Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



You heard it here folks, The Creature from the Black Lagoon is confirmed.


:grimacing: what does the vampire look like?


Was the spider demon inspired by Jorōgumo?


A perfect middle ground between Vladimir Dracula and Edward Cullen.


I know it’s only been the first RO so far, but can we not stay with her forever?


Eric! c: I am always up for a discussion with you c;

True, people should be aware that immortals react different to love, especially after decades and centuries of loneliness. Yet, I can see where people come from, I was a bit surprised myself at how fast the MC and Arcy created this ‘relationship’. I put it between quotation marks because, for a while, I was actually pretty confused if they had a thing or not. Like that my MC was just conveniently living there with the purpose to one day become romantically involved with Arcy. Only to suddenly have the opportunity to kiss her. …It is a strange world wherein I actually enjoy to make my MC kiss a skeleton, and Arcy’s reaction made me swoon. she is so cute with all her mad-scientist murdering

Who are you calling innocent? Innocence is not for me, nor my MC’s *grins evilly *
And I believe that innocence is lost on our lovely Lich as well.

I like this sentence, a lot. Probably far too much.

But how would you want to achieve this? Arcy is able to stay alive thanks to all her murdering and blood collecting, right? Or did I misunderstood something?
I personally loved to hunt and kill humans with her. Something which I also adored was where our MC’s get the chance to fight and murder the Adventurers. There are so many different ways of doing this, I love to ponder and speculate about it. And I actually hope that a lot more romances will have this possibility, because… for science!

Nooooo!!!?!! Arcy is too precious to kill, why would you even think about doing so?! You monster… Think about all her cats and zombies and invisible servants, what are they supposed to do when she is gone? Those poor, poor creatures… All alone in this cruel world…
I disapprove of killing Arcy, she does not deserve such, no matter if you want to save others by doing so. jk, jk c;

Bring it! I am so ready.


You monster… jk, jk c;


Indeed? Very interesting. Will there be several mortals to chose from? Will our MC’s be able to chose how to interact with them or will the time be too short for that to happen?


I read that Arcy is Lawful Evil, so yeah… i agree , she is definitely not innocent :slight_smile:

Thank you :smile:

I realise that the story arc with Arcy had been completed … so whatever we discuss now will be consider fan-fic :wink: But i do notice we are given a chance to persuade Arcy not killing the adventurers , if we manage to convince the priestess to abandon her quest … i didn’t manage to convince the priestess yet so i will try again later That being said, apparently Arcy still allow us to sway her action , as long as we can manipulate some sense into her … Like make up some story about why we shouldn’t make everyone into zombie, or why animating more undeads is nit beneficial…

I read that we could have multiple chances of killing Arcy and some had already done that :stuck_out_tongue:
Those zombies and invisible servants should cease to exist once their master is gone …

As a double agent within the Heart of Darkness , i honestly hope that i can contain Arcy’s action so that she won’t be a menace to the living… Killing her is only the last resort , i remember there is a 9th level wizard spell call “Cage” , so i would cage her first if possible :slight_smile:

Based on legend, Demons are mostly too prideful and always challenge humans to outsmart them… that’s why they will most likely try to trick us into “reasoning” with them, and thus allowing us a chance to outsmart them… so yeah, Demons don’t seem too scary :wink:


I’m liking the concept of an immortal mc. Was there any sex scenes? I don’t think I saw any lol


There should be one… but it was written " Still under construction "


Yes, there is one sex scene written out. In the carriage; when you chose to help Arcy with her Alchemy your MC and she go to the city and on the way there they can enjoy some sexual frolicking. I encountered two other possible scenes, but, as Eric has already said, those still have to be written.


Ew no, please no Twilight. I’m probably not going to try any male ROs, but vampires should be vampires, and by that I mean they shouldn’t sparkle lol. My type of vampire would be something like those in Vampire the Masquerade maybe mixed with something like the Elder Scrolls vampire (having a powerful second form).


I’m thinking about naming him Count Cullward Edden.



also this



The first thing he does is save your life by stopping a rampaging horse-drawn carriage with his bare hands.

Then you play baseball.


lol staying away from the vampire route for sure, I guess I wasn’t doing it anyway because they are male.


I don’t know if the author is jesting but I might not try the vampire route now because of Cullen. XD


It ends with an epic vampire-on-vampire-on-werewolf-on-immortal action scene, which is awesome and bloody, and also a dream.


Just replayed the game and oh my that ending lol


I am laughing far too hard about these vampire jokes.
I am actually starting to hope you, Will, plan to truly write it. It would be hilarious.


It is becoming more and more clear that the real goal of this game is to find all of the other immortals and put them out of their misery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this game seems pretty promising! I’m… still not sure which love interest I find more interesting, but I’m curious about interacting with them. For instance, while I’m not sure I’d be too invested in a romance with the Colossus, I could see a Champion MC being interested into testing his mettle. “Come on, let’s fight to the death! It’ll be fun!”