Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



Because I deeply dislike having relationships forced upon whatever characters I play. (The same could be said for the ‘Omen’ substory, but Arcy’s path was just the one I played most recently.) If I’m going to play as an undead abomination, I’m not going to allow AnYone into my ribcage, goddamn it!

In addition, the nature of Harriet’s relationship with Arcy doesn’t really seem important to the rest of the story. Would it really have mattered if Harriet was a close platonic friend rather than a lover? As such, I’d at least like to choose the nature of the relationship.


To be fair, the word romance is in the title. Unless you mean you want more of a choice whether or not to pursue her? I could just be misunderstanding here.

I would argue that there is a difference between a lover and a close platonic friend.


In general, yes. But IIRC, Harriet’s primary role in the story is as a deeply cherished bonesuit, so Harriet could have just as easily been a close friend without seriously damaging the story.

I realize that Arcy’s backstory depends on Harriet staying in the castle. But is it unreasonable to assume that Arcy, a deeply lonely woman with the emotional maturity of a wet noodle, would want to keep any friends she could find as close to her as possible?

Yeah, I think we’re talking at cross purposes. I’d like Arcy to have a choice in whether or not to pursue Harriet.

Correct. But during the subplot where we play as a young Arcy, we are essentially railroaded into a relationship with Harriet, which I’m not thrilled about.


Arcy was just one of the choice of romance, i think in the finish product, you can reject her if you don’t like her… perhaps just go away after meeting with her ?

I meant for the romance interest you pursue , that romance option could simply maintain his/her own personality without willing to change for us…

So we could just leave if we feel that RO is not suitable for us right ?


Who’s Harriet I don’t remember them?


I don’t think it’s that big of a problem. Like everyone is immortal of course she’s going to have a first love, we are not playing as her we are reliving her past so of course we want have that much of a choice.


Hmmmm… for that i am a little bit curious since i haven’t reach that plot yet, but if we are playing as young Arcy, was it suppose to be Arcy’s past history where the outcome had already be determine ?

So in that case, it could be seen that Arcy was written to have relationship with Harriet no matter what, we can only determine the nature of it ? I meant if we are playing as her past, most likely we can’t change the important outcome ?

Yeah… that’s what i was thinking too



See yeah, I was totally missing the mark! I see what you’re saying now. I thought you mean the romance story as a whole so Ibwas a bit confuse.

I can see the value in that being optional. I think the main this was just that Arcy lied about the skeleton at the start of the story. Which makes less sense to do it was the skeleton of someone you’re only platonic with


I feel like my biggest issue with the game as it currently is is that it feels a bit like Bethesda finally got a good writer. What I mean is, sure the game is “Nonlinear” but how that plays out is the choice of whether to do something now or do it later. The Arcy relationship doesn’t really seem to have any meaningful choices besides staying with her or not staying with her (and maybe killing her). Any option you pick that disagrees with her worldview results in an end to the relationship, one way or another. Even if it’s a matter of life and death. I guess maybe she’s just that self centered and cruel of a person and it’s intentional… but after seeing her hidden past you’d think you could use that to some effect at all… You can’t even suggest that maybe she just sacrifice bad people instead of children. This could be fine if it doesn’t reflect on the way the other romances will play out.


Anybody know how to get Arcy to not dump you. I passed the stat checks but she still doesn’t want to stay together.

Edit: Nevermind just figured it out.


I just reached the ‘ending’ of sorts. She threw me out because I was getting boring. If that’s not childish, I don’t know what is.

Edit: replayed, killed her. That’s a bit better.

Here’s the thing: we’re not just reliving her past. We have important choices, like whether to kill her father or kill her suitors or further the study of magic. We choose how much self-hatred she has.

We are, I would argue, playing as her, making choices that alter her life. So when our choices are suddenly constricted in an otherwise free-roaming subplot, it feels extremely unpleasant.

If we were just reliving her past, why have choices at all for that subplot? Why not just have scenes from her life listed out briefly?

But in this one case, it’s not that important an outcome. Harriet’s legacy is nothing more than a misshapen bone dress, and I never understood why it’s important that Arcy is lying about the nature of her dress; what she wears is none of my business .
Forcing the player-as-Arcy to pursue Harriet doesn’t do much for the story, but it does (in my case, at least) make the story less pleasant to play.


To each their own. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal you can’t control every aspect of a game, clearly she loved Harriet and it something we can’t change.


In a game genre that depends on giving the reader a wide variety of choices? Railroading Harriet isn’t a game-breaking issue, sure, but it’s not ideal.

And we’re only discussing one additional choice-it’s a bit hyperbolic to suggest that anyone’s looking to control ‘every aspect’ of the game.


There is still a wide variety of choice, having one thing not be a choice I would inclined to agree, isn’t big of a deal. There may be more there than we know atm. The author may have more planned for Arcy.


Hmmmm…perhaps it should be better if it was only a flashback for us to read, but letting us “play” as Arcy in her memory do let readers have more “fun” to read, i mean they won’t feel that they had read too much of a flashback, if i am not mistaken "Heart of the House " had similar style where we play the memory of a character, which was neat :slight_smile:

Actually , it perfectly fit the title nicely " Till Death Do us Part " . the only way for us to part with Arcy is…there must be “Death” , either one of MC or her, or both …

Well, Arcy was a thousand years old Lich who doesn’t need to feel compassion for anyone … it is something like , you observe the crawling of an ant , then you feel bored of it…so some people might just squash the ant …


We ended up spending eternity together until the end.


I really enjoy this concept and I can’t wait to see more


Arcy’s backstory is arguably a small, well-fleshed-out CYOAG of its own, so let me put it this way:

If I were to get off my ass and publish any of my shelved CYOAGS, and I built a love interest of a particular personality and gender into the MC’s past, would it make the experience less enjoyable?

Stores are already selling a bodypillow of Arcy:



Feels like an anime plot.
I love it.


Arcy isn’t a the MC of the story though. You’re playing through a characters backstory for a brief moment as your MC watches her memories. It serves as a way of give you more information surronding an already established character