To wips in need of romance


@lordirishdas I would probably play that, but on the other hand, there are tons of games where the whole point is just to kill lots of people for no good reason. Some of them are even self aware about their sillyness. It also seems like there wouldn’t be much of a challenge. It could get boring really fast unless it was extremely non-linear.


Reminds me of a similar game that we talked about doing:


Heh… I would play that slasher game as a slasher, but I would probably wish for non-lethal terrorizing options… Is that wrong?


It would be fun to include characters from other choice of games into one game , I can think of more than a few characters I would want to chase around with a knife.XD


Like Emma Die Emma Die! b-(


I would save Emma from the crazy poisoned knife wielding lady.


I would just watch the killing from a small distance with some popcorn


Mmm… Popcorn…


@Roslyn_samalt06: My project includes some romance elements, so long as the reader choses to persue those subplots. Once I get to that point, I may send you a message or two, because I don’t have a lot of experience writing romance.