Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



Just played through your WIP, and
I’m liking it so far!! Seems very interesting as I’ve never played a novel/game with this setting before.

I thought I should note that, while I’m not sure if it was a bug in the coding, I encountered scenes that seemed to contradict my choices.

For example, my MC decided to eat with Vi during lunch, but when she threw out the trash later that day, Vi snuck up on her and they talked as if they hadn’t met each other before then?

Also, for the scene where Vi states her intentions to Daniel and he looks at my MC in question, I chose the option “Shake my head” but the text that came after said, “I give him a brief nod.” I wasn’t sure if that would affect the character/relationship stats, so I thought I should at least bring it up…


Huzzah. Let us commemorate this occasion with the abdication of joyous life for every character with a j in their name. Especially if they’re a girl. Rhyming with Bessie.


What do you have against Jessie, eh?


… a lot… sending a jock boyfriend after us, touching my face, flirting, calling me a pig and calling us a baka.


Are you kidding me? That’s my ideal Thursday!


Ok, so i just found it and i can say that this well done, i am already looking forward to the end of it


It happened again after my first encounter with Vi. Infinite loading loop.


sad trombone continues


I love games like this. I love how realistic the characters react to the bizarre MC.The girl Myrtal makes me wanna weep tho…


Even my creepy MC is creeped out by her.


Edit: @Terriermon50 I just posted this, literally, a minute ago. There is no way you’ve already read the whole thing. How do you even know you ‘like’ it?

So, sitting at my computer, staring at a open notepad ++ page with a 105 lines of script, staring at that little type bar blinking on and off, on and off, on and off.

Then I think, ‘you know what, I’ve been working on this for over 2 years now. Why not announce an anniversary!’

So now, I am arbitrarily declaring an anniversary celebration! :tada:
‘But the actual 2-year anniversary was a few months ago’ I hear people say. And well, to those people, I say I can kill Vi. Think about that.

So, looking back at how far we’ve come, I find myself reminiscing as to how this all got started. The motivation I had to write a story that would end up taking years of my life to get a single chapter done, and would probably take the better part of a decade to actually finish.
I remember…superhero RP.


You see, before I was a man in a brightly lit room sitting at a laptop, I was once a teenager in a dark room sitting at a laptop. And this teenager had a group of friends, mostly female, and we all had something in common; we all loved Young Justice. A cartoon series about superheroes. We had a chatroom for just us where we would do all sorts of things, from chat about the show to complain about school to roleplay superhero stories. We even started getting our own OCs involved.
The group started falling apart roughly 4 years ago as people started going to college and becoming too busy. Now there’s only one of them that I still keep in regular contact with whom I regard as my best friend, despite never having met her in person. Nonetheless, I still occasionally come up with characters that I think ‘man, that would have been great to roleplay back in the day.’

You see, one of the concepts we liked picking apart was the ‘no kill rule’ of superheroes. We parodied, discussed, deconstructed, and reconstructed the hell out of that one. About 2 and a 1/2 years ago, I thought ‘what about child soldiers? How do they work in the superhero world?’ So my anti-hero was born, a mercenary or something who was a former child soldier and would serve as a type of outlaw character.
It was roughly around the same time that I had started really getting into CYOA games, after discovering them by playing Mecha Ace on steam. Still, that wasn’t the moment when I decided to make a CYOA game, as at that point, the whole concept terrified me. All those variables and branching paths…oh, the horror.

Then, I read a visual novel called The Fruit of the Grisaia. It was pretty incredible. I loved the characters, the art-style, the blend of cooky hi-jinks and inspirational monologues and harsh realities.
But there was one particular character that elevated the VN so high up in my mind. I could take or leave any of the girls, I thought they were all great but replaceable.
But the one character that couldn’t be replaced, the one that really captured my interest was the protagonist, Yuuji Kazami.
A former child soldier with a mysterious past that never got properly explained in the story, which further increased my interest in knowing more about him (I would occasionally make-up backstories until they ended up merging together. Before his past was revealed in sequels, I was leaning towards ‘his mother gave birth to him while she was in the middle of a warzone running around with a claymore hacking off heads, while on fire.’)
I loved everything about this guy. The deadpan snarkiness, the way he carried himself with such self-assuredness like he knew he could take anyone in the room but was too lazy to boast about it, and the way he could go from serious to wacky like his mental disposition was on a yo-yo.
I especially loved those quiet moments, when it really hit you just how much this guy had to go through in order to get the way he is now. One moment, I’m laughing and saying ‘oh wow, this guy is completely disconnected from reality!’
Then later, I’m quietly muttering ‘oh…wow…this guy is completely disconnected from reality…’

Then I thought back to that OC I made that would never be used. Age her down a bit…yeah, I could see a pretty similar story. I started thinking that ‘you know, the genre of child-soldier-goes-to-high-school is a pretty neglected one.’ From what I could tell, the only ones out there were Grisaia and Full Metal Panic.
I also thought, in general, this isn’t a concept often explored. Sure, you could fill entire bookshelves with story of ‘average person gets stuck in a survival scenario and has to harden in order to survive.’ But what happens when a person who has been conditioned by their environment to become a ruthless and hardened warrior is then plucked out of their warzone and placed in a land where, despite nightly news, is relatively peaceful and stable?
…What then?

What then, indeed. The first place I looked was here, on this forum. And I thought…this…is a story for someone else to write!
Then about a week or so after I posted inviting someone to pick up the idea, I decided ‘well, nobody’s biting…ugh, fine. I’ll do it.’

But what to name this creation of mine? I pondered, then I looked at the glasses on my face and recalled a book I once read called ‘The Twisted Window.’ An…okay book, I guess, but it had a pretty profound statement relating twisted windows to a main character’s mental health. They said something like ‘when looking through a twisted window, you can still what’s on the other side, but it’s…distorted. Hard to make out.’
Then I thought ‘hey, I wear glasses!’ And thus the name, ‘Through Broken Lenses’ came to be!

End origin story.

Since then, a lot has happened. I finished high school, did a year of college, got an occasionally life-threatening job, and wrote my story in the off-time (and started a second story alongside it because I’m kind of stupid).
And in this moment of retrospection, I’d like to share this moment with the veterans out there. You know who you are. The guys who have been around long enough to remember the time this forum was kept alive for three months when I was completely cut-off from all outside communication! All that time, no input from me, but you guys kept it alive! Busting your jams and ‘ah ah ah ah stay’in alive! Stay’in alive!’
For me, those three months have been this forum’s finest hour. You guys rule. Shout out with a jam if you remember.
And for everyone, what have been your favorite moments in this rollercoaster of a forum? All the old folks, babies, and in between; I wanna hear what moment in this forum left an impact on you.

Happy Arbitrarily-Selected Anniversary Day! :tada:


:sweat_smile: Oh god, I forgot all about that! Those were some good times. But I don’t think we can bring up memories without mentioning the great RO struggle. Dang, that was easily one of the most amusing yet exhausting moments of this great thread. I’m so glad that we’re hopefully past those childish arguments. Seriously, we don’t need to mention that ever again.

I think on behalf of all the other fans following this thread you deserve a lot of thanks for staying with this project for OVER 2 YEARS! It always puts a smile on my face to see a notification from this thread and that’s because there’s almost never a dull comment with everyone here, so yeah there’s my little speech. Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Go ahead, I don’t like her!

I can’t really answer this since I spent most of my time reading the WiP before. Also, there’s 2,052 (2,053 if you include mine) posts on this forum… not gonna lie, I either skimmed over what was written or just jump straight to the bottom when I see that there are over 50 posts that I missed…




when i accidentally dropped my phone on my foot laughing when i read the posts about someone suggesting we be a cheerleader and me imagining the outcome.
my foot was slightly sore that was when it impacted me the hardest…


Ah yes, the greatest idea to ever be presented on this forum.


You’re very welcome.

Although the context was extracurriculars that would be seen as unlikely to trigger the PC’s violent tendencies.

I can’t imagine many people seeing fencing, wrestling, or football being good ideas for the PC.


As long as the parameter were laid out well, the guidelines and regulations were provided on paper, and they were informed they isn’t supposed to provide lasting harm or injury if at all possible I think fencing wrestling and football could be doable.
Cheerleading had other issues like sounding peppy smiling a lot and being enthusiastic in potentially open environments.


The PC can hospitalize up to 5 students on their first day, whether sticking to the rules or self control is in the PC’s wheelhouse is up to the player, not something that can be just safely assumed by CIA Daddy.


Easy to control
CIA daddy: If you hospitalize someone in the sport and evidence shows they didn’t deserve it based on my opinion I’m taking away your gun at home for one week.
Mc: internally crying yessir. Woln’t do it again sir.