To the Whistling Winds (WIP) [UPDATED 08/04/2020]

Well done on the update! I liked the little illegal extralegal things we could during the weekend :smiling_imp:. The update definitely added more plot threads that I’m interested in (Julia’s letter and Alejandro’s sketchiness to be more specific). Alejandro, aside from being my personal rival character haha, is definitely the top one of my list for having a dark past/motive. Was the extra option about him not being as carefree as he looks tied to MC’s perception stat?


*An > A

One suggestion: Would it also be possible to just mention Mars and her tour hijacking and avoid mentioning the screaming lady when we’re writing our report at the end of the day?


Thanks for your encouragement! I’m curious as to what your rivalry with Alejandro entails, exactly? :laughing:

Yes, and Alejandro has a higher perception stat check than the other characters. Alejandro’s really fun to write!

Thanks for catching the typo. In regards to your suggestion: Since mentioning Mars is a perception check as well (good on you for having high perception!), I can’t think of a plot reason why that option would be necessary. I hope you understand, and if have an idea in mind, I’m open to adding the option! As for now, I think I’ll keep it as-is. :slight_smile:


The way he reminds me of a recent anime archetype just put me on guard haha. My plan is to go buddy buddy with him and call him broseph whilst surreptitiously pulling off a Sherlock with his motives. My lazy ass high charisma MC is also salty that Alejandro gets a free drink while MC doesn’t even get a discount. :sweat_smile:

Gotta have high perception for any game I play with mysteries in it! Since it’s stat related, I don’t really mind. Thanks for clearing that up.


Glad I could clear it up!


The hate for Tyler is strong for the MC :rofl:
I like the demo, though I like anything with the fae in it. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in the future.

Also is the pen pal Ernest?

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MC can’t think Alejandro is nice without thinking he’s an airhead?? I just thought he was nice

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I’m glad you liked the demo! I’m really excited for future chapters where the fae will show up, and I hope you enjoy those too! :heart:

The penpal is just a random person MC knows from abroad. I imagine they live far away, so they won’t show up in-game.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add that as an option. :slight_smile:



I’m so thrilled to share “To the Whistling Wind’s” lovely new icon! It was drawn by my incredibly talented friend @meizhn , so please check her blog out and give her a follow!

Thank you all for your support and interest in my project, and I hope to continue to share my progress with you!


That’s absolutely beautiful. :heart_eyes:

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Played this a couple days ago and really wanted to make some fanart via old retro Disneyland posters :smiley:

Really looking forward to how things progress in game :eyes:


Wow so I played through your demo in one sitting and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to seeing story evolve and meeting the rest of your beautifully drawn cast of characters!

I appreciated all the…I guess flavor choices? that felt like they added a lot more interaction with the story. I’m actually curious to know if these flavor choices (expressing your opinion/reaction/demeanor towards certain events/characters) impact your personality or skill stats at all? (Admittedly I do not check the stats screen very often, which is why I don’t know haha.) Or if any of them will impact the story at a later time? (such as if you speak Spanish or not.)

For a little bit of friendly feedback: I think your writing style matches well with the tone of the story, currently, and I was able to feel very immersed in my role of ‘average post-grad tour guide going through the motions of life’. Keep up the great work! I also liked how a lot of the opinion/reaction choices had a good range of options, all the way from agreeable to neutral to disgruntled haha. It’s always nice to a good breadth of outlooks to pick from.
Your little touches of detail are wonderful as well (namely I loved the mention of collectible pins during the public tour ^^).
The only critique I have is that the pacing felt a little slow. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting more insight into MC’s life and the theme park! But just as they can be in real life, the events of running errands and drifting through the details of a routine job felt a bit…rote…to me. I thought your concept of infusing Fae with a theme park was intriguing, but after the whole errand-running sequence, I began to wonder when the fantasy and mystery were going to kick in, if that makes sense.
But otherwise, you have a lovely piece of work going, and I can’t wait for the story to unfold!



Oh my gosh, this is so lovely! I can’t say enough kind things about it, beyond that it looks stunning. Thank you so much, I can’t believe someone would like the park enough to make fan art :heart:


Hi, thank you so much for your feedback!

I really appreciate you pointing this out, as I myself have been hem and hawing over the “chapter 1.5” (aka the chapter with all the errands). I think it adds elements that I want to continue on later, but I also know it slows down the pace of the story a lot, and I can understand when you say that it feels like the Fae elements haven’t really shown up.

I think I’ll leave it in the demo for now, but it might be cut (and used for parts lol) after Chapter 3 is uploaded. At the end of the day, I don’t want my readers to be bored by a chapter, so I want to see if I can make it flow better. Again, thank you for pointing this out. It really helps.

And thank you so much for your kind words in regards to my writing style! I hope you continue to enjoy my game as I update, and please keep me informed about your thoughts on my pacing.

(Edit, as I just saw your other question):

Some of the choices you make in regards to your MC’s personality will effect future gameplay for sure. Stuff like your dream job, clothing, etc won’t affect anything beyond flavor text, but your MC’s personality and skills do change based on their choices.

Hope that answers your question!


I really like the slow pacing of this, and the whole seemingly average normal atmosphere of the game makes the strange and magical things that more interesting. Also, if we choose to be a straight woman (picking the ‘ex boyfriends’ choice) will all the 6 ROs be male?

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None of the ROs are gender-flippable from what I’ve seen. So if you pick to play as a straight woman you’ll only be able to romance the male ROs and get locked out from romancing the female ROs.


Hey, this is great! I almost forgot all about the fact that fairies would be involved LOL. This borders on slice-of-life, just you going about the motions until you can leave and go do something in your degree field haha. I’m very excited to get into the magic elements of the story :heart_eyes:

Once upon a time I also worked in an amusement park and this game has me both parts relieved I left and amused since I used to go though so many feelings the MC currently goes through while employed.

I can’t wait to see how the game continues!

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I just wanna know what happens when trying to climb into your window.


Thank you for your feedback too! I appreciate hearing both sides of slower pacing vs faster pacing, and I think I’ll wait and see how Chapter 3 goes before cutting anything. As @Fay said, if you play as a straight woman, you will have 3 RO options of the guys. The genders of the ROs do not change depending on the MC’s sexuality.

Thanks for answering a question for me! :smiley:


I’m glad you liked my demo so far! I feel like that’s my favorite part of magical realism - sometimes you can even forget that there are magical elements involved. I’ll see if I need to change anything in future updates, but lulling the MC into a false sense of security is a part of my plan. :wink:

Aw, I’m glad you found it accurate! I myself have never worked in a park, although many of my friends currently do, and I’m trying to use them as sources. I hope you continue to enjoy the game as I update!


If your MC has enough Athletics to climb the trellis, they realize that there’s no way for them to get in unless they break the window. If your MC doesn’t have high enough Athletics, they give up half way. Hope this helps!


Yep that helps!!