Time Periods n Stuff

You know a COG time period I want more of? The Exploration Era, particularly the Pirate Era! I adore the sense of adventure it has! Choice of Broadsides though didn’t really tickled my fancy since you are more marine than pirate, Choice of Pirates however is better in my opinion, but suffers from being way too short. Maybe not just European piracy, I would love to try being pirates from other continents like Asia for example (since one of the most successful pirates happens to be a chinese woman and I thought her story was interesting).

Other than that, I need me more games centered around any Ancient Time Period of Asia. Personally I am most interested in China, but any part of Japan or Korea’s more ancidnt history at the time of kingdoms is very interesting for me. The only games that gave me this fill is Samurai of Hyuuga (all books) and Choice of Kung Fu to an extent (though that also suffers from shortness, even more so since the game could easilly be beaten if you choose to be a chi user, at least for me).

As for eras I rarely see that I want more games of… Those are: Viking Era (I love me some Nordic history), Prehistoric Era (of course, particularly the Ice Age cause I haven’t read anything good about that as of now), and honestly Ancient Egypt.

Sci-Fi is good too but particularly anything Near-Future is quite fascinating for me! :slight_smile: