Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



Highlander plot anyone?


Spider Demon, Naga and Dragon are probably the ones I am most intereated in, possibly the jellyfish cause why the hell not


So, the MC is born under Melkenthor and receives omens about an impending apocalypse they can try to stop. One way to go about this is killing Melkenthor, and in order to do so they have to destroy the realm of Zero, inadverdently causing an apocalypse, and realising they always were Melkenthor. Does this mean the apocalypse can’t actually be stopped?



I’m also thinking of merging the chronomancy and god fight paths together. I’m not really happy with the former.




(update coming shortly)

(EDIT: update still coming shortly but slightly longer than that)

(EDIT: unless I can finish the whole whaling expedition subplot in my twenty minutes of free time today)

(EDIT: ugggh Arcy’s storyline had like three endings (happily ever after, breakup, and murder) but this one has … I’ve lost track. I think we’ve got your standard happily ever after, breakup, and murder, but we’ve also got one where someone else helps you sneak away in the night, one where the whole cult is raided by Paladins fuck you autocorrect don’t capitalise paladins for me for no god damn reason, one where you live as a sperm whale for ten years (literally), and like seven different options for how you get to that happily ever after depending on who betrays you or who you choose to betray. It’s exhausting! But I think it’s worth it. I mean, it better be.)

EDIT: Aaaaaaand the new version is longer than Arcy’s. Gosh darnit. But seriously, that’s 33,000 words just for this section. If every single section is like that, the whole game will exceed 500,000 words once it’s finished. Kind of insane, especially considering I anticipate most playthroughs of the finished project would only go through like one or two of the romance options, which would mean a playthrough would only be about 65,000-75,000 words out of 500,000+. I’m going to force myself to limit the scope of how long each segment will be from here on to save myself a massive headache.

EDIT: added in transgender options. :slight_smile: Not sure if it’s the absolute best most optimal most encompassing selection, but now instead of one male/female variable, there’s one variable for the gender you identify as and one for your physical sex. The only major way that your physical sex comes into play is in the 18+ scenes, though there might be some passing references sprinkled in throughout starting from this point onwards. As always the gender you identify as has no bearing on any choices or reactions throughout the game; every romantic option treats you the same regardless of your orientation or identity.

EDIT: Not sure why I keep editing this one random post. I guess I’ll summarise what I’ve changed when I update it. Funnily enough I just have the one little sex scene to finish. Decided not to leave any of them unfinished this time around because it was kind of lame last time that 2/3 of the explicit content wasn’t ready yet. Anyway. Back to work. Should be done tonight.

Most anticipated HG WIP?

Are you going to change the genders of some of the RO later during development or is everything final?


Genders of ROs are locked.

Reason 1: They are meant to be seen to exist in the world regardless of whether or not the main character drops by to meet them. It also helps me characterise them. Their gender is a part of their identity.

Reason 2: I have to draw the line somewhere if I want to prevent the scope of this thing from blowing up.


Do I have to make a new reply in the topic when I make an update?

Oh there’s an update by the way.
(checks wordcount)
A roughly 40,000 word update actually.

Enjoy! :smiley:


It helps lel (screams internaly for massive update)


Okay, should be good to go!


Internal excited screaming. Such disrespect. Ahem. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


Heres a error
make that two errors

  1. The save system
  2. When you pick the female the sex saids your male


That’s what I meant lol


Many authors (but not all) put a date in the title that reflects the latest update. Others add a note in their original post and some do both a date in the title and an updated note in the original post.

Edit: I see you did put an updated note in the original post. Carry on and ignore me then :stuck_out_tongue:


you must voice your jubilation.

I killed them all. Arcy went way beyond the drawn line when she had the kid


Should be fixed now!!

Any other issues give me a shout!

Survey will be up in a second.

EDIT: Survey is up! :slight_smile:


Can you put when you update it I’m the title so we now


I think there’s an error.


An error with the lovecraftian guy.

When I told him that I’d like to stay with him until the apocalypse comes, the game and he acts like I stated I decided to stop the apocalypse.


@stsword Thanks for finding the error! :smiley: Can you take a screenshot so I know where to fix it?

@Boodini are you sure that’s an error? (also huge spoiler if you’re reading this and want to avoid it)