Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



But there’s one of these that is just kind of…odd."

“That is?”

“‘Her boobs are too big.’” She repeats slowly, not quite comprehending the statement even as she says it. “Like, what the hell does…breast size have to do with elected officials?”

Vi shrinks a little back behind my seat, and starts mumbling. “Her…boobs are too big.”

Vi you jealous little Minx! that settles it! As soon as the Wip allows your getting your own gun.


Well, this isn’t a report. It’s just Daniel awkwardly trying to be a dad by learning about your life.

Aren’t all the options things you did in the timeskip? Why limit to 3?

Those should already be options. If they aren’t showing up, that’s a bug.

Hmm…we’ll see.

That’s later in the scene when you’re walking in.

Isn’t that the entire scene?

You’ll have to explain this.

In-chapter event.

The mc did do a brief overview of what you do for her. At the moment, it’s just body guarding.
Things will start getting more dramatic as the story plays out.


Well, that could probably work. It would give an excuse for her to not learn your backstory until chapter 4.

I’d rather keep the current system of training Vi, mainly cause it keeps the code simple.

Vi rehabilitation is an on-going process.

Makes sense. School festivals probably belong on the to do list.

…You are dedicated.

Yes! That’s what I meant!

Did I forget to make one disable the other?
I’ll be sure to do that.

Objection! The evidence is circumstantial!


Yeah when I wrote the first bit I had only seen that one post and wasn’t aware you’d updated anything new.


True I suppose she’ll have to settle for a taser.


Vi is actually not the mc’s servant in my case


Wait can I bring Vi along with Lucy and me? I only get that scene when I leave lunch with Lucy.


Lunch scene in the first day? Characters won’t cross over with one another.
Because that would have made a nightmare into an impossibility.


But I don’t get this dialogue. Unless this is some form of fanfic.


It’s a combination of two completely unrelated scenes.
If you get hired by Lucy in the first day, she’ll take you along to break into the principal’s office because she wants to figure out why the principal established a lot of new security without her approval (typical high school student hi-jinks). Afterwards, she looks through the information she stole off the principal’s computer and one of the files is a list of complaints about her being the student council president. One of those complaints is “her boobs are too big.”

The second two lines in that quote are when you’re talking to Daniel in the car, and the conversation can turn toward Lucy Stein. If Vi is present, she’ll put in her two cents about how she feels about Lucy Stein being student council president. She believes that Lucy’s breasts are too large for her to be suitable as a student council president.

However, there is absolutely no evidence that these two scenes are linked together. The evidence is completely circumstantial. I don’t see any links that anyone could possibly make between these two scenes. Honest.




Seriously, stop that. I don’t want to see that whenever scrolling up and down this forum page. At the very least, put it inside a Hide Details tab.

And in any case, you’ve still completely failed to prove any correlation between the scenes. So I feel the court can only rule that Vi Myrtal is Not Guilty of attempting to have Lucy Stein removed from the presidency due to jealousy over her extraordinarily large breast size.
…If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this game had gotten pretty weird without my noticing.

Right, made some adjustments in the dialogue. Should make some more sense now.


Too lazy. Think I’ll just delete it. It’s actually scaring me to now.

Guilty as charged.


I have seen the face of God, and… it scares me.

Vi’s jealous? It’s a good thing I’m totally not a sadist who likes to tease his friends and watch them squirm. My friends are not masochists


I love Egyptian rivers too.

@No_This_Is_Patrick it’s like staring into the face of boe to long…


Will miss steins rel decrease over the course of the story because currently I feel it became too high too fast


You know, I barely even pay attention to those stats since the relationships in this game are based more around events than they are the arbitrary number next to their name.

Which is probably why these stats tend to barely resemble what they actually think of you. Too many times just slapping a *set lucy_stein %+5 after everything that would raise her respect for you.
Oh well, I’ll…figure something out.


Just finished a run of the game and I’m hooked.

A bunch of rambling (and maybe spoilers ... I think?)

I like all the characters a lot with my top three being Toby, Lucy, and Vi (after the MC themself of course XD). I also

In terms of the actual story, I’ve always been a sucker for anything high school related, and having a protag that’s WAY different than the average child in general is definitely a great change of pace. I also like how the stats actually seem to show the balance between the MC’s old life and new life. I also appreciate the glimpses into the old life of the MC that we get to see (The gym scene is my favorite which makes me a little concerned tbh).

I’m planning on romancing Vi and Junior (probably not in the same playthrough unless you wanna make that possible … :wink::wink: ), but like many of the people on this forum, I was disapointed to find out Toby was straight and Lucy was a lesbian, but after thinking about it, I appreciate that it makes sense in terms of realism, since this is literally about a child trying to adjust back into the real world after living his entire life in an unreal (as in something most people can’t even imagine; not impossible) situation

Real life relationships are full of incompatible sexual orientations (All my crushes are either in a relationship, a straight boy, or a lesbian girl … Wow … My MC is actually me. Now I feel bad) but I guess I’ll just have to create a female MC to romance Lucy and Toby (objectively the best character in the game … don’t tell the MC I said so…)

Also, I’ll just have to write some fanfic where my male MC gets Toby AND Lucy as well as some fanfic where he has feelings for them, confesses, gets turned down because they’re not into dudes, and then he goes on a violence spree … like ANY normal teenager …

One more thing I want to ask about.Keeping in mind the things Professor Patel and the Principal stated in their scenes, I was wondering if the fact that many of the students in the school have PTSD and/or similar illnesses is going to play a big part in the story. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did since the principal seems sketchy af to me I like him tho. Also, I was wondering if any of the beloved romance options have any of these problems or if they fall into the 30% (aside from Vi, of course … She’s crazy evil and I love it). It’s okay if you’d rather keep things secret, as I’m just being curious.

In regards to the above paragraph, it’s just a wild dream probably, but I think it’d be cool if Toby had one. I mean, I already love him and finding out that he’s not just a boy next door would make him even more lovable. ^.^

Either way, I look forward to watching whatever story you have unfold.

Anyway, I’m probably rambling and wasting your time so long story short, keep up the good work! I’m going to go play another run. Hopefully see some new scenes.

but not seriously, I’m always up for polyamory if possible:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A Fallout New Vegas fan i see :smirk:


Lucy’s a lesbian?