Totem Force [Big news and question in post 3037]



Great dub. its hard work voicing the dandiest guy in space.


i’ll take @Lizzy’s side then, coz honestly i prefer to watch anime with sub (with its original voice)… not that i dont like the dub, but sometimes more than often the dub doesn’t really fit the feeling and atmosphere of the scene better than its original voice :sweat_smile:
and for the sub i prefer english sub rather than bahasa (indonesian) sub, coz sometimes the translated sub sounds awkward in bahasa :rofl:. and i want to think that im learning 2 languanges at the same times while im enjoying myself with the show :sunglasses:

now i understand why i decide to break things up with Phil :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That sounds more like my side: some dubs are good and some are bad, but as long as it’s a good dub, it’s probably easier to watch than the subs.

As for Phil: the main idea was that he’d be rather reluctant to start a romance with someone who is only sixteen, and while he doesn’t dislike the MC (well, an MC he’d agree to date), he doesn’t have any real romantic feelings towards them. His feelings for Sammy are also platonic (at this point), and are mainly about how he feels responsible for not protecting him (which gets him depressed, making him shut out the MC even more). If you have a good relationship with him (again, being his martial arts student helps a lot here), then after the date scene, you can get him to realise that he really should be treating you like an adult, and get a cute kiss scene with him. I get that this is harder work than say, romancing Sammy (where you just have to steer clear of Lani at the party), but I feel that it’s far more in character than him just falling head-over-heels in love with you right away; he has only known you for about a week at this point (plus a single meeting a few weeks earlier).


His romance certainly are complicated, but really makes sense considering his circumstances


Okay, a PM spurred me to thinking: do people want me to give canon team name options? Or, more accurately, I’m thinking of giving canon team name options; does anyone have any suggestions? “Totem Force” will be one, obviously. :grin: (And you’ll still be able to choose your own, instead.)

(@Bluestar2.0: If you want, I could probably try to fit in “Super Awesome Mega Tubular Teens with Attitude Power Ludicrous Flamboyant Multicolour Explosive Cool Mystic Overpowered Ninja Samurai Space Brave Spirit Wizard Rangers Patrol Force”, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Well I know this will shock you, but I named my team Sapphic Force :grin:


I put in the “Crazy Cats” in the box led by the Crazy Cat himself of course during my last run. Really all this mess started because my mc’s dad wouldn’t let him have his own pet cat and then he was hit on the head or something while breaking in to a military lab on a teenage lark and then he started talking to imaginary cats instead and then of course the world went absolutely crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well main!MC goes with “Totem Force” (yes, creative I know and thankfully already on the list).

Evil!MC calls the team “(MC’s hero name)'s lackeys” (I also don’t know how they still have friends) (but I still like that one the most of the team names I have…)

And killthemwithniceness!MC (they are a being out of hell hidden behind the face and self-image of an angel) takes the name “New Daitoshi City Help Squad”


Natalya, my evil MC, named the team Viri Sanguinum (Bloodthirsty in Latin).

Cassandra, the nice MC, named it The Magnificent Seven (because Sammy is also a part of the team, and I’ll kill anyone who says otherwise :triumph:)


Last time I played, I believe I still had the team name “BATTLE BUDDIES FOREVER!!”. I remember really liking that name because that’s what someone called their team earlier in the thread.


My team is called “The Tentacled Monstrosities.” So cute :hugging:

I suppose if you were to have an option like that, you could use a variable based on what the Totem is. Or if you really want them all to alliterate, could have separate ones for each, like “Amazing Aliens” or “Daring Dragons” or whatever :thinking:


Thanks, all. :smile:

I should note that I’m also considering dropping the full name/abridged name mechanic for the teams, since I can’t really think of any situations where I used the abridged name… :confused: Does anyone feel that it’s important enough to keep?


It’d prove to be easier in immersion as if my team name is “the league of blahblahblah” or “the blahblah league” then if someone calls it “the league” it’d feel more real


I named my team the Eidelon Echelon.

It’s easier to to fight bad guys if they’re busy asking “you’re the who what?”


I call my MC’s team ‘Dovahkiin’s Grey Beards and Lydia’


Awww…don’t ever change @TSSL :squid:

Or the fearsome, ferocious, fanged felines. It’s practically anything goes when it comes to alliterating team names.


Tentacles…and Japan…I’m concerned.


Given what lgbt people call themselves in Japan it makes sense :blush:

Explanation of the joke

They call themselves hentai, in the “pervert” meaning of the word, it’s like queer


Livin’ the Squidlife :squid: :triumph:

I just like squids a lot… and cephalopods in general… though this particular team name is a reference to a Totem Force quote… if I may quote myself, quoting Totem Force

I wouldn’t know :confused: but for the record, my admiration of tentacled monstrosities is purely a matter of esteem and squeeing.


My good play throughs I tend to name it “Spectrum” or “Rebel Experimental Soldiers”. For my Darker play throughs I go with “Reckoning” or “Fallen Knights of Avalon”. My Crazy team name is “The Amazing Boytoys of Lani”