Tips in making a game and story

What are your tips guys in making a story plot for a game especially the fantasy ones because that is what I’m working right now… Thanks :slight_smile:

Just the plot? :grinning: Okay!

  1. Don’t be afraid to use something “cliche” with your own spin, almost every idea has been used before.

  2. Conflict conflict conflict. Rule of thumb, conflict is amazing for any story, just make sure it makes sense.

  3. Make sure to think over your plot a lot. Is there a hole there? Could the hero’s figure it out and fix the problem not jiff but just…don’t?

  4. Figure out early on if you want your plot to be character driven (focuses on your characters, their struggles, and their relationships) or world/event driven (more about the world, whats changing about it, and how that effects society or certain groups of people).

There’s some general help for you, fantasy is an umbrella term though. We talking urban fantasy? High fantasy? Anyway, hope it helps.

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If the story is character driven try to add some factors that don’t make sense to the main character, like supernatural events, uncontrollable or not fully controllable powers of just some general king of madness, either in the MC or other characters. It tends to make a story a lot less predictable and it’s just fun to mess with the minds of the MC and the readers.

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