Titanic [Updated: 28/11/21]

I’ve begun work on my first game Titanic.

It is based on James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic, as well as Storyscape’s own interactive novel.

In it, you can choose from 3 unique social class backgrounds.

  • If you select the Upper-class background, you will find yourself playing as a young aristocratic lady, the youngest child of Lord and Lady Capell. With your sister having abandoned her claims to inheriting their titles and your brother being a shameful drunk waste, all responsibility lies in your hands. But will you be able to loosen yourself from your parents’ controlling grasp and carve a future of your own?

  • If you select the Middle-class background, you will play as a young lady who has fallen into disgrace due to tragic events that struck your family. Less than a few months later, you find yourself under the employment of an overbearing uncouth Lady of the higher nobility, and you now work as a lady’s companion, a surprisingly good job for someone involved in such a scandal as yours. Will you embrace your new position and move on with your past? Or will you let the events of your past hold you back?

  • If you select the lower class background, you play as a young lady committed to fighting for more fair rights for women. However, your acts eventually land you in what is less than a decorous situation. A fair man offers you a way out of the problem and as young and blind as you are. Not knowing much of the price you have to pay and the number of hearts you will have to crush along the way, you accept to protect yourself and your sister. And you will do anything to protect her, right?



The moment you saw this steward’s deep earnest chocolate brown eyes, you felt as instantaneous click with him. Ever since first sight, he has seemed pretty determined to stick by your side no matter how troubled your past may be.


Several rumours surround this widowed man; ever since he lost his wife, people say that he has never been the same, the usual lively sky blue in his eyes dimmed down to nothing but stone cold ice. However, the moment you lay eyes on this man, you know that there is more to him than the disheartening rumours surrounding him.


Her name is found in almost any paper you can get your hands on. Mixed opinions are whispered around about her. Some call her Machiavellian and arrogant, while others admire her hard-headedness and even praise her for it. The truth is that she only shows what people want to see and never who she is. Will you be one of the few that see what lurks within her?

**You can check out my tumblr for more update info: http://lilawrites95.tumblr.com/

Here is the link for the demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/titanicif/titanic-wip/mygame/
UPDATED: [24/10/21]


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Gosh you are good. Amazing representation of MC’s complex feelings so far. I love it!!
I hope also, that you update frequently, cus even thought I feel you’ve been trying desperately to make us feel hatred towards Harry I am hooked on that trash of a man. Best he can do is chase me to the ship, we will have no choice to share a suite then. Quention:is he an a legit RO? Do you plan on adding any? No rush tho:]

I’m curious, will we have a chance to meet any characters from any of the film representations?


Thank you :sweat_smile:
To answer your question, Harry is not a RO. And yes, there will be three romanceable characters. I will update the main post mentioning them.


I enjoyed the demo it’s amazing !!!

I liked playing as an upper class but i still want to try the lower class route & meet the sister :grinning: :yellow_heart:


I think this is the first time I’ve seen an IF based on the Titanic. 12 year-old-me is mighty pleased lol
The story is promising and the writing is quite good! I really want play the other MCs, since the Titanic had three different classes and thus, 3 different types of experience. Looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:


I like what you thought about Harry.lol Bad boys more fun right? :joy:

No offense, but dear author,could you consider over it plz :pray: :pray: :pray:


I definitely enjoyed the demo! Your narration and vocabulary did a great job of setting us up in the era.

I made note of typos and some punctuation things I noticed under the cut. It may look like a lot, but it’s mostly variations of the same typo.


From day one no decision you have made has ever truly been yours.

  • should be a comma there

The sky was full of dark ragged [tumulus] clouds.

  • do you mean “tumultuous”? As in thundering/thunderous. I looked up “tumulus” and it’s a burual mound. >.<

"[y]ou were, however

  • should be capitalized

It has been [three years] since you celebrated your first London season, at [nineteen]…Even today, at [twenty-three], you are still

  • Some inconsistencies here. If MC was nineteen three years ago, she should be twenty-one now, but you typed twenty-three. Probably a typo

your mother speaks up as two strands of her lustrous dark brown hair [falling] free over her

  • should be [fall] or you could delete ‘as’ and use commas

allowing your eyes painstakingly slip shut

  • should be a [to] in there

after her[," you] have a whole day

  • should be [. "You]

“What[,” You] whine when

  • should be [?" you]

thinking !" [You] exclaim

  • [you]

!" [He] shouts while lifting his arms in glee

  • [he]

glancing towards the door[, "you] have created

  • [. "You]

the door[," I] heard a loud

  • [, "I]

“Nathan!” [She] exclaims

  • [she]

She ushers him out of the room, barely regarding you. Though you know your mother far too well to tell that [there was no genuineness in the smile.] It was purely full of worry.

  • ? Maybe part of this is missing because it doesn’t mention that the mom smiles.

“Good morning, Mother,” you [great], pouring

  • [greet]

not have asked if otherwise." [she] reaches out

  • [She]

She carefully begins[. I] have decided it will be publicly announced at the beginning of May, next month[," she] takes a calculated pause to inspect reaction.

  • [. "I]
  • [." She]
  • [your]

They [looked] to be calling out to you, attempting to entice you back to the day you first planted them. But you [resisted].

  • I think this is supposed to be in present tense.

across his face[." I] am

  • [. "I]

a day before our wedding. And [the day of she] was nowhere to be seen.

  • something might be missing here

Bouncing on the [heals] of your little feet

  • [heels]

"Nathan[, "you] start a faint [straitness] to your voice.

  • [." You]
  • Do you mean ‘strain’?

you sigh, "[there] are two sides

  • [There]

was before I fell in debt[." He] quietly adds.

  • [," he]

Also, that cliffhanger was fun. :smiley: I’m looking forward to the rest of the story and the other routes!


I’m glad you enjoyed the demo, and thanks for pointing out those errors! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Omg I loved Storyscape’s Titanic, it’s such a shame Disney shut the app down :sob: looking forward to seeing how this develops :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I totally forgot abt Storyscapes! Such a shame indeed


Closed at the request of the author.

It’s very interesting so far! I’ve honestly always wanted to play something like this cause I am fascinated by Titanic hahah

I am honestly excited to see where you take the 1st class story. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how it’ll be different from characters like Rose’s story.


Very cool!!! Can’t wait for an update!

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I’m glad that you enjoyed it and I hope that you will like the upcoming update!


glad you liked it!

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I like it so far. I’m looking forward to the future updates. :grin:

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So we’ve finally met the ROs. Sweet.

This was the only error I picked up. I’m too sleepy atm to notice any other typos or grammatical mistakes other than this.

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