Top Secret - int fiction about the Snowden leaks, played in real-time by email

Hi everyone!

I’m working on an IF game about the Snowden leaks played in real-time by email.

It’s a non-linear, branching narrative which explores themes of surveillance and privacy.

I plan to release all the game code and content creation tools free and open source, so if you’re interested in making real-time games please consider backing the project!

If you have any questions/feedback/ideas let me know. :slight_smile:

Find out more HERE.


Now this is just crazily amazing.

Also i dont quiete get How im supposed to play the demol.

Hey! You start the demo by sending an email to the NSA career’s office.

You can do this here here:

Just click the ‘Begin game’ email link, fill in the form and send! If the mailto link doesn’t work for you the page contains the form you need to paste into your email and where to send it.

Let me know if you have any problems!

@jamestyro So i just backed the kickstarter not long ago and signed up for the demo

How often does NSA/ the game send you email’s to do missions? Its kind of… slow… at the moment.


The conversations are spread out over a few hours right now. Timing is definitely something that will change based on feedback.

still doesnt work.
it claims that email adress isnt valid.
ok figured it out
when i copied email adress from the microsft mail to gmail it worked
when i tried to copy it from your page it didnt is wrong adress so you should fix it


It looks like you included the full stop/period by accident?

OK. So i was discharged… Timing is definitely something that needs to be reworked. It makes it especially harder to play because of the time difference (I live in NZ GMT +13) and also because of school. I was sent a warning when i was asleep and i was discharged when i got to school.

Yes. The final game will support different timezones so that you will only get emails during your day hours. I didn’t have time to do this for the demo but it will definitely be in the final game!

the problem is the fact its email game.