Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



According to the first few hundred posts, unfortunately so.


For months I’ve been wanting to romance this girl. Great now I’m stuck with Vi.


Damn it, this is why I never bring it up.


You were going to let me be excited to romance her for months almost years then become utterly wrecked when I find out she gay?

How could you?
I should bring back out that picture.


Oh don’t worry.
It’ll be way longer than a couple years.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. And I supposed there’s Jess

I’m still confused on the popular girl calling me a baka.

Also there was a similar incident with Kunte Toby which is why whenever someone brings up romance in his games someone will reference his 'Nam flashbacks. It lasted a while too.


I’m guessing Jess is a vent for @Interestedparty to express his inner tsundere


Jessy’s entire purpose is to remind the audience that this is an anime in text form.
…that’s about it. And to those of you who think this is cruel, do not worry. She has gotten me back by being an absolute bitch to code.

It’s mutual abuse.


Oh, as long as its mutual then it’s ok.


I think they’re both just sado masochistic. Love giving and receiving. Seems healthy.


Oh, well now that we have that information, when do we get to “fall” into one of the girls’ bosoms?


2 more episodes obviosly


How about a general word description and relationship designation. For example my main play through Vi at the start of chapter 2 could be described as infatuated or possessive.

Words I can think of off the top of my head are fond, warry, fearful, resentful, confused, protective, concerned, intrigued, nervous, jealous, hopeful. These words can all be used to describe a person’s feeling toward you.

For instance. Tom at the start of your first class is probably nervous about whether or not you’ll like him. After the class he might feel hopeful that you’ll join him at lunch. Confused by the odd things you say despite your pleasant demeanor. After the scene with Jason he might be concerned if you have a bruise or if he witnesses part of it.


Y’know, I think I’ll do that.

One second, I’m just going to make some edits to the entire story. Which means I need to go through the jungle that is Day One.
…If this is my last post, send help.


We will. We wont forget you.


I return from the jungles of the Day 1 code, and I am here to report…
That was a fucking pain in the ass. It’s still the incomprehensible mess that I remember. I really wish this incredibly complex monster of a game hadn’t been my first attempt, cause trying to work around the first-timers mistakes that are embedded in the early scenes is a nightmare.

Anyway, I re-wrote the relationship measurement system. Now it’s represented by a word that is based off of your most recent/most influential interaction, rather than an arbitrary number. This is mainly for the audience to understand, since the actual behind-the-scene code will still only be paying attention to events that have been triggered to measure how they should be interreacting with you.


A little question, if I may:
Could the Mc suggest to Daniel that he gives Vi a key? It would at least save the windows


She could…

But that wouldn’t be nearly as funny.


Glad to know I could help. This is one of my top 3 in development titles, along side Grand Aera Online and Guinevere


Well, you certainly helped the game.
Hard for me to feel appreciative when I spent 5 hours, staying up to midnight, scouring over the entire game’s code.

I’m sure the other fans are thankful, though.