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Minor Bug Report:
Spellcheck doesn’t seem to be working properly for regular text. Words that are misspelled are underlined in red but when I right click it to bring up the menu to correct it or add it to the dictionary, these options aren’t present.
However, if I add the word on it’s own line and act like it’s a command by putting a ‘*’ in front of it, it gives me the option to correct or add it to the dictionary.

Also, clicking on About in the Help Menu seems to just bring up a dialogue box that says “Insert legal stuff here…” :wink:

Other than that, great program! Using version


@lightwriter How odd. I’m not experiencing this issue with the Windows version.

Does it occur in a bubble other than a Story bubble? I just opened an old project and created a new one and in both instances typing “helo” and right-clicking directly on it provided all the options.


I found a few scenarios that seem to cause the duplicate of this bug:

  1. A word with no suggestions, like a really long string of random characters seems not give you any options
  2. In the case I noticed this bug for the first time , I was trying to add “Westfall” to the dictionary but no spellcheck options were given; the options were available when I typed “*Westfall” on a new line so it acted like a command.
  3. I was sort of able to re-create the bug when I deleted the ‘e’ out of “Westfall” so that it was “Wstfall” and was not given options to correct it or add it to dictionary. (While you can’t see my mouse due to the program I used to screenshot it, I can tell you that I am indeed clicking on the word ‘Wstfall’)

Here it is working on a different story bubble in the same scene, though:


@lightwriter You are correct. It appears to be due to the word wrapping in the textbox. If you extend the sidebar wide enough so that the automatic word wrapping doesn’t affect the underlined word, then the correct options appear.

Unfortunately the spell checking is handled by a third-party library and I am unable to modify their code. The best I could do is disable word wrapping in the text boxes but I’m not sure I want to do that. I could make it a setting that requires a restart in the options menu if users so desire.

Chronicler 2.0 shouldn’t suffer from this issue due to the fact that it is an entirely new codebase that doesn’t use Qt. So, simply hang tight till this summer when I have free time to work on it.


Just dropping by to say I appreciate all the work you put into this tool. :thumbsup:

Help me, BenSeaWalker, you are my only hope. @:fearful:@

Two questions about labels (in Chronicler)
Two questions about labels (in Chronicler)

I’m having an interesting issue that my Google-Fu is failing me in solving.

I can’t run Chronicler or the updater do to some QT dyld issues on OS X. Here is the error:
Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: @rpath/QtWebKitWidgets.framework/Versions/5/QtWebKitWidgets
Referenced from: /private/var/folders/*/Chronicler-Next.app/Contents/MacOS/Chronicler-Next
Reason: image not found

That error comes up when running the app (not the source, or trying to build from source or anything, just downloading the zip file and unzipping and running)

Now, I installed QT5 via HomeBrew, and QMAKe and the like are accessible via the command line, so it seems QT5 is installed, buuuuut I can’t get it to see these widgets at all.

Do I need to download and install the full developer package to get it to run? Or am I simply missing some simple step. Sometime, OS X is a pain in the butt, with HomeBrew linking this or that, the system itself using other libraries, whatever. Love the BSD underpinnings of the system, but damn do they honestly try to get in your way when you’re trying to use it :wink:


@KLNeidecker I am honestly not certain. I’ve never actually owned a Mac, so I don’t know the intricacies of the system. I know it shares many similar traits with Linux, but is more pedantic about most things.

I’m actually curious if installing a separate version of Qt is what is causing the issue, since as far as I’m aware the Chronicler .app includes the Qt binaries it needs.


Looking inside the app bundle, I only see the plist, the executable, packageinfo, an “empty.lproj”, and the icon. I don’t see any other files in there.


Hmm, another forum member builds the Mac executables for me. I’m not certain how streamlined the process is. We encountered a lot of issues trying to get it to build and run successfully.

So long as it doesn’t hurt to try installing the full developer package, you may give it an attempt.
I’m not currently supporting further updates on this version of Chronicler.

Chronicler 2.0 should be available in beta form by the end of the year. It uses web technologies, so it should theoretically run on any system that Electron also runs on.

Wish I could be more helpful, but further patience may be the only option for now. :confused:


100% understood. I’ll see if that helps. If it does, I’ll report back in case someone stumbles over this via Google in the future. Otherwise, keep on working on that 2.0, and thanks!


So the project has been abandoned?


@Lord_of_the_Galaxy Not abandoned, just rebuilt from the ground up to be a much better program. :wink:


I was just struck with an idea. I’ve always had it in my head the CoG games are individual efforts with no collaboration involved. But is this really the case?

Would it not be more productive to have multiple writers working together?

I’m considering adding collaboration tools to Chronicler 2. They would be similar to how Google docs works where one can see who is currently editing a project and where. Notes could be made as well highlighting areas of the project.

Would there be a use for this? Or would it just be a waste of time?
Feedback is appreciated!


I like this but also with the option of saving “your work” in a different file so that no one else but you can erase, edit, or delete the work you’ve put in.

In other words, two copies. The first is a traditional “any of the authors can edit this” file and the second would be a “only I can edit this” file.


Hmm, perhaps there could be a setting to “lock” individual work so that other users can comment, but not modify the writing of other users?

Chronicler 2 projects will be encrypted and stored on a server along with their version histories. So if one wants to restore the project to a previous version, they need only tag said version and restore it later.

I’d also like to mention that it should still work in offline mode, and changes will be synced to the server when internet is available again.


You could have it that way where any given author could choose to lock their own work so that it can be commented on, but not otherwise modified. Yeah, I like that.


Syncing the changes to internet? Your need a server for that (unless you use some existing file hosting). Do you have one at hand?


As of right now, no. However, I’m considering Amazon Web Services which is free for a year. After that I have an old desktop that should serve sufficiently unless I get enough donations to pay the monthly fees for a server.


I see. Is there any way I could help in the programming part?


I personally wouldn’t use it, as any WIPs I plan on making in the future I plan on making by myself.

That said, there are also plenty of people on the forum that do at least a little bit of collaboration with other people. I think adding in a feature like this would be a good idea, and bring more awareness that Chronicler exists. And I also like the idea of locking up a user’s work.

How old are we talking, exactly?