Tokyo Wizard Post-Release Discussion Thread (v.1.1.2. 165,000 words submitted to CoG 6th March 2024)

I somehow agree with you, but sometimes I just have the write what I find exciting (the alternative is making slow progress on anything else). So DLC Life as a Lich is now something like 70-80% finished! (I say that, but probably I will continue to add more stuff… seems to always be the case) If you want a sneak preview you can check my @poison_mara 's Halloween Jam entry!

Having said that, I am planning to also include a few extra side missions for the normal run through the game (starting to expand laterally even for those not choosing that path). I did buy a couple of books about Japanese ghosts and mythical creatures, so need to put them to good use!! :slight_smile:

@Zarkrai What is new in this version is described in the video below: