Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



So far, just that known bug where Jesse seems to forget he and the MC met (and in my case, that the MC sucker-punched him in the throat).


Are you talking about Jason?
Also, specifically, what did you do in that scene? There are a lot of paths that end in you ‘sucker-punching him the throat’.


Woops, yes I do.

As for the course of action, if I remember correctly, it went as such:
-broke Jessie’s arm in the classroom
-later, noticed Jason looking for MC
-went to talk to him, he proposes his “let me punch you and then we’ll forget that whole thing ever happened” deal
-cue suckerpunch


Okay, all that required was to have Jason introduce himself when you meet him. Resolved.

I thought I took care of this!
Okay, fixed.

Male or female?

How did so many people lose to Junior? It’s supposed to be, like, one of the hardest fights of his life. You have to either not take the fight seriously the entire time, or do every decision wrong in order to lose. Yet somehow it feels like more people lost that fight than not.
Anyway, I added some flavor text upon you arriving home, for those who got injured at some point during the day.

Anyone else have something to report?


After fighting Junior and winning, choosing: “Reject them”.

When they come up with their water and clothes,



Actually, it’s very easy for my character to win. But I noticed that if you keep choosing the “finish him” option, over and over again, you will eventually loose. And after the fight (and after the MC wakes up), Junior actually makes it a point to say that his win wasn’t easy.


I played as a male! (20 characters)


I love this game to little pieces. I especially love Vi and her reactions to the MC being nice to her. I can’t wait to find out more about her story. Kudos to the writer :smiley::+1:


Okay, I believe I have resolved your issue.
If not, and I was misdirected, please answer the following questions.

  1. Exactly what was the order of choices that you followed in the hallway.
  2. How many times were you injured previously, if any?
  3. Were you on friendly terms with Jessy?


Really I always won or drawn out a tie. I have a unique understanding of the body when I comes to fights, I know where to hit for a knock out. But I’ve really planning for a tie cuase I’m not going to be viscous in a sparring match.


After Jason’s encounter and choosing Jesse no matter what I chose.


Well, that’s an embarrassing error to make.
Should be fixed now.


During the end of day report. The options for art class only seem to include answers that apply if you don’t meet VI on the rooftop.


Thank you, that is indeed an inconsistency.

Next. Still looking for game-breakers or things that otherwise end the game prematurely.
I want this spiderweb sorted before moving forward.


Found a game breaker during end of day report. I’d chosen to wait for Vi to slip up, and then chose the find her later option. When I select the “I ignored her” option I got the following code.

1-13Home-1 line 778: was expecting CLOSE_PARENTHESES


Excellent catch.


Stats… :3



Okay, now that I’m reasonably satisfied with bug testing (translation: I know there’s more bugs in there somewhere, but seeing as how there are none in my immediate vision, I’m willing to let them live until they start causing trouble) I am starting to make head-way into the second chapter.

So, at the beginning of this next segment, Daniel is going to make an attempt at father/child bonding by asking you how your life has been recently.
This is your opportunity to make adjustments. Like, maybe you wanted to get hired by Lucy but accidently missed the scene. Or maybe you wanted to join Junior’s gang. Maybe you changed your mind on this choice, or want to backtrack on that one.
Basically, it’s been three months. What are some things you want to have done in that three months? Make your lists and I’ll sift through which ones are good enough to be added.


I would like an amusment park scene, like what was hinted at in the end of the first chapter