I’ve begun work on my first game Titanic.

It is based on James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic, as well as Storyscape’s own interactive novel.

In it, you can choose from 3 unique social class backgrounds.

  • If you select the Upper-class background, you will find yourself playing as a young aristocratic lady, the youngest child of Lord and Lady Capell. With your sister having abandoned her claims to inheriting their titles and your brother being a shameful drunk waste, all responsibility lies in your hands. But will you be able to loosen yourself from your parents’ controlling grasp and carve a future of your own?

  • If you select the Middle-class background, you will play as a young lady who has fallen into disgrace due to tragic events that struck your family. Less than a few months later, you find yourself under the employment of an overbearing uncouth Lady of the higher nobility, and you now work as a lady’s companion, a surprisingly good job for someone involved in such a scandal as yours. Will you embrace your new position and move on with your past? Or will you let the events of your past hold you back?

  • If you select the lower class background, you play as a young lady committed to fighting for more fair rights for women. However, your acts eventually land you in what is less than a decorous situation. A fair man offers you a way out of the problem and as young and blind as you are. Not knowing much of the price you have to pay and the number of hearts you will have to crush along the way, you accept to protect yourself and your sister. And you will do anything to protect her, right?

You can check out my tumblr for more update info: Titanic — Titanic wip

As of the moment, there is currently no demo.


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