Til Death Do Us Part: Clean Fantasy Romance (Updated 2020-06-30)

Updated 2020-05-30

  • Prince Aursley Featherall has been added to the game!

TDUP is a story where you play as an immortal being in a world of epic fantasy, trying to find someone to love until the end of time – literally.

Welcome to the world of Circadia!

Every single one of the romantic options in the game is immortal through one method or another, sometimes benign, sometimes explicitly evil in nature. In the final version of the game you’ll choose from cultists paranoid about the looming specter of death, sad princesses watching as their kingdoms fall to ruin, and hedonistic demons aiming to extract every ounce of joy they can from everything life has to offer. Among many others.

The final version will have fifteen romantic options of all shapes and sizes.

This version of the game is a “clean” version with no explicit content. It’s otherwise identical to the “explicit” version of the game which can be found in the Adult section of the forum.


Where We're At Now

Right now the story is sitting at about 250,000 words. This includes …

  • an introduction
  • downtime activities
  • four omens of doom
  • an endgame mission
  • 6/8 romantic interests
  • 15/15 random encounters

Approximate percentage completed: 90%

What's Coming in the Next Update (ETA 1 month)
  • Two new ROs, a little bit different than the last six.
What's Still to be Done in Total
  • 2 romantic interests
  • a full “true” ending

Game Details

Main Character

You get to choose your character’s gender and name, as well as influence their stats throughout the prologue.

Your character is immortal, and you can decide how exactly they obtained their immortality:

  • Arch-Druid (rejuvenates their body each time they shapeshift into forest animals)
  • Champion (after defeating Death Itself in single combat, can only be killed by someone who outmatches their skill in battle)
  • Cytomancer (studied forbidden magical arts to make their body impervious to damage and the effects of aging)

Regardless of which you choose, your goal is the same: find a soulmate that will stick by your side for eternity.

Romantic Options
  • an undead mage (f) (finished)
  • a worshipper of eldritch horrors (m) (finished)
  • a spider demon (f) (finished)
  • a succubus / incubus (m/f)
  • a cursed prince (m) (finished)
  • a suit of animated armor (n/a) (finished)
  • a jellyfish (n/a)
  • a dragon (m/f)

The main themes, in contrast to the focus on romance, will be how you deal with death. Ironically, a story featuring immortal characters ends with each of those characters having to come to terms with the prospect of oblivion.

  • high fantasy
  • mild horror elements
  • vague medieval setting
  • PC can be male, female, or transgender
  • romance focus (asexual, bisexual, gay, straight, gender-fluid, non-binary)

Dashingdon Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/will/til-death-do-us-part-clean/mygame/

General game survey + Clankers: https://forms.gle/paof8o4ajqmrjmsJ6
Stal Survey: https://forms.gle/2ejJ4JjNju4LKNHAA
Aursley Survey: https://forms.gle/KuketutYxJRSbKEe8
Advanced Survey: https://forms.gle/2pgxjiCttYXgCCq68


While I applaud your creativity, I’m not sure this doubling of WiP threads will be allowed.

Just a warning, in case Staff decides this is not a kosher idea.



You might want to make this explicitly clear in your first post, so that well-meaning people do not create headaches of any kind :slight_smile:

If anyone has questions or concerns, they should go directly to a moderator or staff member and not harass @will with posts involving this matter in the thread from this point forward.

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I asked first!

harass will

Hasn’t happened! I’d be surprised if it did.


Quick/dumb question, how does one get access to the “adult” section of the forum?

C’LOOTH-THILI is just a sweet boy… even after killing that woman. Being a champion is surprisingly fun. Also, after killing his brother (?) and I also killed C’looth and left the town. It brought me back as if C’looth is still alive.

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Will you publish the game as two games or as one with optional explicit content?

Here’s the link lol I don’t know any other way to find it.

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I believe this is the link. Not positive though.

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Thanks for finding that bug! Can you send me a PM with a screenshot if you have one? If not I’ll try and see if I can reproduce it.

So did you get rid of your old post or is this a repost?

This is a separate one. The original was moved to the adult section so you might wanna go there to check it out.

Can’t access the adult content page

Ok …got it

Sorry, I don’t have the screenshot. If it help… it happened when his brother (the angry one that have struggles fishing) attempted to kill MC when MC and C’looth is snuggling by the lake. C’looth killed his brother and ask MC if they would join the coven. I chose not to join the coven and C’looth said something about pain and suffering and asked MC to kill them. So, MC put him out of his misery and left the town to suffer.

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Starting new year of masters in about a week, and just caught a cold. Won’t be able to work on the game for a few weeks so thought I’d upload what I have for Clankers so far. It’s about 85% complete. Thought I’d be able to blitz it and finish up the whole thing today but my headache is pretty killer.

This is thus far the cleanest RO in the game. Have fun!


could you post the adult version again

@dragox the adult version is still available however it has been moved to the adult section.

The Clankers storyline is released! Clankers is a suit of armor animated by a mad wizard. It can’t speak, so you’ll have to find another method of communicating with it.


can you provide some tips for finding clankers?

Sure. Learn arcane magic when your power is already above 50. It helps if your intelligence is also high, but it’s not necessary, and you might find that skill in medicine could also be useful if you want to unlock one hidden scene.