Tokyo Wizard Post-Release Discussion Thread (v.1.1.2. 165,000 words submitted to CoG 6th March 2024)

@Zarkrai Do you think you can include a route in the DLC for the beginning of the game where we can learn magic on our own instead of having to be forced to learn from that villain (forgot his name). If you did it so we can have some relationship with him that would make him involved with us, you coul… Sorry, that is a bit difficult, as it essentially means writing an entirely new game (and this is not something I really want to do… for that it is better to just… write a new game, as I am doing with “Life as a Lich”)

@999allfighter Do u know how to get this achievement Undead Lord: Transcend your mortality For this you have to try to become a lich… did you figure out how to do this? (I could try to make a detailed guide if you want). This achievement is what will lead to this new game I am writing, “Life as a Lich”)


Today I reached another “milestone” on “Life as a Lich”, which will now be its own game, as it has reached ~125,000. I will likely soon open a new thread just for it, but anybody interested in doing some playtesting let me know (the game has already been playtested by 3 awesome reviewers, so I am confident it “works”, but now need to polish and expand it… although even from the last version these playtesters tried the game has grown dramatically!)


I honestly was expecting this outcome.


Will it be a sequel to Tokyo Wizard, or standalone?

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@Dragomer yes, I keep expanding the scope of the game (and thank you so much again for all the feedback!!! :slight_smile: ) until… well, it is its own game now. Not that it is finished, as I still have more of your feedback (and that of other playtesters) to dig into, but it feels fleshed out enough now.

@AletheiaKnights the game has 4 different playmodes:

  1. As a sequel to Tokyo Wizard (for those that became a Lich).
  2. As a standalone game on planet Earth (creating a new character… the game is different enough from Tokyo Wizard that it is not really a “sequel”… although importanting a character from Tokyo Wizard would greatly help.
  3. As a standalone game on the same fantasy world as Raiders of Icepeak Mountains (today I finished the very long intro for that game, I think something like +10,000 words on the main story)
  4. Eventually, as a sequel to Raiders of Icepeak Mountain (once I incorporate there the possibility of becoming a lich, which I will try to do in the coming months while the game is in production)

You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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I hope I’m one of those “awesome reviewers” you mention though it would be fine if I wasn’t anyway. Also, regarding RIPM (Raiders of Icepeak Mountains) can you also add the option to start off as a one of the Lizardmen? I remember mentioning when I tested it out from one of the link on the forums that I was bummed that I couldn’t pick the lizard race since I love reptiles (the carnivorous ones mostly) and add the rest of the races we couldn’t pick like the Tritons and Ekeks.

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When you open it up for new testers would love to take a look :slight_smile:

Up to now the three of you, @Zarkrai @Dragomer @Denzil_Melgior_Nagel , have been absolutely amazing at providing very constructive criticism and providing me many ideas! :slight_smile: Hopefully the next round of playtesters will be thus getting a far more polished game. I do note that I haven’t implemented all feedback I got from all of you, and that in many instances the three of you have highlighted similar problems in the game (so, I am aware of some issues with the game, which others may also complain about… anyway, today I will spend the entire day improving the game based on to-do list -in turn mostly based on notes I took on your feedback), and then send to another group of playtesters

@Jacic would be great if you had time to have a look… I know I am also only halfway through reviewing Raishall (I will try to find time to download all my screenshots and send to you…), somehow since the new year it has been a bit of a rollercoaster over here in Japan…


This is just the competitive side of me asking so you don’t have to answer this question if you want but among us, who provided the most or more creative suggestions? Kinda want to know if my suggestions were either more creative or was too much maybe.

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Sure thing, whenever you’re ready just let me know and send me across a link :smiling_face:
Honestly no stress on Raishall, I’m still fixing some bits and pieces and getting other stuff needed organised for submission. Whenever you have time that’d be amazing, but no stress/hurry at all, particularly at this crazy time of year.

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@Adrao first of all, happy New Year to you and everyone participating in this thread. I really would like to thank you for implementing extra time so it doesn’t feel like such a rush. Anyway, I’m not sure if this is a bug or something, but when the Demons invade, it seem like we can have a peaceful conversation with the captain of the guard, but for some reason, there doesn’t seem to be a peaceful option to finish our interaction. I will play again at some point, and see if I can take a screenshot.

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Happy New Year to you also! :slight_smile:

That was indeed a bug, just corrected it in the new version that I uploaded. Hopefully that can ensure that a peaceful outcome can be possible :slight_smile:

@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel Forgot to ask… how does the game feel now? Does it still feel rushed? Less rushed? Correct pace? Slow?


@Adrao it feels fine to me. There seem to be enough time now to learn spells, manage minions, explore the underground complex, travelling between the planes and collecting time stones, as well as a bit of time to spend on our own needs. You could either leave it the way it is, or you could lessen time based on the chosen difficulty setting as a compromise.

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Glad that it now feels fine! :slight_smile: I don’t really want to alter the game length based on difficulty though, as this potentially introduces the possibility for many bugs (especially in the future, when I expand the game and suddenly forget about such things). So, will maybe leave as it is, although I will also wait to see what others say…

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Say about what?

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Sorry, that comment was pretty vague… what I meant is, “see what other say regarding the length of the game, and whether they feel they have enough time to achieve various objectives”. (in some of the previous versions you were also saying it went too fast… I made the game longer, and now managing minions no longer takes “an action”). Hopefully the pace is much better now…

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And for those playtesting, I just uploaded a new version of the game, adding a bunch of stuff, and correcting some bugs:

-You should now be able to get dinosaur bones and raise them as a necrodragon, if playing on Earth (previously there was a bug that prevented that unless you already had one necrodragon). If playing on a fantasy setting there is a new sequence to get an extra set of dragon bones.

-You can now start the game with a zombie familiar (or a normal one)

-New set of invadors in the fantasy setting (a cleric and a paladin)

-Various other bugfixes and additions…

Hoping this is the most stable and polished version of the game yet! (although I am sure there are still many bugs lurking out there…)


Could you perhaps explain how to get the lich ending. I always end up just fighting the sensei or getting killed