Tokyo Wizard Post-Release Discussion Thread (v.1.1.2. 165,000 words submitted to CoG 6th March 2024)

As per the email sent out with CoG, the game just updated, please try it out and let me know what you think!

Personally, I’d expend on whatever ‘greater threat’ is mentioned in basically all endings before expending any one path.

Life as a Litch could be fun but it really lack a supporting cast and is kind full on evil path so I’m not sure if it would fit as the first DLC this game ever got.

I’d like to explore my undead minions’s past personally, from what I remember we had pretty badass and mysterious ones.

Damn, I didn’t know it was an option and games could just be updated outside of bug fixes.

COG should probably have a system that bump up the game up their list of releases on the site itself when it get an update / DLC then.

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@adrao What do the recent update for Tokyo Wizard entails?

I somehow agree with you, but sometimes I just have the write what I find exciting (the alternative is making slow progress on anything else). So DLC Life as a Lich is now something like 70-80% finished! (I say that, but probably I will continue to add more stuff… seems to always be the case) If you want a sneak preview you can check my @poison_mara 's Halloween Jam entry!

Having said that, I am planning to also include a few extra side missions for the normal run through the game (starting to expand laterally even for those not choosing that path). I did buy a couple of books about Japanese ghosts and mythical creatures, so need to put them to good use!! :slight_smile:

@Zarkrai What is new in this version is described in the video below:


Yeah, obviously, my feedback came in way too late to be reasonably taken into account anyway, I just wanted to give my two cents anyway for the fun of it.

Nice, can’t wait to see what we’ll find!


No worries, always glad to have feedback! :slight_smile:

Do note that my entry fell very short of what the final DLC will be. I… ran out of time (partly due to getting that pesky flu virus that is going around…). It also didn’t undergo any playtesting, so it’s probably unbalanced… having said that, feedback is GREATLY appreciated, so any thoughts on how to improve are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Awesome and most definitely! I’m a hug fan of your works man!


The DLC for Tokyo Wizard is almost ready for playtesting… anybody interested please let me know (here or through a PM). The current DLC is ~45,000 words more than the existing version of Tokyo Wizard (with playthroughs of ~17,000 words). Those playtesting will have the opportunity to start Tokyo Wizard from scratch or jump straight into the DLC, titled “Life as a Lich”). My hope is to release to the first playtesters in the next 2-3 days… (and then send to CoG by the end of this month, so that I can pivot and concentrate on HoV: Armageddon)


Unrelated to anything but I’m surprised French wasn’t one of the default nationality, given the prevalence of the ‘French Weeb’ stereotype.

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Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I have now added two more “default” nationalities, one german female and one french male :slight_smile: (however they wont reflect until the next time the game is updated, as this is a small tweak).

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I have recently decided that the DLC “Life as a Lich” for Tokyo Wizard won’t be a DLC after all, but a separate game (at over 50,000 words and still growing now…). Basically, I think that it may work better as a standalone game, though one where you can import a character from Tokyo Wizard (if you decide to play on Earth) and create a new character if you decide to play in a high fantasy setting.

Anyway, I have the first “demo” for the “Earth” version, which contains a “bare bones” game that plays all the way until the end, as I intended originally. I want to now start to expand the game “laterally”, by including more options and things to do. Anybody who would like to playtest this version let me know and I’ll send you a link…


Nice, glad my suggestion could help!

That’s interesting but doesn’t that mean you’ll need to start the story with more set up instead of just continuing from an ending?

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Well… complicated answer. For the case of those continuing from Tokyo Wizard it should be easy. For those starting a new game on Earth if would require a little bit of extra coding and writing (but I can re-use much of the intro of Tokyo Wizard, so maybe not so much work). For those starting on a fantasy setting I can also use the intro of Raiders of Icepeak Mountains. Eventually, I can try to connect Raiders of Icepeak Mountains with “Life as a Lich”, so that it can in essence before a sequel to two different games (providing readers took the path to becoming a lich). Let me know if you are interested in playtesting it! :slight_smile:

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Interesting concept, guess we’ll have to see how it turns out!

As for playtesting, sure but I have never done it before so I’m not sure how that works.

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Can I play test the game, I’ve never done it before but I really like Tokyo wizard so I wanna try, also can we really become a demigod(will I be a immortal demigod, please SAY yes)and how exactly can we do it

We can play the demo?

Hey adrao, would love to play the demo game :smiley:

@999allfighter @Reinaldo_Pimentel @Jacic I’d be very happy for all of you to playtest! :slight_smile: However, please give me some time to get an updated version out. I got great feedback from my first playtesters ( :slight_smile: ), so I want to implement a number of changes before sending it out again.


Will I be an immortal once I’m a demigod?..not all demigods are immortal but some are like Hercules

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