Tokyo Wizard Post-Release Discussion Thread (v.1.1.2. 165,000 words submitted to CoG 6th March 2024)

I look forward to it. I loved that game.


Agree Highway wars is an underrated game. I enjoyed it as well :grinning:. Not many post apocalyptic themed games on here.

By the way, I’d be really curious what would happen with a volcanic event involving Fuji in the Tokyo Wizard world, but alas it seems to be the least popular option at the moment

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Oh wow, that poll has changed a lot since yesterday… maybe Kamakura will be the next update then… mmmmmmmm

I got a question about the

part. What kind of mystical creatures are we talking about? Does it involves Dragons and maybe even replacing your familiar with a dragon? I picked the Lich option in the poll since the path was interesting and a little fun but if Kamakura involves dragons to a degree that I like then I’ll probably change my vote to that one since I love Dragons more than Necromancy stuffs.

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Oh, Life as a Litch is back on top… mmmmmm interesting that!

@Zarkrai the Kamakura story is not as developed in my head as any of the other potential ones… I have been playing with Kyoto Wizard and Life as a Litch for a bit in my head…

But, having a Dragon in the story is not a bad idea!! I’m not sure in the end I will write this first, but I will play a bit with some ideas in case I ever write that part!


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When I first played Tokyo Wizard and saw that not only can we have our own familiars but that there was magical creatures in the stats page, I was hoping that we would get a dragon. Maybe even a lizard familiar that we can turn into a dragon permanently but was a little disappointed that there was no options for that and the magical creatures was mostly centered around elementals instead. I think we should’ve had options to evolve our familiars into advanced/higher forms depending on which one we pick. So for example, lizard familiars (if it ever gets added in the future) can evolve to different types of dragons or dinosaurs depending on the type of reptile and diet, cat evolves either to lion or tiger for varying levels of powers and ferocity and jaguars or panthers for stealth and swiftness options, dogs to dire wolves, fox to kitsunes (the furry four-legged kind), turtles to something similar to Torterra from Pokemon or a Triceratops with their evolved forms getting specific elements depending on your preference. They can even get their own human or humanoid animal forms like the Neko teacher does. Though the only way we could go about doing that is if we either revive our pet by going to the Neko teacher route; which means we will have to use her route no matter what or you adding a different route at the start for us to learn magic without having to learn from that evil teacher since he’ll always force us to kill our familiars.

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I’ll turn all that in my head, and might make some changes when I start working on the DLC.

However, the current early game is unlikely to change, for several reasons… one is that much of it is “structural”, and changing it would mean making a completely new game… which I am reticent to do. I do know that there is that scene in the game which prompts a very strong emotional reaction from readers… and it was designed to be that way. But… there is a way to resurrect the familiar . I wrote Tokyo Wizard for a competition on this forum, years ago, and the theme of the competition drove me into turning what was supposed to be a cheerful game into something darker. After the competition much changed, allowing the reader to recover… and leading to that point in the game where it branches into different stories.

A 2nd part is long overdue… so I want to concentrate on that, expanding the length of the game, but I don’t really want to start rewriting the start of the game, as it would mean quite a lot of work… mmmmmmmmm… if I start rewriting the start of the game I will likely to so for HoV Genesis, as it is much better coded, making this easier…


Well, I just hope that in HoV Genesis we can quit our job early like some people are asking for. It would also be nice if we could pick different jobs that suit our stats or powers maybe. Like if you pick shapeshifting, one of the jobs that you can pick is a zoo worker maybe. It would also work as a way to get the animal powers with a meteor fragment landing in the zoo, your mc touches it and touch one of the animal in the zoo if someone wanted to do something like that. Or your powers is tech based so you became either a CEO of a tech company like Tony Stark or someone who invents stuff in your own labs and sells them from your house or base or a base that acts as both a house and base. Not sure if these ideas help with your work in some ways.

New update to Tokyo Wizard! The video below describes the changes and the progress on the DLC “Life as a Lich”:


I’m continuing to work on the DLC “Life as a Lich”… already 30,000+ words, playthrough length is 9,000 words… quite a lot in there already.

But, just thought I would ask… any ideas of what you would like to do as a lich? (mostly related to what you can do in your underground complex, but also happy to hear ideas about how you could interact with the world above…)


Liches are pretty powerful, so starting an undead cult would be cool!

WARNING! VERY LONG POST! Well let’s see. There’s building your army, interacting with your minions, somehow finding love like you listed on the video about it though the method you use could be either raising someone with their memories intact or not to be your lover or literally creating one with your own hands somehow, maybe deciding to romance the samurai servant you raised depending on the gender you picked for them, upgrading your minions and your base, deciding the location and type of base you want to make whether building it up to be a fortress, flying fortress maybe, underground monolith, deep cave system with lots of tunnels but manmade shortcuts for you and your army, raising new minions like that Dracolich (Undead Dragon) in that video you made about it, possibly making another lich and death knights to not only bolster your fighting force but also to handle your armies since every armies needs generals, assigning some of your minions (including new ones) to different stations to make themselves useful, reuniting with your old friends or even ex-lover and either offer them to join you whether as an undead or living but “improved” or just kill them and raise them instead if you don’t care about their opinions (you could even “get back together” with your ex for the whole “finding love” goal), choose how you’ll deal with the human’s reaction to your presence, will you subdue them by force, charisma, mutual benefits/goals or from the shadows, being able to alter your MC’s appearance with additional options like whether you want to look like a zombie lich, skeletal lich, ghost lich, a living lich (human with a death aura and glowing eyes basically) or even turn yourself into a vampire with lich powers (that could work for the living lich part or as an alternative for it if someone still wanted to pick a vampire anyway), new minions being available to raise like Vampires, ancient powerful skeletons, wendigos, more undead animals, hidden mythical creatures that were long dead that you managed to locate (like more dragons, griffons and phoenixes), going to the museum to resurrect the dinosaurs of your choosing (basically Jurassic World), deciding on your current goals and lifetime goals like dominating the world, studying peacefully while seeking to reach the heights of the arcane, peaceful life with your army and lover (or more than one maybe?) or even aspiring to become A or The new God of Death, choosing your weapons and armors ( maybe even create one yourself) for not only yourself but also your main minions and the overall equipment (and style) for your army, deciding on what your army will mostly consist of; i.e: will it have mostly animals and mythical creatures, powerful and notable humans from the past like Lu Bu and Achilles or a mix of both, discover a hidden and a new menace whether underground, from afar, or even from space and deciding how to deal with them, choosing to whether to keep your current undead pet, upgrade it even further, change the race of your pet completely (like changing your giant cat to a dragon, drake, phoenix, manticore or even a unique undead kitsune with still more options), choosing whether to meet that Neko girl and trying to persuade her to join you, don’t interfere with you or “dealing” with her, choosing your new Lich title like Overlord, The Wight Light, The Unliving, Immortal, He who shall not be named, Undead Lord or King/Queen/Monarch, Skeleton King/Queen/Monarch (if you choose to look like a skeleton), The Night King/Queen (yes, that was a GoT reference and I don’t care), Pestilence (for the Zombie Lich version), Death (for you edgelords out there), The God King/Queen (DOS2 reference), The Emperor/Empress, etc. Choosing your mount if you want one or if you don’t want to ride your resurrected pet. Spending time to learn all the magic you want and even create new ones based on your past experience and what decisions you make after you become a Lich. And finally, pondering on whether you should look for a way to turn back into a human in case you didn’t like living as a Lich or didn’t like the choices you made that led to this point. That’s all I can think of for now. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for those! :slight_smile: I really enjoyed your post I note that some of what you mention was already in my video (as you said), and other points I was already in the process of incorporating. And… there are so many other interesting ideas in there that I had never thought of!! :slight_smile:

I’ll explain a bit of it all below, and will refer back to your post as I continue writing!

Stuff already in there
-There is a spell to turn into a demi-god…
-The new menace was already coded. I don’t want to spoil it… but essentially I’ve already coded the DLC until the end, and now I am expanding “laterally”

ROs planned
-Another lich (can choose gender)
-Samurai (can choose gender)
-A third character that I will not spoil at this point :slight_smile: (maly only, unfortunately… but I may add a fourth female character for balance).

-For the time being I will stick with the hero skeleton, zombie familiar, skeletons, zombies, ghouls and necrodragon… that is already a lot in terms of coding
-Great idea about the dinosaurs!!! I spent my morning coding all that! :slight_smile: Love how it has turned out! :slight_smile: So, you can now have up to two necrodragons (a dragon and a dinosaur)
-There will be management of minions, and one role will be to have them manufacture weapons… or they can be guards, or pest control… this I also finished coding today! :slight_smile:

New stuff that I got from your post
-Management of minions: there will now be 4 different jobs you can assign them to! (all of which will have in-game consequences)
-Statement of life goals (not implemented yet… I kind of already had some of that in my thoughts, but I will make it more explicit)
-Choosing your lich title… great idea! (haven’t implemented it yet though)
-Choosing your mount! Haven’t implemented but will do that this week :slight_smile:

Stuff I’m on the fence about
-Reuniting with old lover or other characters…etc… feels a bit difficult to code… mmmmmm and maybe not that interesting? Plus, there is the issue of “time lapse” as a lich…
-Changing the nature of your familiar… not sure if this is something that many people want (many are probably happy with the shape of their familiar?)

Stuff I probably won’t do
-Deciding type of base (too difficult at this point as I already wrote a lot)
-Returning to being human… I think not many players would go down this route.


Glad to see that I was able to help! You’re the first person/author to actually want to implement something that I said so this feeling is a first for me. And also, I had a feeling that you would like the Dinosaur part. Idk why.

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Might I request


With the option of naming her “Sue” :laughing:

(Definitely all in if we can have a dragon or dino as a minion- I’m guessing this will be in the necromancer route?)

Edit- For context because I think SeventhJackle might be the only one who knows what I was on about,


Sue is a real T.Rex skeleton in the field museum. That image is of when she was brought back via necromancy to rampage through a hoard of zombies and other magic wielding enemies in the middle of Chicago in the Dresden Files series which went about as well as you’d expect, and the concept of raising dinosaurs in a city would probably would fit in very nicely with the Tokyo Wizard universe as well. I still reckon it’d be cool to name your dragon/dino you bring back, or otherwise if they’re sentient enough (dragons? Depends on how zombified their minds are) tell you their name.


Yep, necromancer route! I never thought about the possibility of naming them… Thanks! :slight_smile:


If we’re going to be naming them then we obviously gotta pick their gender too.

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@adrao Do you think you can include a route in the DLC for the beginning of the game where we can learn magic on our own instead of having to be forced to learn from that villain (forgot his name). If you did it so we can have some relationship with him that would make him involved with us, you could make it where he heard about or sensed someone gaining power in magics and starts trying to undermine and kill you cause he doesn’t want another rival. And if you still need him to have an apprentice, you could either give him some random person that he found or one of your friends that gets corrupted and you have the options of either killing them, purifying them either by persuading them if you’re relationship with them is high enough or making the right argument by collecting evidence of what he was planning for them or if you’re going down the Lich path you can kill them and resurrect them or offer them to join you while they’re still alive and become their new mentor to learn Necromancy.

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That is all quite difficult to implement… this is what I often describe as “structural” problems with the game. Once I code the beginning of the game in a certain way it is often hard to change without just rewriting the entire game. Essentially, certain decisions at the beginning sort of “lock” the game. To overcome such problems in later games I try to code more and more of the game as “side missions”… so there is a central story but you are free to spend much time on other things. Tokyo Wizard was never coded like that, and there are too many variables for me to do without just rewriting the entire story…

:frowning: sorry…