Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



solid snake voice “kept yah waiting huh?”


Believe in me who believe in you!


Ahh what a cool story but I have some questions

  1. Are we really ugly in the game?
  2. How many romance options are available. And am I able to date that happy ray of sunshine Toby?


Well you’re not pretty.


Oh… :sweat_smile:


Someone likes us for our eyes, and someone likes us because we have some balls. Most seem to not mind our lack of Runway material. This is what it seems like to me.


Victoria, here are the romance options
Edit: So, good news: yes, you will be able to date that happy ray of sunshine Toby if your MC is female :wink:


Don’t forget the guy who really liked you because of your uncanny ability to murder people on the fly and bite out throats with no hesitation, like the natural born killer monster you are.
But then, how could you ever forget about that?


Clearly a man of taste and culture.

But obviously, such a refined gentleman is solely confined to our past, and will never intrude on the peaceful life we now have. I mean, what would be the odds?


those of our past will never come back to haunt or hurt us, therefore we must prepare for the 99% chance they will comeback. we must rate everyone as one of the following
Potential ally, Useful ally, Meat shield, or in the way.


That’s a disappointment


Began a new playthrough because it’s always fun. Noticed a few typos.

“Fine, I give up. Just take me to the damn principle.” Principal. (happens if you go ballistic before class start - and are not so fond of Daniel?) In fact “Principle” is used a few times afterward too.

“I have used that choke on numerous people. Soldiers, mercenaries, professional killers, and people who were really.” Seems like there’s a word missing at the end? (hideout fight if you try to finish it straight away)

“I reply, nodding my head toward the corpse that lied next to us” If my English grammar isn’t completely rusty - which it might be, it’s not even my first language - I believe the correct form would be ‘lay’, as in the past tense for ‘lie’, and not the verb ‘lay’, because clearly that’s not confusing at all. (beginning of chapter 2)

Anyway, it’s always nice to replay through this game, I’m constantly noticing lines I didn’t pay attention before - or only notice them now because I never picked those choices before. Today, I learned that the MC took honesty cues from TV commercials involving vegetables and had a unique interpretation of the David and Goliath story.


Or that Lies next to us. You don’t have to use lay


There’s so many branches in that first chapter that I could probably play and find stuff that I forgot about.

Damn it, I thought I fixed this!


In chapter 2, I feel like we should be able to actively participate in the interactions with our peers that we talk about in the car with Daniel. We could still tell him about our new friends (or ROs or enemies) and get his help with more normal ways of expression, or we could also lie to him ( with penalties in CIA trust/ Daniel relationship later on).

Also for MCs that are not fans of Vi/ want to avoid trouble: is there any way to tell her that (MC) is not interested in her friendship? I am glad that there is the option to say that the relationship won’t progress beyond friendship (I personally am intrigued by Vi and want to learn more about her, but MC may not feel the same way depending on the playthrough).


It is a bit of a balancing act. Vi is a stalker, so it would be odd if she ever left the story entirely under any circumstances. But at the same time, I don’t want the story to be over-saturated with her.
Still not sure I’ve found out what the best balance of that would be.


Which of MC’s peers would Daniel be thrilled that MC befriended? And which ones would MC lie about?


So, after lurking in this thread for like one year, idk anymore, I just wanted to say that this is the best Demo/Game that I have ever played here! The Choices matter, the writing is super (even if its sometimes too much text but thats just my adhd that doesnt like that), the characters are amazing. I really hope that this will be finished and published so that I can throw money at you!
And, idk why, but the choice that is in my opinion the… idk how to say it, the most human: when the mc “plays” the game in class and one of the first questions if i remember correctly, and one of the answers is “I dont want to stand out” and idk know why, but even former child soldiers just wanna fit in to some degree, ofc just if you pick that choice.


Thrilled is a…strong word. As is condemn.
Like slightly above average? Probably Toby and his friends.
Everyone else is really just neutral until proven otherwise.

How exactly does one lie to a professional spy with the full cover monitoring power of the CIA behind him?

Yay, I’m liked.

Now that’s just ripping a page right out of the “100 things I will do if I ever become a hero” handbook.


So I just played trough the demo again, and I just noticed that, when you choose to sit with Toby and he calls you there are two quotation marks. Maybe just cause of the Name, idk, I choose Rommel (which is really weird for me cause thats a surname… technically he has two surnames xD but I like Rommel so I am happy that this is a choice!).
And the Surname Decker, is it by any chance from the stephen King novel Amok?
Also a total random thought that has nothing to do with my silly idea for a urban fantasy AU for this demo: if my MC was a dog he would be a doberman xD man I would like to draw that…