Totem Force [Big news and question in post 3037]



I was just refusing to raise my hand and stuff, and the narrator mention a penguin. Is it true there is a penguin in the game? :open_mouth:

I also have a theory where the super power luck is really the MC consciousness transporting to the universe with the best outcome. I just want to know what you guys think of this.


er… yes. I am quite… impatient for the deconstruction (or at least, more realistic parts) to come. All in all though, is the game more of a comedy kind of game? Parody-ing the genre? or is there going to be mood whiplash and the game is going to be darker down the road?


You mean like the death of the MC’s family, best friends, crazy dark military secrets and dark gods/demons, who may wait till MC causes the end of the world?

…I guess we will have to wait and see.


I’d say all of the above, really :thinking:


Well, I was going to ask you to wait until Episode 7 before judging it, but I guess @Sammysam and @TSSL’s answers might help… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@microwave04: There should be. It’s very hard to find, but it’s there.


Why can’t it be an 80s sitcom


I had to replay but I got this, Darkness = 12. Will = 54. Empathy = 60. Intellect = 22. Tot = 46. I cannot wait to get them evil people and my Chi back and Sammy. :angry:



After a long hiatus from the forums, I have to say that once I came back and saw that this was updated, I was EXTREMELY overjoyed.

The only thing I want to say is that I actually started crying when you tricked me into thinking that Ryu died.

That being said, I’m also glad that Ryu has finally succumbed to my MC’s advances. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Darkness = 3. Will = 74. Empathy = 12. Intellect = 52.

Tot = 48.

Thanks for an interesting game. Love my luck powers and look forward to more doing nothing while misfortune befalls my enemies.


Oooh. Now that sounds very interesting… :smiley:


No such thing as good dubbed anime


Hellsing? Cowboy Bebop?


If it’s not in Japanese it’s garbage :unamused:




Though we already mess up our Japanese Eagle land, we have multiple childhood friends and aren’t in a harem…


Wow… I never thought that I’d be agreeing with @Dark_Stalker over @Lizzy:astonished: Anime was never meant to be watched with subtitles, and if you spend the entire show reading all the writing at the bottom, it’s quite possible that you’ll miss visual details that you were intended to spot. Basically, unless you actually speak Japanese, you’ll never experience it the way the writers intended, so why watch it in a manner that makes it harder for you? I mean, obviously not all dubs are good (and some are very not :grimacing:), but just refusing to watch them all on principle seems pretty short-sighted.

But anyway, this is probably getting a little off-topic… :sweat_smile:


Ghost Stories? SAO Abridged? Yu Yu Hakusho?

Oh well, to each their own.


Space Dandy

Though I will admit, I usually prefer subbed anime over dubbed, most times the English audio won’t be able to convey the emotions anywhere near the way Japanese audio does it.

Maybe there’s still hope for the harem ending (probably not, but a girl can dream…)

Played through again
Darkness = 36. Will = 42. Empathy = 16. Intellect = 82.

Tot = 50.


Can I just complain how annoying Phil is, talking about Sam all the time! Then, this idea comes to my mind, MC will break-up with Phil before the hanging out/date scene then go out with Sam. That way, he won’t be able to make a move to Sam and MC will have her revenge. Tehee :wink:

Well I’m hoping for such scene, but I don’t mind if it don’t actually happen. Anyways it sounded fun.


Huh. Do you have a particularly bad relationship with Phil? :confused: (Having him teach you martial arts is a good way to get close to him…)


Well, no, and I didn’t say he’s annoying as whole, I just found his blabbering annoying. I’m mean don’t you think it’s annoying when you’re in a relationship with someone and all he talks about someone else, that’s inconsiderate! It might cause jealousy too, either it’s a game or real life.

Anyways, I appreciate the info, but I play this game countless times to know enough and tried almost every route. Don’t worry, it’s just a rant, my opinion about this game won’t change: I like it.