Thy Quest - Game

I’m working on a new game called Thy Quest. It will be a Random 8-bit RPG Level up Boss Smash Quest Conquering game. Right now I am setting up most the basic stuff. There will be a 8 Bit picture of all the creatures, enemies, players, power ups, weapons ext. (You get the point, lots of pictures for everything)

On your quest you will meet a few people along the way, which will give you quests to do something. If you do the quest you will get something out of it. but it can also hurt you in the end of the game. At the very end of the game it will show you your stats and let you know what you did and how it affected other people.

Now when I have more understanding of the “complete” list of stuff that needs to be done. I will add a To-Do list.

for now its

  • Make 8 Bit Pictures
  • Finish story line
  • Add Quests
  • Choice script, Choice script, Choice Script
  • Beta test
  • Publish

Im sure there more stuff on the list. but for now thats the basics.

Hope you like this idea, and i will provide more info later. Any questions or anything related to this game please let me know.

Seems quite unique, i don’t think any one has actually done anything like that before.

Can you give a little hint on what the story line is like?

Wow, this sounds cool. What kind of setting will the game have?

Oh yeah.

You start by walking home late night. When you pass this weird shack. You hear mysterious voice. So you go and check it out. It turns out to be a scientist. He asks you if you would like to help him out. You help him and he shows you this strange machine. You get inside and get sent to some medieval time. You are told the only way to escape is to follow Thy Quest. You then gear up your person to choice what you want to be (Warrior, Archer, Mage, Wizard, ext.) and also what element you want to be (Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, ect.) which will change the game when you battle monsters. Then you go and battle. each battle is a random monster based on your level. When you level up you get more monsters and meet new people. Which will change your quest depending on your how you follow through.

Anyways, hope thats give you an idea about it.

Not sure exactly what you mean by setting. But will get to change your character and his weapons pretty indepth.

Seems pretty swords art online-ish… :stuck_out_tongue:

Matters not, it can be quite awesome if it’s not the exact same story and is done properly.

Well i’ve honestly never watched SAO. so im not sure how that story goes. So we should be good that it wont be the same story.

I actually made this game back in 2010 in HTML. but it was nothing like it is now. Not even 5 mins long :stuck_out_tongue: But i plan on keeping a similar story to the original.

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This sounds like a really cool concept can’t wait for a demo

Most things things that involve fantasy or technology that allows you be inside a different world sounds like SAO, i do love it though

I might post a demo after finish up the entire beginning. Which is a lot because there is a bunch of stuff with the intro. So it may take some time till then. The demo will also let you play till you level up to 2 or 3. So you can get and idea about how it all works.