Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



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Yeah, pretty much like that!

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This guy’s got the right idea: https://www.pcgamer.com/mod-of-the-week-the-middle-earth-project-for-crusader-kings-ii/


So is the succubus/incubus the accurate version that needs to kiss and suck the soul out of people like a vampire to feed? Or the fantasy one that bangs it out?


Vigilant from what? Impervious to damage sounds like I can relax in quick sand.

Death by combat only? No lightning strikes?

I always have to keep my eyes open with immortality. Who knows when you’re going to get cheated.

Not forever? Automatic knock off.

Incubus/Succubus isn’t humanoid?


@No_This_Is_Patrick A mix of both. He/she feeds on people by manipulating them into betraying others and giving in to their instincts. They’re also the kind of person to bang out their problems.

@Dark_Stalker The cytomancer is impervious to damage only because of a cocktail of difficult-to-master spells, charms, and wards, and needs to prepare ahead of time for specific types of danger. They’re impervious to damage because of their abilities – their ability isn’t straight-out invincibility. For the quicksand example, if you do nothing, you’d suffocate and actually die for real. However, the cytomancer would definitely have a spell prepared that would immediately free them from the quicksand, preventing themselves from suffocating.

Now I don’t make the player do all the contingency planning themselves of course, but there’s a few occasions where you can just decide that your character would have planned for the situation and you can pull out some ridiculous spell from your sleeves. One example that’s already in the game is if you’re thrown from a high window, you can activate a spell that automatically makes you weightless before you hit the ground.

The princess ostensibly lives forever but she can be killed through natural causes, unlike the champion, for example. Her power is eternal youth, not pure immortality. So, yes, she can die early on if you’re not careful.

As for the humanoid thing: the succubus is a shapeshifter. True form is a traditional goat-like demon monster with wings.


Will they still do that when they’re with us? And by that I mean behind our backs.



Sometimes not even behind your back.

All of the ROs have something about them that could be a huge dealbreaker. That’s theirs.


Think I’ll just go demonslayer mode on them.


Just because you said this, now I really want to pick the jellyfish :wink:
That begs the question though: will there be a sex scene with the jellyfish? Because that can potentially get really weird. Even if it’s like Archy where there’s the illusion of a human body I think I’d still be uncomfortable, so I hope that jellyfish is asexual lol


So what are the other RO deal breakers?


@No_This_Is_Patrick You can always go demonslayer mode. There’ll probably be an option to murder a fair number of the ROs if you want. I guess you can play as a serial killer? Why not.

The dealbreaker for Arcy is that she is an unremorseful child murderer.. Clankers the suit of animated armor will refuse to leave the tower he was tasked with defending, even as age causes it to crumble around him. Plucky Moonlight the faerie queen makes you dance for literally a thousand years and flies into a rage if you suggest putting a halt to the festivities. Flrrrr the jellyfish doesn’t stop making weird bubbly noises for literally six god damn years.

@forestnymph Never fear. You cannot have sex with the jellyfish.

You can’t really do anything with the jellyfish if we’re being honest.


A romance game centered around absurdly flawed immortals? Sounds fun.


I’m currently reading the demo it’s something new and I honstly love the way it’s working out and hope you can stick with it tho the only thing I can complain about is the transitions early on in the druid route seem dry and baron and are undervalued I suggest putting more work into them


The merman doesn’t have a human-looking face?


That made me think of this

:joy: sorry i had to


Forgot a s


OK, feel free to ignore me because this post is only going to be nitpicky about the word-choice rather than anything overly large or important.

Cyto- means cell, as in, the smallest living structure that all scientists can agree upon, which itself comes from the Greek word for cell, as in, a physical cell with individual walls that someone stays in, like a monk’s cell or a prison cell.

In addition, -mancy/-mancer mean divination or trying to tell the future, such as trying to tell the future by looking into a fire (which would be pyromancy).
That said, -mancy is greatly misused in fantasy titles to mean control of, when -kinesis would be more appropriate, though still incorrect etymologically speaking.

Anyway, my nitpick comes from the fact that your description for how the MC could be immortal as a cytomancer has nothing to do with either healing powers or speeding up the cell division process (which would explain why cyto- is in the name) nor can they tell the future.

Again, -mancy is misused and you could totally get away with using that, but cyto- is very very incorrect considering that MC is simply a hyper-prepared magical Batman Dr. Strange, rather than a Wolverine-like character with healing powers.

I would suggest just calling the MC a sorcerer or a wizard, as that would be more appropriate considering the nature of their immortality.


Is the second omen a alternative version of what would have happened with the mc if they did not become imortal?


Has anyone noticed yet that Arcy puts the ‘romance’ in ‘nec-romancy’?

So do we get a ‘Bluebeard’ achievement? In any case, I’ll look forward to the opportunity to carve the succubus into succu-bits.


@will I don’t mean to be a debby downer but due the explictness of the sex scenes will Choice of Games host this or not? I myself have no problem with scenes but just wanna know if game like this will be able to realease on this site. Hopefully the fact that you give players to censor those will help because I had fun playing this wip.


They also have magical healing powers (reversing the effects of aging) and can modify their body as they please (e.g. can transform from male to female and vice versa, can literally turn to stone, etc). The powers were inspired by the prefix cyto-, rather than the other way around.

I was just making the point earlier that the cytomancer is the only one of the three that has to actively engage in the process of keeping themselves alive, rather than just having it automatically occur for the other two. They’re more of an all-rounder mage, but the specific part that makes them immortal is the cyto- part. :slight_smile:

Arcy’s potion that turns her briefly human again is loosely based off the cytomancer’s powers, as another example.

@flocktrops @Phoenix_Wolf The Second Omen is a 7,000-word short side mission that triggers in the game after 1,000 years have passed. It was complex enough that I included the option to just play it on its own. I’ll probably just take that starting option out so it’s more of a surprise.

@Morphine Think the fish man from the Shape of Water. Except he sings. He sings super well.