Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Secret Update 2018-12-14)



ooooorrrrr they could have fun with the game that they’re making


I wasn’t under the impression that anyone was being aggressive until your comment, Strider. :expressionless:


If you don’t think the post above me was snide in any way I’ll just remove it then, your forum thread not mine.


Just gonna quote this to spread the great news.




cough where ma smut at? cough


I love the update and enjoyed the encounters that I found. There was one I really liked but not sure how to do the spoilers or I would let you know. Good job on update. Looking forward to future updates. Keep up the good writing.


[spoiler] ... [/spoiler]


Is there any Dornen sexy time?


A few of the random encounters allude to sex, or even feature a short scene directly, like with Traxon and the upcoming Void (who will be added along with the Molloth update) but I’ve tried to keep the major scenes to the primary immortal characters. I want the secondary mortal characters to be a weird little bonus that makes the world more interesting but not take the focus of the game away from the major ROs.


It’s not pretty but I got the titles working! I took the exact background colour of the default choicescript settings and punched it into the image backgrounds and made them JPGs instead of PNGs and that seems to have worked. Only problem is that for some godawful reason it’s not exactly the same colour. It’s ever so slightly off. Oh well.

EDIT: Oooooooops left “test mode” enabled. Fixed that now.


Thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to the next update !!


Y does the dragon thing not like us :frowning:


Probably because you refer to him as a “dragon thing”. :wink:

I’ve actually got some plans for stuff I’ll add to Traxon’s storyline in the future, but for now his section is among the shortest.