! I’ll be sure to convince my friends to buy and play this.

Again, great job Author and I’m looking forward to your future projects!


Thanks! I’m very glad you liked the game (and Ryu). I’m afraid that Professor Methuselah isn’t a reference (except to the Biblical figure Methuselah, who supposedly lived for about a thousand years); I just made up a generic “old superhero” name… :sweat_smile:


Oh, I remember that game. It was such a breath of fresh air. I liked the Superhero / Power Rangers mix and obviously the anime parts were my kind of stuff too.