Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Update 2018-08-05)



I think that term carries a lot of subtext which isn’t relevant to the discussion or the character.



technicaly, the cuck in that situation would be our character


Nifty game idea, I like it a lot.


How about we respect the authors wishes instead.


I agree, my bad for fooling around


I actually found the way it happens interesting. It strikes me as a sort of old-fashioned courtship sort of deal.

Even if I can’t get her to like me enough to keep me around, seriously lady what am I doing wrong? :persevere:


How do you get the cultists to like you?

as in not try to kill you, Shuk’n always dies, Y’kith and Nyer are indifferent


He’s just an ass, no other point

  1. How is Shuk’n described earlier in the chapter, before you meet him?
  2. What kinds of things might set him off?
  3. What might you have to do to avoid that?



20 charactersssssssssss


Then Itd be better not to put is as an error message other wise you’re going to get more of these. And I for one don’t appreciate game breaking endings, it just doesn’t seem… necessary.


@will idea for the title could be
“Eternal Love” also keep up the amazing work btw I freaking love Arcy. Have fun creating the rest of the story and do NOT let this die people. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


May I just state, that having a true ending, while good for story telling, really hinders choice, a player should make his or her own concessions of the pros and cons of each ending and access their golden ending.

P.S as of August 9 2017, this Is my favorite WIP


There’s actually a reason why it’ll be the “true” ending but that will come later in the development cycle! :wink:

BTW, has anyone found a bug where Arcy does her sacrifice twice? It’s come up one time and I haven’t been able to replicate it.


When I first tried the demo it came up twice an pretty much restarted the game automatically but that was before the update


Yeah I had that happen on my second run.
Think I had the dream right after it.


Funny, the only one I got along with was Shuk’n, the other two went caput :joy:


Happy cake day!