[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor


Thanks for the welcome and the info!

I did download CSIDE and get it sort of working, so I’ll probably stick with that till the web version of Chronicler launches. Having just come from writing interactive fiction in Twine, it’s going to take a bit to get used to the coding format, but I think I’ll manage. I could also potentially put Chronicler on my Windows, too.

All the best to you as well, and thank you so much for the help!

Merry Christmas!


Hey all, just a couple of things.

First, I have received some donations and sent thank you emails to the generous users. However they have not responded. If you intend to, check the email you signed up to PayPal with.

Second, I cleaned up the main post a bit. I highlighted in bold the explanation of how to use the Choicescript Stats scene and I also got rid of the links to the old GameMaker version of Chronicler. They were simply unnecessary and added clutter to the page.

Finally, I also added a couple of affiliate links to the main post under the donations section. If you would like to support further development, but don’t wish to donate directly, please use these links. In fact they would probably be more beneficial in the long run than a direct donation as PayPal takes a 10-15% cut.
If you have any questions about them please send me a private message or email me at benseawalker@yahoo.com



I replied to the email you sent


Hi there. I am a blind author looking for an accessible version of this kind of editor. The screen reader I use is NVDA. I was wondering if Tinker is accessible to screen readers? I can’t really find a link to try Tinker. I would like to try this tool as well but cannot find a download link for windows. Could you point me to the place to download this so I can try it?


@robbiek I’m not sure that this tool would be very helpful in your case as the point of it is to show a visual flowchart representation of your novel. I haven’t programmed in any kind of text to speech or speech to text features (not sure if that’s necessary).

I would recommend that you instead use the CSIDE editor by @CJW (download link: [CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE)

It is entirely text based and thus would work significantly better with a screen reader. However you’re comment has got me thinking about ways to improve the new version of Chronicler to work with speech based controls. I will certainly add that to the features list!

Thanks for your interest in the program, I’ll see what I can do for you in the new version coming out in the next 6 months.



Thanks! I will give that one another go. There were quite a few
unlabeled buttons and the text areas were invisible to NVDA last time I
checked but I will give that one another go.

Even though this document is for websites and things, I think it can
apply to software too. The key thing is to make sure all controls have
label tags in them.



Why am I still set as anonymous?


@Classified I swear I updated it a week or two ago…
Check if it’s fixed now (:
Thanks again for your support!



So i know its probably posted in here within the 500 comments , but was wondering if CoG accepts the code generated by this app?

Thanks in advance!


@Omegareaven That’s a good question actually. One I do not have the answer to as I’ve spent all my time making Chronicler instead of the story I was planning on writing with Chronicler. :sweat_smile:

If anyone else has attempted it, I’d be curious to find out. As far as I’m aware the only requirements are that your game pass the Choicescript tests such as the randomtest.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there really hasn’t been anything exciting to write about other than general progress updates. I’ve got the Choicescript parser fully working, and it is by far the cleanest and most robust Choicescript parser I’ve written to date. I’d love to nerd out and describe the code in great detail, but I guess I’ll spare you the gory details. :wink:

Right now I’m updating the underlying data structure so it can interface nicely with the server and database when those are setup. Once that’s done I intend to get started on rendering Nodes and all (or at least most) Choicescript components. Then I’ll get the server running and see what I can do about offline support. Then I’ll get the scene rendering done (i.e. the flowchart view). Note that in the new version the flowchart view isn’t as interactive as the current version. It’s more of a roadmap of your game that allows you to select nodes and edit them rather than being the main workspace of the game. I firmly believe this will greatly streamline and simplify the writing process since you no longer have to waste time dragging bubbles around. furthermore things will be grouped more logically, in that each node is a representation of each page in your game. This is not something that is easy to see with the current version of Chronicler where multiple bubbles may show up on the same page.

Release date is set for late March, or at least that’s when Senior Project is due. I intend to have a working product by then but perhaps not a polished one. I may take more time to release it to you guys if I feel it needs it. Perhaps the biggest mistake I made with the current version was releasing it in a very early and buggy state. I want a polished and relatively bug-free program that users can rely on. A program I can truly be proud of to give to the world, so in pursuit of that goal, I thank you for your patience.



Great news! i look forwards to the release :slight_smile:
In the meantime i guess i’ll just continue with my story writing then all i have later is just the code fixing to contend with. Excited! :smile:


@BenSeawalker, I for one would actually like to hear all the “gory details” of your work on the parser, so if you are inclined, you have at least one listener.


Oi i have a question! How do you put these “” in choice and out, so the text will be shown like this

“When you wanna get coffee?”
“I would love to get one right now.”
“Maybe other day”

And can i see the code page?? The bare page where the choices and everything is input?


You can do it exactly the way it’s typed in the choice boxes.


Can ya please show an example? I am very new to all these :sweat_smile:

No wait! I know how to put “” in text, but in choice bubble i meant! Doesn’t it gets set as variable or something? But i will try it like that first.


I can’t right as this moment but i will a little later on when i have computer access


Ya, i would appreciate it! Thanx!


No, unless you add a code bubble text will only remain as text


Ahh!! Okay then gonna try it!! Thanks!!!


No problem, let me know if you need help with anything else. Just shoot me a PM.