Too Different - FULL PUBLIC DEMO! - Updated: July 25th, 2019


Yeah that’s because I haven’t written her interactions for the werewolves, yet. I had originally structured the Were’s chapter completely differently than the other ones because it was the first one I wrote, and consequently before I fell into my groove with the formatting. I recently reformatted it to be like the other three parts, but still haven’t gone back and added romance/friendship/whatever interactions to the base, yet. It’s on the list, though, I promise!

EDIT: New update time! The Wanderer’s part is completed, and I also added Abireth to the compendium after you meet her. In the coming days, I will go back and add character interactions where I previously left placeholder text and, after that, the public demo will be complete!


Either my finger slipped or checking stats sent me back to start.

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Your finger must have slipped, because I just tested it and checking your stats does not seem to reset the game.

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Thanks for testing it. … Did you test from the prologues or further into the game? Just a nagging suspicion.

Or I’m being paranoid.

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Both, but if you remember specifically where it was that you tried to view the stats screen and what choices you made before that, I can test it again if you’d like. (:

In the birthday party I believe.

That elevator feels like a tower from an overhead RPG Adventure game I like except we don’t have to do 4 floors of puzzles between worlds.

Should have mentioned earlier that this game looks really promising. Is four members as big as our party gets?

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I went ahead and tested it for a couple of *page_breaks in with all four backgrounds, but couldn’t replicate the bug. Do you remember which mother you chose?

Ugh, no! I don’t think anyone would want to either play or write that many puzzles!

Thank you very much!

Yes: you, Emil, Yelena, and the species-specific character (Orisons, Dread-Sight, Larua, Abireth).

The were one.

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Okay, so I tested it again, going through all of the *page_break’s in the birthday scene with a half-Were MC, and didn’t notice any reset bugs. So I can only conclude that your finger must have accidentally slipped, or else something funny was going on with the hosting site, like maybe you were playing it while I uploaded an updated version or something, and that caused it to reset.


This means that I will no longer be posting story/content updates to this thread. Rather, I am going to work on finishing the ending(s) and then making a different thread to call for beta testers. If you would like to participate in the beta, please keep a look-out for that thread. This one, though, should be for discussion of the game and bug reporting.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me while writing Too Different! (:

EDIT: I caught some bugs last night and fixed them this morning.

EDIT 2: Added all of the exploration scenes to the Weres part and fixed some issues with the timing of certain choices.