Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



Update 38:
YAY! I finally pulled it off! A pretty decent update! And I even think it was pretty good!

The first scene of the 2nd chapter has been completed and uploaded.

Make sure you’re posting your stats in the comments so that I can know what difficulty I should be setting the stat requirements for this chapter!
spoiler: Stat requirements are going to start being a thing.


And so @Dark_Stalker made extra sure to pull off every mean option towards Vi.




There’s still that error where Jesse’s boyfriend acts like he’s never interacted with the MC before.

Considering my character ambushed him in the chemistry room and almost choked the life out of him, I’d think I’d make a lasting impression.

Anyway, stats, as requested-

CIA Database Profile:

Subject Name: Rommel Decker
Subject Gender: Male
Humanity: 13%
CIA Trust: 26%

Combat: 81% Friendliness: 19%
Firearms: 86% Intimacy: 14%
Explosives: 73% Tolerance: 27%
Tactics: 90% Empathy: 10%
Stealth: 75% Honesty: 25%
Reflex: 87% Serenity: 13%
Overall Local Reputation

Violent: 20% Anonymous: 80%
Known Acquaintances

Daniel Decker: 45%
Toby Hens: 50%
Jessy Stewart: 50%
Vi Myrtal: 60%
Junior Beach: 20%
Lucy Stein: 95%
Jason Stave: 30%



Here you go

Junior is at 20
Lucy at 70
And jason at 30


Can’t load my save :cry:
Must restart to the beginning



A piece of a decayed city being our only protecting



Typo, you meant through, right?


Loved the update, so looking forward to more. Here are my stats after 1st replay after the latest update. !



How have you managed to get vi at 100?



when you get to school, check the surroundings and go on the roof, interrogate her, befriend her, say “I already know” in the auditorium, and in art class, get her alone, interrogate her, but don’t cut her. If you cut her, she leaves school. So after you leave the bathroom, at lunch, sit with her. Don’t help her up. Then ask her for her loyalty. Once she becomes your servant, she’ll be at 100% (Yes, I’ve done this too many times)


I see, I always end up helping her


I don’t understand Vi why does helping her not get us 100%?


She is probably into this
She likes the mc because they are evil

Of? Maybe?


She likes evil people, but also don’t say you’re not friends, it’ll break her heart.


Thank you for the warning, fortunately i had no intention to do this, so thank you for sharing how she will react


From my analysis, it’s just unlike what she imagines you to be. She thinks that you’re a cold, evil killer. She likes that and wants to be evil alongside with you, so seeing you do something polite just makes no sense. That’s the vibe I get from her.