[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor


Thank you for answering so quickly.

I managed to find ways around the problems I mentioned eariler thanks to your help, but more issues cropped up. (A lot more issues cropped up).

I think I’ll just stop using Chronicler for now. I love the mindmap/flowchart thing there, but It’s beginning to feel like no matter what I do, something will get bugged. Hopefully the second version will be better.


@orzazel I’d direct you towards @CJW’s editor, but I don’t think it’s available yet. And the original version was taken down due to Dropbox’s change of policies? I’m not certain, but in either case the latest version seems like it’ll be out before Chronicler 2.0 is.


It would have been out at Christmas, but for life… :frowning:


How do I open the program in linux? I’m using Ubuntu… I downloaded the program, but nothing happens when I click.


Well, same happened to me, even with the libs @BenSeawalker said to install. It was a fresh install of some old ubuntu, 10 I think


Thanks, I’ll see if that works


I downloaded Wine 2.0 instead, so now I can run the Windows executable in Ubuntu. Seems to work just fine.


@AlexMunkachy and @Josetrayamar
Sorry, I’ve been without internet for a couple of days.
On Linux you must right-click on the executable->settings->allow executing the file as a program

It’s a “security” feature so not much I can do about it. This must be done for both Chronicler-Next and Chronicler_Updater.
I should probably add those steps up in the main post. :confused:


This is an awesome program, just a couple of issues though … would be nice if we could export the project in format of apk or something
and + i couldn’t write in Persian, seems to cause crash, if you could fix that too that would be awesome
keep up the good job


@Arash_Moradian I noticed in the linking post that you mentioned Chronicler doesn’t export in any usable format.
It would appear that based on your post that you are inexperienced with how ChoiceScript works. (I apologize if I’m wrong about this).

So, lets run through the basics:

  • Chronicler outputs ChoiceScript code which is used by the ChoiceScript interpreter to make the game playable.
  • Under the Tools menu is the Compile option. This will bring up a browser window with a link at the bottom that says “Click Here to Download” Download the file and you can open it in any web browser (including on your mobile phone)
  • Alternatively @dashingdon’s free CS webhosting should allow you to post your game for others to play.
  • this link provides other methods for publishing your game.
  • this link provides a basic tutorial on how CS works. While Chronicler provides a layer of abstraction from the underlying CS code, understanding how it works will be extremely beneficial for writing great games!

As regards the ability to use Persian characters in Chronicler, I’m afraid there is not much I can do about that at the moment. In fact, as far as I’m aware there simply isn’t any CS games written in a language other than English. (don’t quote me on that ;))
However, I can understand wanting to perhaps include a puzzle that uses foreign characters as glyphs. To accomplish this, you can convert them to an .png image and use the CS *image command to display them to the user.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of ChoiceScript!


ChoiceScript games support utf-8 encoding, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


could you try that on the app ? in my experience putting Persian alphabet in the story bubble causes app to crash


actually you made an educated guess and it was right on point!
i’m a total noob.

  • I didn’t notice that option be4, thank you, but i thought CS could output the games directly in apk format, i stand corrected
  • thank you for recommending that cause it has a huge archive i would enjoy playing
  • i will study those before posting here again

with regard to the persian language support i was planing to localize the experience, meaning i was trying to write Persian games and share them on Persian (third party) android markets. there is a huge untapped market, i’ve never seen a IF game in Persian so i thought i familiarize my country with this sort of games.


That’s cool, just make sure you have an appropriate license agreement with Choice of Games before doing so.


@Arash_Moradian & @CJW enlightening. In that case it is likely an issue with the datatype in the textboxes. I may or may not look into it as my focus right now is on Chronicler 2.0 which uses a completely different engine.

I did for awhile ask about translators for Chronicler itself, but there was a complete lack of interest.


the Free publishing of books is permitted in their license , no need to check with them now , but if i see that the market has potential i will definitely ask for their commercial license


well i have a huge amount of interest in this, but what i have excess in interest i lack in coding expertise, i am a fast learner and i’m pretty good at translating English to Persian , my first book was going to be a translation of the choice of dragon to be honest.
so if there is anything i could do to help make this happen, i would Love to participate


Cool, I’ll let you know when things are in order.


Waiting for a stable 2.0 like…


Hey so I’m sorry I’ve been looking at chronicler and I think if it works I might actually write a game, I don’t know just something about how it works, I like it. Anyway I can’t seem to find a way for anyone without chronicler to look at and play my game. I have found the “compiler” option but when I click it it takes me to chrome and then doesn’t work. How can I fix this? Thanks!

(Yes, I’m sorry I have looked a little but after reading somewhere around 30 posts I’ve tired of reading information that doesn’t apply to me or I already know)