To the Roleplayers in this forum


Hi all. I remember long ago a web where I used to be registered. It was a roleplay world with 100% original characters and world itself. I remember there were a race of shapeshifters that were born either as an animal and could shapeshift into humans, or as humans and could shapeshift into the animal. There were also some kind of apes who could live reeeeeally long and were reeeeally smart, and a race of blue/gray people capable of resisting super high temperatures, that were the best blacksmiths in the world. Also there were “tribesmen” that lived in the wild, always moving, each sharing a mental bond with their horse, almost a soulmate.

The web was brownish or dark red, and the name was something like meridian, or miridian, or something with m, I cant remember! Someone knows the web Im talking about?


This site RPnation is arguably one of the largest RP-ing forum, although it doesn’t have the color of brownish or dark red.

IDK, maybe worth to check it out.


I do email roleplay as it is easier and I actually know who you are talking to. I haven’t really attempted to find and RPG sites yet other than here but I don’t think COG games are actually roleplay. I have no idea.