To the Whistling Winds (WIP) [UPDATED 08/04/2020]

Thank you so much for your feedback and thoughts! I loved reading your experience while playing my demo. The suspenseful/spooky tone at the end of CH2 is intentional; it’s definitely not a horror fest, but I think that the slice-of-life of underlining of “something is wrong” is something I want to make clear. Do you think I should add something to the plot synopsis, or is it fine leaving it there to be “uncovered?”

I’m glad to hear you replayed it, because I think mystery-adjacent games (all of them, not just this one haha) really benefit from another read. It’s nice to see things with fresh eyes.

It should be fixed in the next update, as with the other typos! Thanks for catching them!

Poor Mitchell…We still get his name wrong, and he’s not even real. Jk. He’ll probably show up once or twice in the background. Can’t guarantee he’ll have forgiven MC, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plot twist: this entire story is all about Mitchell getting his revenge for the birthday party.


Personally, I think the plot synopsis already alludes to the underlying mystery, not to mention the hints we get along the way in the story proper (like the dream sequence). I guess I was really immersed by the intro that the latter parts stood out. Maybe my earlier comment about a tonal shift was too strong, it still felt slice of life all the way to the end, the new elements just added a new flavor to the tone.

I honestly got it wrong the first time, now I really feel sorry for the guy. :joy_cat:

Dollars to donuts he’s somehow related to the screaming lady and/or mystery dude hahahaha.

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Alright, thanks for clarifying! It really helps. I always like knowing someone’s thoughts on the tone.

:joy_cat: Truth in fiction.


i played the game a couple of times and i really have to say i enjoy it!

i’m just curious if choosing the “i’m glad i’m not involved in the dating drama” immediately locks the player out from romancing the ROs. if so, then curse my non-existent romance life
(on the other hand, i’m still deciding if i want romance involved in my route or just a really intimate friendship)


I’m really glad you enjoyed the game!

Yes, this locks the MC into an aromantic route, which locks all flirt options in the rest of the game. Relationships are really important to me as a writer (platonic or romantic), so my goal is to make it so that the MC can form close bonds with the rest of the characters regardless of whether or not they are romantically interested in them.

I hope that answers your question. :smile_cat:


Thanks. i really appreciate your response. i admit i’m relieved to hear that and i’m hoping to be very close buddies with Alejandro.


Something I noticed about that part is that it doesn’t allow for MC that has experienced something like that, because all choices say MC has never had that happen

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I’m glad I could help clarify some things up for you, and I hope you and Alejandro become good friends as well. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just a way of keeping the narrative from getting too clunky. Besides, none of the MC’s possible exes will show up, so it’s more flavor text than anything.

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07/12/20 UPDATE!

This update comprises of a chapter I’m lovingly calling “Chapter 1.5.” It comes in between the already-uploaded Chapters 1 and 2, and its purpose is to expand some elements I thought were necessary before I throw you into Chapter 3. For that reason, I high recommend you play again from the start and override your old save files.

The size of this update is around 9k words, and the size of the playable demo is now around 32k words.

Chapter notes
  • Chapter 1.5
  • Bug fixes, spacing errors, grammar stuff.
  • Updated Julia’s description in the stat page.
  • Finished “dream job” section, as well as a few other scenes for customization.

What I’m looking for in terms of feedback:

  • Spelling errors, bug fixes, grammar improvement.
  • Feedback on my writing style
  • Pacing
  • Anything else you feel like bringing up!

In more exciting news, I’ve started a Ko-fi! The link has been quietly sitting in the first post for a week or so, but I’d like to officially share it here.

You absolutely don’t have to donate, but if you like what I’m doing and want to see more of it, I’d really appreciate it! Plus, we’re already 60% of the way to me opening up commissions, if that’s something you’re interested in. :wink:

TTWW now also has a Discord. Feel free to join if you want to discuss the game! Everyone there is super nice and enthusiastic.

That’s all, and I hope you enjoy the new update!


Well done on the update! I liked the little illegal extralegal things we could during the weekend :smiling_imp:. The update definitely added more plot threads that I’m interested in (Julia’s letter and Alejandro’s sketchiness to be more specific). Alejandro, aside from being my personal rival character haha, is definitely the top one of my list for having a dark past/motive. Was the extra option about him not being as carefree as he looks tied to MC’s perception stat?


*An > A

One suggestion: Would it also be possible to just mention Mars and her tour hijacking and avoid mentioning the screaming lady when we’re writing our report at the end of the day?


Thanks for your encouragement! I’m curious as to what your rivalry with Alejandro entails, exactly? :laughing:

Yes, and Alejandro has a higher perception stat check than the other characters. Alejandro’s really fun to write!

Thanks for catching the typo. In regards to your suggestion: Since mentioning Mars is a perception check as well (good on you for having high perception!), I can’t think of a plot reason why that option would be necessary. I hope you understand, and if have an idea in mind, I’m open to adding the option! As for now, I think I’ll keep it as-is. :slight_smile:


The way he reminds me of a recent anime archetype just put me on guard haha. My plan is to go buddy buddy with him and call him broseph whilst surreptitiously pulling off a Sherlock with his motives. My lazy ass high charisma MC is also salty that Alejandro gets a free drink while MC doesn’t even get a discount. :sweat_smile:

Gotta have high perception for any game I play with mysteries in it! Since it’s stat related, I don’t really mind. Thanks for clearing that up.


Glad I could clear it up!


The hate for Tyler is strong for the MC :rofl:
I like the demo, though I like anything with the fae in it. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in the future.

Also is the pen pal Ernest?

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MC can’t think Alejandro is nice without thinking he’s an airhead?? I just thought he was nice

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I’m glad you liked the demo! I’m really excited for future chapters where the fae will show up, and I hope you enjoy those too! :heart:

The penpal is just a random person MC knows from abroad. I imagine they live far away, so they won’t show up in-game.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add that as an option. :slight_smile:



I’m so thrilled to share “To the Whistling Wind’s” lovely new icon! It was drawn by my incredibly talented friend @meizhn , so please check her blog out and give her a follow!

Thank you all for your support and interest in my project, and I hope to continue to share my progress with you!


That’s absolutely beautiful. :heart_eyes:

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Played this a couple days ago and really wanted to make some fanart via old retro Disneyland posters :smiley:

Really looking forward to how things progress in game :eyes: