Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



I have thought about this being part of the plot, but, I reported it anyway just in case.
Sorry If I misunderstood it. :face_with_thermometer:


HOLY ORG- I mean Moley!


Man I love this update!

Here's a meme for you

MC: breaths


Oh here’s an error I found: clooth line 3572: Bug: y-ilyaa chtenff athg nilgh’ri nog naflooboshu nalw’nafh fm’latgh


Choice- “Yes, but I’d prefer to stay with you for now.”

Which leads to

"His enthusiasm wanes. His posture grows stiff. “I’m afraid I can’t abide by that.”

“It must be done.”

“You can’t do anything to stop me.”

Now since the question is basically “Isn’t the end of the world great?” that doesn’t make sense.

Now if that is supposed to mean “I want to stop the apocalypse and stay with you,” which seems to be what the game is assuming that means, then it needs to be rewritten.


I think that option is a holdover from Arcy’s version of the reactions to the first omen and doesn’t really make sense in context with C’looth. I’ve just removed it entirely.



It kind of feels like Arcy doesn’t really care about the MC. After everything you potentially end up doing for her, she still just kicks you to the curb immediately if you object to her killing children. It ends up seeming like expressing her disdain for mortals is more important to her than anything else…


I always get kicked after saying I want to spend eternity with you and I can’t figure out why


If we romance the cultists can we choose to improve the town we create permanent magic servants for them, create a fish farm for bait/regular farm to improve their diet,set up trading relationships using charisma to negotiate a deal that helps keep their secrete while still trading


wow just did the cultist and this was amasing.fantastic work


I played through Mr. Octopus face, today. I’m still loving you’re writing. You’re doing a great job of humanizing evil monsters.

On my first playthrough, I was probably like 70% into whatever he had going on and making decisions he liked. Then they shot a harpoon through my head. lol I even came back to him, and he tried to kill me. So, I guess he’s pretty particular.

Just to root around, I played through as agreeable as I could, again. Oh, hey, I invited the hedonists instead of the scholars to the church. MUCH better decision.

I think you struck a good compromise with ‘pairing’ options for the adult scene.

As this was the first time I got to ‘stay’ with one of the other immortals, I was hoping they’d somehow be involved in the End Game. I think that would be a good addition. Some would likely want to help you, a death cult very well may not… I was wondering if additional fish cult powerz would help at the end.

I’m very satisfied with your second relationship thread. :slight_smile:


I do think that that the second church option was the best and that it fit the whole feeding off energy theme


Oh right… that was the purpose for me too… cough


I was so ready to pursue a relationship with Jolliant (I think that was his name?), the God of Nature guy, but was SO SAD when his section wasn’t written yet.

This game is really cool/very well-written, and I love the thoroughness of each different God, the areas of the map, and etc. I do feel like the beginning of the game is kind of rushed, but we are spending lifetimes in the game, so it is a nice contrast overall.

I haven’t romanced anyone yet, but just know that I’m really enjoying the vision so far!


How do I find the cursed princess


She’s not written right now


Who’s next? I was planning to do either the colossus or spider demon but I might as well make it a poll.

  • Jolliant of Bo, Colossus of the God of Nature
  • Molloth Queen of Spiders
  • Orrean, the Windstorm Djinn
  • Silk, Guardian Naga of the Grove
  • Nyeru, Incubus / Succubus
  • Princess Aursley, Inheritor to the Throne of Featherall

0 voters


please be molloth.please


In case you feel your vote is wasted on a less popular choice that you super duper want next, I’ll roll randomly, weighted by the number of votes.


Didn’t you say the Succubus/incubus cheats on you through out the whole romance?


So should we really call them the cuckubus?