Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



Sometimes I feel sorry for you, but then I remember that you chose to be our slave-- I meant you chose to make this WIP heheh


i know its totally unrelated or maybe it is…a little? I really like your sense of humour :smile: there are a few glimpses of it inside TBL but we get to fully enjoy it in the comment section lol
is this weird? definitely weird im shutting up right now


Huh… this actually has not ever given me anime vibes… like… at all. I mean, it felt really weird, but not in a Japanese way…


So I’ve played this game a lot of time and I have enjoyed. One thing thing that I have wondered is why does there have to be a balance between combat and social skills. I get that he needs to learn social skills and may forget part of his training but why cant they be seperate. Why cant he learn social skills but also be combat ready? Just food for thought.


I feel like that balance between combat skills and social skills is one thing that makes this game so interesting. Also it functions as a character flaw that is always present, and it can even be representative of your play style. You can either be stuck in the past and accept your role in modern American society as the shady outcast or you can lose touch with your roots and become another cog in the machine, trading your unique skills away to be able to fit in with everyone else. That game mechanic is probably one of the things that intrigues me most about this WiP. If it’s pulled off well, it could make this game amazing, but if it fails, then it could spell disaster. Sorry for my rambling by the way! :grin:


I have seen this food put in front of me far too many times. I have grown tired of this food. I want variety in my diet.

No pressure.


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Is Jessy a RO only for male?





Bug after leaving Junior’s hangout and meeting Jason.

What did she tell you of me?"
set jessyrelationship “Scorned”

The code says that Jessy’s relationship is “Scorned”, but the stats screen says her relationship is “Strangers”. Also, the code is visible in the game.


What is the purpose of the humanity stat?


The lower skill stats measure your ability to fit in with society.
The humanity stat measures your actual moral character.


Makes sense.
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What say this you put lot of time and hard work in this me and the 354 people wish you good luck for what you plan in your life head


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Well, right now, if you’ve been following the Blood Hunter progress I’m stuck on a portion of that game which is impeding me from working on any of my content.
So kind of annoyingly.


My faithful servants!
I am here now! To continue working toward an update! After only 2 fucking months, I shall finally…START WORKING!

…I will never finish a book.


Yay! :laughing:


Have some faith in yourself mate! if you don’t believe in yourself there’s always others that do,just like me! i’m a huge fan of your work


lights cigar Eh, back for more, I see?