Total War: Rome II


Anyone else big fans of the Total War series? This game just looks absolutely gorgeous, and if it plays like its predecessors, I will be most pleased.

If I seem a little slower on the updates for my projects – THIS game is to blame.


Not played those games but I’ve often wanted to. The live action trailer with the different betrayals was ruddy fantastic, and I’d seen footage of the Battle of the Nile which looked amazing.


Right now the game is a buggy and glitchy mess. Creative Assembly does right by their fans and patches their games, but I can’t help but feel a little upset for paying $60 for what is essentially a beta release.

Edit: First patch is due out Friday.


They’re usually pretty quick with the patches. I can’t even imagine how complicated it is to make a strategy game of that scale.


Indeed. I just wish they would spend a little more time polishing the game BEFORE release and not just rushing it out to meet some deadline. Shogun II was way more polished on release.


I’ve only gotten one or two glitches so far in the past ten hours, nothing game-breaking.

The turn updates are a bit lengthy though (I’m actually alt-tabbed and waiting for the next turn right now!)


Ohh Total War, don’t even get me STARTED on Total War!

Honestly, hands down my favorite computer game of all time (perhaps my favorite video game, period). I loved Rome and Medieval for their own reasons, but Empire was my absolute favorite. My laptop broke a few years back, and I ended up replacing it with an iPad 2 instead. The only regret I have from this is that I can no longer play Total War D:

I’ve seen some stuff for Rome II, I’ve gotta say it looks fantastic. I wish I could find a complete list of all the updates they are doing from Rome I to II.


Played it, but it’s very buggy and crashed when I placed to many ballistas :frowning:


I love the Total War series but I fear that at the moment this game you should not get yet unless you have a high end gaming computer. Mine is not but still above the min specs by quite a bit. Slow FPS and some minor glitches. The first patch will be up Friday they said.

It has the feeling as if it will be a great game, but for the moment for me at least there are just to many bugs. As well as the battles are SO slow. It took me an hour and a half to win the first battle for the prologue. I told my men to charge, got up and went to the bathroom, got a glass of water, and fed the dogs. When I got back my units were just about to clash with the enemy.


Agreed on your first point. I have a relatively powerful rig (bought it a few months ago) and it still chugs on highest settings.

The Battle Tutorial map is so huge for a reason: they have to segregate the different “lessons” so that errant units from say, the Samnite main army don’t wander off and ruin your day when you’re still theoretically trying to learn basic battle controls. It makes sense, but I still think they should have done it in separate battles.

That being said, Battles normally only last 20-25 minutes tops for me.


Performance seems to be based on whether you win the hardware lottery, some people are fine, most are having big performance issues regardless of how beefy their rig is. For me it’s fine (I’m upset I’ve wasted my one lottery win on a video game)

Don’t worry about the battles being too long, the prologue fight is a big exception (it’s also much more demanding of your hardware than a typical battle) If anything, the common complaint is that battles are too short, though that’s coming mostly from the more hardcore crowd.

At the moment the combat math needs another pass, certain units are nigh-invulnerable to lesser ones. Also, the AI needs work. I’ve seen the strategic AI do a few clever things and a few idiotic ones, the battle AI took a tumble from its state in Shogun 2 unfortunately

Overall I’m very positive though, basically all the problems (short of AI perhaps) are patchable


I had to turn my graphics settings down to Very High, and I hear vegetation alpha can send even the most impressive gaming rigs on the market into a screeching halt come battle time.

I built my computer last year. Ordered all the pieces off Amazon with free shipping and it only ended up costing me $400.00. Pretty good deal.


Yeah I finally gave up with the prologue. Started the actual game and now I’m firing away. Now battles are to short. I’ve fought in a total of 6 sieges, 14 open plain battles, 1 naval battle, and 2 amphibious assaults. So far my shortest battle was a 10v10 where I was able to use my General and an additional unit of cavalry to sweep up the entire enemy flank bringing the battle to a quick victory in 1:53. Longest was a 15v42 siege which took me 21 minutes.

I just had to update my graphics card and drive as well as just give up on the prologue. Once I get a better hang of the game it will be time to play as Pontus and concur the world.


The game won’t truly be 100% enjoyable for another month or two, I’d say.


If you run into a large horde of Iceni coming the other way, then sorry; that might be me.

I find the game enjoyable, but it doesn’t suck me in the way that it should. Turn updates last too long in relation to actual turns, and that means I’m spending too much time alt-tabbing and doing something else while I’m waiting for an AI faction halfway across the world to finish up.


Turn updates DO take an awful long time. Is it absolutely necessary that we see every faction’s shield flash up at the top, even if we’ve not encountered them? I wouldn’t think it would take that long if it’s all being processed in the background.


So far, diplomacy seems to be relatively unchanged, though I haven’t run into anyone aside from other Celtic factions so far. Can anyone who’s further in tell me if there’s some kind of event like Realm Divide in Shogun 2, where everyone starts ganging up on you?


Realm Divide is now an internal politics thing, once you get big enough. It’s fairly minor, basically a province and a set of stacks of rebel/senate/whatever forces. So you don’t have to worry about crossing the line and everyone turns on you

edit: For me it was pretty trivial to smash, but apparently there might be more going on that effects the rebellion strength because goddamn:


Ya i own it.But it just is not finished period.


Take it from someone who does this for a living: Games are never finished, only released.

I think a great deal of the issues that the players have with Rome II are subjective in nature, based on their own preferred playstyles, at least mine are. Aside from overly long turn waits and some very rare GUI glitches, I haven’t had any real technical problems on my end.

It’s a lot better than Victoria II or Fallout 3 was on release.