Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



Owwww, thank you so much! Later on I will have real cake :yum:


NB player option?
Also I love C’looth so much.

Most anticipated HG WIP?


As of 2018-08-13


24 male,
21 female
5 other (1 ftm, 2 mtf, 2 changed frequently)

Method of Immortality

Last time, Cytomancer clearly outshone the others. This time it’s a little closer. Arch-Druid is the least popular, but not by much, with Cytomancer and Champion equal.


Fairly even spread, which I reckon is because right now the game gives you enough time to do everything.

Pursuing the arcane arts was the most popular choice (33/48 responses).


I think this question suffered from a bit of ambiguity. I intended it as beginning the romance, but judging from looking at some individual responses, a lot of people took it as finishing the romance instead (they didn’t select a particular character for this question, yet answered plenty of questions from that character’s section of the quiz).

End of the Game

This time, only 6 of the 50 respondents stated that they didn’t finish the game, which is a much better ratio than before. I suspect it’s because this time you at least have a (limited) choice of who to pursue a romance with.

It was pretty evenly split between finishing a romantic option and saving the world (20 and 21, respectively).

I also gave the option to write down your ending in more specific detail. Only 3 people did this, but my favourite was “broke up with both ROs because I’m an independent woman who don’t need no murder-y love interests in my life”.

Arcy Rackenwort

37 people answered this section. The number of responses for individual questions varied.

Feelings for Arcy

I used a scale of four because I believe that having a middle ground is a cop out. I want you to make a decision on your feelings. The middle option is ambiguous otherwise: is it because you feel perfectly neutral, or because you just don’t know? Good survey design attempts to remove ambiguity in its questions.

I liked how my strategy turned out here so I’ll keep using scales of four. If you truly feel neutral, I suppose you can just abstain from a question. It’s not marked as required. :wink:


4: 17
3: 8
2: 7
1: 3

Average: 3.1

Explicit Content

The majority of people equally went for the carriage scene and the potion scene. Both are along the same “track” in the story so that’s not surprising.

The battle in the library also had a sex scene, but screwing up the battle locks you out of it, so there were fewer people who found it.

5 people didn’t do any sex scenes.

I think I preferred the way I handled this question in the previous survey better. Although it was much more rare, it was good to have specific options exploring the reasons you might not have come across a scene, as well as whether or not explicit content was turned on at all, if you’ll excuse the pun. Here, on the other hand, I don’t know the reasons.

Feelings About the Explicit Content

People seemed to view Arcy’s sex scenes more favourably than they viewed Arcy!

4: 19
3: 11
2: 4
1: 1

Average: 3.4

I might see if I can draw out more detail about why in future surveys.

End of Arcy’s Section

The most common ending was getting together with her. I had thought that I had made her more judgmental after some changes I implemented recently, but that doesn’t actually seem to be the case.

The least common ending, with only one result, was destroying two of her phylacteries. That’s surprising because it is very difficult to find the third phylactery. You have to make a correct guess at a point in the game where you might not even be aware you’re guessing at all. I suspect that a lot of people might have thought that burning down the village counts as the third phylactery, but actually that’s the second phylactery. I suppose I forgot to include an option for only destroying one. My mistake. Whoops.

A Selection of Final Thoughts About Arcy

The scenes where Arcy has to sacrifice the child feel (are?) very similar.

That shouldn’t happen more than once! I actually descended into a bit of a panic trying to figure out what caused this bug. I’ve solved it now! Or rather a friendly forum member solved it for me.

How do you get her to want to be with you forever?!?

Flatter her. Show her you’re not bothered by the fact that she’s a skeleton. Pay attention to the instructions she gives you. Keep a low profile in the city. Successfully defend her tower and don’t let her get (temporarily) killed by the adventurers. If she tests your greatest fear, face it down with courage and dignity. Don’t interfere with her sacrifices.

Only wish I could have gotten my own cat.

That is a good idea and I will probably add that. You’ll have to be satisfied with an undead cat, however. Cats might have nine lives, but you’ll burn through your cat’s lives pretty quickly when you’re immortal, know what I’m saying?

it was amazing and unique

I loved all the scenes

an interesting character

I loved it

well written

Thank you!! :smiley:




36 people answered this section! Again, the number varies from question to question.

Feelings for C’looth

C’looth was a lot more divisive than Arcy! There was a broader range of responses.

4: 10
3: 10
2: 11
1: 5

Average: 2.7

A passing grade! :wink:

I’ll have a look at why the response was more lukewarm. I’m not too worried, however – my intention isn’t to make every romantic option perfectly equal with one another. :slight_smile:

Though I do have plans for some extra stuff I’ll add in the coming weeks.

Part of the Coven

For some reason I can’t see the results of this question when I’m on my phone.

I do know that Shuk’n was pretty rare to still be kicking around by the end, and we’ll see more evidence of that in a tick.

Explicit Content

Only 15 respondents made it to the sex scene with the coven! And only 18 selected the options to create and join a massive orgy.

This question, however, was poorly designed and very ambiguous. I will have to rework how I approach this data in later surveys.

Coven Sex Scene

Nyer was almost always involved in the sex scene with the coven (11/14).

Shuk’n was almost never involved (1/14).

Here’s something funny, though: I inserted a trick answer here to see if the results of this survey were reliable, and the answer is no! The results are not reliable!

Y’kith never joins the coven sex scene (he politely declines if you ask him). Yet 5 people claimed he was part of the sex scene! Hmmm …

Feelings About the Explicit Content

Like in Arcy’s section, respondents generally had a higher reception to the sex scenes than to the character!

4: 14
3: 9
2: 3
1: 3

Average: 3.2

That is a significant difference!

I suppose that one sex scene doesn’t involve C’looth at all (for story reasons). That might be why! But no sense in speculation just yet.

End of C’looth

Like Arcy, the most popular ending was staying together with C’looth.

The least popular ending was a non-standard ending where Y’kith helps you escape in the night. Zero people selected that ending. Close behind it was another non-standard game over where the whole town is swarmed with paladins and the cult is dismantled.

I liked that more than one person chose the whale ending. That one was fun to write.

Interestingly, Arcy had quite a few players leave her instead of kill her, whereas more people chose to kill C’looth than leave him.

Final Thoughts About C’looth

Only concern are the small hooks inside octopus tentacle suckers

There are small hooks inside octopus tentacle suckers?


I have made a grave mistake in judgment.

I will definitely be adding in a line that his tentacles don’t actually have suckers on them. He doesn’t need to latch onto anything with his face, so they would be vistigial at best if they were still there.

alas I’m not into guys

I’m not really into guys, so…

C’looth’s section isn’t explicitly romantic! It works much the same if the two of you just stay friends.

his backstory is to much of a little glimpse hardly tells you anything compared to Arcy.

Not everyone’s going to have as detailed a backstory as Arcy was given. I’ll probably include little glimpses like that in almost all of the RO sections, but I’m trying to do something different with each one. While Arcy’s was a broad skip across her mortal life, C’looth’s is a more minute look at the events of a single night. Also, if you’re paying attention, there’s actually quite a lot of information about his past life hidden in there.


This may be getting deeper into the reasons that Arcy was viewed more favourably. She is given a lot of depth in a small amount of time whereas C’looth isn’t as fleshed out. A lot of the events that happen are left up to the player to solve and C’looth’s backstory is kept pretty vague. His personality doesn’t come out as strongly.

I enjoyed the route and how the choices showed C’Looth’s personality.

Or maybe I’m wrong about that? Ha ha, we’ll never know for certain.

Nothing like a spot of good old-fashioned tentacle sex on a Sunday afternoon.

Pretty good, interesting

this route was really good, i always loved stories that involved cultists, and you have a great way of telling stories, your writting is enjoyable

The orgy was hot

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Final Final Thoughts About the Whole Game

Am looking forward to some neutral and good character to romance. I usually dont go down the evil route if i don’t have to.

If I do Molloth Queen of Spiders next you might have to wait a little bit longer! :wink:

choosing to improve myself felt like it had very little effect on the game as a whole

I’d like to see the intial choices how to spend your time expanded, most of the feel very basic.

As the game grows I’ll be adding more things to do and more ways to incorporate your skills into the romantic sections. Plus many ROs will be locked at the beginning of the game unless you can gain their attention with the skills you’ve acquired.


I love it!

Loved it!

It’s good

Keep up the good work

I can’t wait for the next update!

Pretty good so far

So far so good

Loving it so far

All the characters are really charming so far!!!

I can’t wait for more updates!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thank you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Not enough “what” to be satisfactory. These poll results are FAKE NEWS.


Next RO I’m doing is Molloth Queen of Spiders!

Concept art:

(My “concept art” is basically free-hand copying various bits of inspiration from google images and adding in specific details to suit the character; I am but a hack)

(the ooze design was mostly original, though, so that’s something)

Oh! One more thing:

Just a heads up, next update will be a while. Almost certainly more than a month. Not because I have anything particularly special planned, just that I have to also balance work and other obligations, which I regretfully must do to subsidise my hobby of writing about weird sex stuff.


Can not wait for Molloth but it seems like I have to though that is completely understandable considering how hectic our lives can get, also make sure to pace yourself @will and do not worry about the wait for you have secured a spot as one of my favourite authors even though this is still a W.I.P, that said enjoy yourself and take time off to appreciate the world we all share. :grin:


Will you need specific status to encounter certain ros? Arcy keeps escaping me now


Molloth reminds me of Loth the spider queen mixed with a yochlol. Great game, can’t for the next update.


I will be honest i love the game but i am not a real fan of the time limit.


So uhh… How am I 21 but lived a few thousand lifetimes being a doctor, a writer, studying magic, dancing, working, etc?


Your immortal


I checked the stats. I stopped being 900 year old or more Evelyn now I’m twelve year old Eliza and fifteen year old arcy.

I wonder if this is the writer’s way of saying “fuck it if you’re not going to Romance anyone you’ll play a new character!”

Edit : if you choose to wake you you’re back to normal but let’s see where this sidestory leads…


No you were exploring Arcys memories when you read the book. Thats why the stat menu changed to her. Your not playing MC during that part.


Well i failed and reached the world’s end alone soooo I Win!


Yay good job :smiley:


Whenever a game expects me to do something like be a hero, romance someone, make Friends, etc I instinctively do everything in my power to avoid it. It’s why I’m always getting enslaved in any game where you can join the crew or be a slave. Like you miss thirty percent of the content of Wayhaven if you refuse to romance anyone but I just enjoy the game even more because of that.

Edit:Zero is a douche even to her priest.


I’ll probably be exploring the gods in more detail in later updates; Zero isn’t a douche, she’s just indifferent. She won’t treat her priests any differently unless there’s a purely utilitarian benefit to doing so.

I’m actually planning to include some “gatekeeping” content that locks you out of becoming a priest of a certain god if you can’t prove that you hold that god’s convictions. While a lot of the romance options should be able to accept you regardless of your views or philosophies (C’looth doesn’t care, though Arcy does, for example), the same won’t be said of the gods. You’re going to have to prove your devotion and also prove you can uphold that devotion outside of the context of becoming a priest.

For the time being though you can just select a god and the game isn’t tracking your adherence to their philosophies.


As Zero puts it : Oh you chose to come face the God of time and even made it to my realm? Fuck you game over.

Or is that a placeholder?


There’s no way to get a game over unless you give up, actually :wink:

Unless I’ve forgotten something. But yeah, the requirements for defeating the god of time have increased a bit in difficulty.


You ran out of time game over