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Did You Know?


Does this qualify?


It’s time for enlightenment, fellow forum users:


Okay, I’ll bite.

This is how the people at CoG get to work everyday.


Maybe not, but did you notice the upcoming “Grand Academy for Future Villains”?


Villains, you say…? :smiley:

“Grand Academy for Future Villains” is actually not a totally real fake fact.
I saw it on the interwebs!
Specifically here:

That Moment When You First Discovered Choice of Games



One does not simply put this fact on the forum


Many countries still have camps like those today. So those are both true. :neutral_face:


Everyone knows Texas can be pretty eccentric to outsiders, but this right here takes the cake.


More enlightenment:


Like this, love? :wink:



Now THIS is fake news. Go **** yourself Comcast


Metal slides in Phoenix in the summer, or leather seats in your car in the summer shudders.


The best collection of “facts” ever :smile: Enjoy!


In the open, Under the sun, at 2pm :hotsprings:


Digimon and Pokémon are based in the same world…

On a side note though, I can sort of see that one being true since Digimon could be a popular game within the Pokémon world that ended up being as popular as the Pokémon games in the real world.



“When you die in Canada, you die in real life.”
-your robot from Choice of Robots


Canada is really a colony of Cadia.