Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



This WIP is “Wow, wow – oh, oh wow --ooohhh.” :joy:


I am very into the concept that by the end of character creation you’re an immortal mage. One somewhat selfish request, but could their be an option for green eyes in the character creator?


I played a druid, I wish there was an option to compromise with the lich.

As a druid, my character understands that death is a part of life.

But I do wish there was an option to suggest other victims rather than random children. The old, the sick, the dying, people judged for execution for crimes, people who should be judged to execution for crimes, etc, etc.

She needs to kill someone every ten years, that’s plenty of time to find people.


@nulCat They’re all player-sexual but they each have a set gender, with a few notable exceptions.

@L_M Thanks for nabbing those typos! That’s really helpful. Glad you liked the character. And you’re right that the ending is a bit rushed; I do have plans to expand on it a little.

@No_This_Is_Patrick Arcy doesn’t tolerate incompetence; if you’re bumbling around failing skill checks or letting her get discovered or attacked, she won’t react very positively to it. It’s actually best to increase at least one of your skills to fifty or sixty before you start. She likes it when you show appreciation for her personal strengths, or when you treat her like a regular person rather than as a scary undead monster. I’ve kept out any direct mention of stat changes (you’ll have to read and interpret how she actually reacts), though I’ll probably include something in the stat screen that summarises your relationship level. Haven’t worked out exactly how I want that to look yet but it’s coming soon.

@The_Lady_Luck and @Phoenix_Wolf Yes, that’s a bug unfortunately. Working on fixing it now. I think I screwed up part of the *return after running the first omen subroutine.

@JMH Consider it done. I’ll probably be adding random cosmetic options whenever I feel like it so suggestions of any kind are welcome.

@Shoelip I think you misinterpreted him; he says that the idea of ripping a soul from the afterlife is silly, and then challenges the idea of an afterlife outright. The intention is that he believes in neither an afterlife nor a soul and is mocking Arcy for believing in them herself.


Which is which? I’m hoping for the dragon and the colossus to be female. Is the colossus a normal giant or is it an ogre, oni maybe? What type of dragon are we talking about as well? One that can shapshift into a humanoid form, or are they always in dragon form? Are they a great wyrm type of dragon or a more eastern inspired one (chinese/japanese)?

Lots of questions I know.


Here, I’ll list them if you’d like! I’ll edit the top bit as well.

  • an undead mage (f)
  • a worshipper of eldritch horrors (m)
  • a colossus (m)
  • a spider demon (f)
  • a succubus / incubus (m/f)
  • a djinn (m)
  • a cursed princess (f)
  • a naga (f)
  • a vampire (m)
  • a suit of animated armor (n/a)
  • a jellyfish (n/a)
  • a faerie queen (f)
  • a tiger devil (m)
  • a siren (m)
  • a dragon (f)

For the colossus, think along the lines of the Colossus of Rhodes. Jolliant is the son of the God of Nature and lives for the thrill of open combat, routinely wrestling dragons and sea monsters for sport. He protects a small forest he’s quite fond of. He often loses his great battles, but each time he dies, he is resurrected by his father to have another go.

You can actually see his stats in the game right now! If you become a captain of a ship, it unlocks a few other possibilities for romance options, randomly determined each lifetime. One of which is for Jolliant – you can view his stats, but if you try to introduce yourself, the game will punt you back as his section isn’t written yet.

In case you were ready for an existential crisis today, there’s a subtle implication that it’s actually a new colossus each time, with the previous one’s memories sticking around, much like the Doctor from Doctor Who.


Looking forward to the dragon branch then.What type of dragon is she?


Volcanic. About the size of a football field. Blood red in colour. Impervious to fire. Obsessed with material wealth; horde the size of a mountain.

Dragons have a natural lifespan of a few thousand years, give or take. That’s not enough for her, so she bathes herself in the magma of her volcano every five thousand years and is reborn as a baby dragon from an egg. She’s gone through this cycle somewhere between three and five times already by the time the main character is born. Haven’t decided exactly yet. But she’s between 20,000 and 25,000 years old.

She’s not available at the start of the game. I’ll let you guess what you have to accomplish to even get her attention in the first place :wink:


hmmm… lots of wealth? Its wealth isn’t it? I didn’t go much for that when i played through. I wanted to master all forms of magic (Started as druid) and I chose to explore, the last choice is interrupted I believe.


Haven’t written the dragon’s section yet! That’ll come with time.

Oh, also, @The_Lady_Luck and @Phoenix_Wolf I fixed that bug! I hadn’t included a *return for when you’re not actually involved in a romance, so it was just carrying over to the next scene after “omens” which just happened to be Arcy’s scene. Perplexing problem, simple fix.


So I played again as a champion, I’d appreciate the option to be more selective in vengeance rather than all or nothing.

I mean, we don’t even know for certain that the serving gal knew she was murdering us when she dosed our cup.

So how about non romantic relationships? I mean hey maybe a champion wants to just go kill stuff with the Colossus or a female character is willing to go to a lich for someone to have girl talk with who won’t die on them.

With the focus on romance, then the characters who might be the wrong gender pretty much go to waste.


Not a mermaid if male, I think


Can it talk, does it have anything resembling a face, Is it attractive?
Why would someone be interested in a jellyfish?


I suppose when you’re immortal, it’s less about the physical aspect and more about the emotional/spiritual aspect of love. Not sure how much emotion a jellyfish can convey, though.


@stsword I do have to limit the scope somehow! If you’d like, however, you don’t technically need to do any actual romance. It’s written with that in mind but you can mostly ignore the subtext and just view the two of you as friends. Plus Clankers the animated armor (and a few of the others) view it more as a friendship than a partnership from the outset.

@greatnes_personified Yes it can talk (“HI MY NAME IS FLRRRR WHAT’S YOUR NAME”). No it doesn’t really have a face. No, it’s not attractive. It’s exceptionally unattractive. I have no idea why anyone would pick the jellyfish. I’m keeping it in the game though.


Cytomancer sounds a lot more foolproof than the other two…

Spiders! Wait how spidery?

A normal jellyish? That’s a little too high on the bestiality scale for me.

Can I get a meter on how humanoid everyone is?


I enjoyed this. It seems like an interesting world. I will definitely keep an I on it. Good writing and good luck with this book.


I’ve got a question about Arcy: She still doesn’t believe in a soul or the afterlife even though the game describes the process she just did to become a lich as splitting her soul/ using other people’s souls to make her phylacteries?


@JMH I suppose the distinction is an immortal soul, in the religious/afterlife/resurrection sense. She believes in a soul that connects someone to the Weave of magic throughout the world, but she also believes that the “soul” dies when your body dies. I’ll see if I can make this distinction more clear.

@Dark_Stalker It’s actually the least foolproof! The champion can’t die from natural causes, and the arch-druid automatically transforms when wounded. But the cytomancer must always be vigilant. It’s a moot point though because I haven’t programmed in a way for your character to actually die :wink:

As for the spider demon, very spidery. She’s a “legspan of nine feet” degree of spidery. Her lair is filled with spiders. She sleeps in a web. Most of the time she takes the form of an elf, though.

I would say that nobody really exceeds a 5/10 in humanoidness except for the princess, who is 100% humanoid because she’s just a basic human that lives a really long time. The vampire is probably the second most humanoid. Arcy the lich, who is literally a skeleton in a wizard’s robe, is the third most human. The rest are very inhuman.


So she’s like Shelob from Shadow of War?