Til Death Do Us Part: Epic Fantasy Romance (Secret Update 2018-12-14)



Yes, that happens too. Zero can’t turn back time for you and won’t do anything you don’t explicitly ask her to do.


Here’s the problem


Welcome to my realm here are your options

I can buff a stat… Or you can sit here on your ass and game over waiting for the god of time… Black portal? Fuck you that doesn’t exist stat buffs or game over pick your Poison… Also stat buffs run out the clock leading to game over.


clooth line 3576: Bug: fhalmaog y-r’luh ep Cthulhu uaaah ng’bthnk


It’s supposed to intentional


Mm. It’s hard to tell at first, so an indication that that’s actually the ending would be nice. I thought Clooth just had a broken line or something.


Hey @will just wondering if you are still working on this or not, cause I absolutely love this story :heart_eyes:. Also you do not need to feel pressured into updating sooner rather than later I am just like many others willing to wait until you feel comfortable enough so that you do so in your own time. Best of luck and love ya big time :kissing_heart:.


How do you win the fight against the god of time?


Appreciate it! I still lurk. I’ve got two more assignments for my masters program due and then I’m participating in the 48 hour film festival. My NaNoWriMo goals are to finish the next chapter of this game, though I’ll probably be starting about a week into November so I’ll have to pound the keyboard like a monkey on the drums.


the stats you use must be at 100


How do you the magic to 100%?


I closest I’ve gotten to 100% is my intelligence (86%)


you do the loop where he send you back in time and you train with Zero until any of your skill reach 100


@DontJudge @Balrog_Demorgothe You actually need 60 in all three skills just to unlock the time travel mechanic. I’m going to be making a few changes so it’s a bit more clear.


How do you do the “loop”?


I became a Chronomancer but the ending wasn’t written;(


You do the whole search for the god of time over and over, everytime you reach him, he send you back at the start, at each search, you get to train with Zero, so you just have to do it until you reach 100 with whatever skill you want


Just finished my final exam!

Here’s a sketch I drew of Arcy.




Um this is like my favorite wip on here right now. Please don’t let this die lol.


I’m really looking forward for the next update mate!