I know there’s a way to add a timer to count down (saw it on the wiki and can’t find it anymore) to prevent moving to the next chapter before that time is up.

Is there a way to make a timer that selects a random *choice option for the user if time runs out?


Delay break | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom

Found the “timer” which is called Delay Break if anyone is curious.


My best educated guess is this:

*if (Delay_break = 0)
 *goto thing
*delay_break 300

Instead of…


And of course you can do any amount of seconds, the 300 would be five minutes.

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Right but I’m trying to enforce a sense of urgency through mechanics. Basically they’d have a *choice but if they fail to make one within the allotted time it would send them to a new scene automatically.

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Oh this is nice
Always wondered about this


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You can’t do that in ChoiceScript. And CoG is against that mechanic, so no hope they’ll implement it.

You could use the timestamp to get a similar result, but there would be no visual indication of time passing and the choice would only be made after the player pressed to continue. Which could get confusing if they select an option but is redirected to another one because they took too long to choose.


Saddening. Thank you though.

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