Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



I would say fix stats frist because if if they are intrical to the plot then it might become worse the farther you procede in the game.


Just wondering, will there be an alternate ending for the Mc who doesnt forget any of his skills? Preferably one that doesnt involve execution or imprisonment or forced servitude?
I really feel bad for the kid.


Okay, well, it took…well, only two hours, really not that much time at all once I finally got around to it…

So yeah, I’ve had a bit of a bad head cold for the past two days. But you don’t care about that. What you want to hear is that the editations are finished and the game is still playable (hopefully).

All the tireless effort has finally paid off. Stat changes are finally a feature.
Slow clap.

If all the endings are different, what counts as an ‘alternate ending’?
As for the question itself, sure. There’s a way.
Figure it out.

You may want to stop playing then. When it comes to storytelling, life always gets harder before it gets better (if it ever does).

Final note: Be sure to post your stats in the forums!

Recent playthrough

Here are my stats with the new changes. I like the new stat changes a lot, they seem more balanced. I really liked the touch whereusing your skills to protect Lucy gets you a much greater increase in humanity than other ‘nice’ actions.


Meanwhile I am practically doomed hanging out with the crazy girl and trying to keep his stats up… at least it’ll be a fun ride right?


Sure it took two years, but you made a masterpiece. I’ll wait as long as it takes.


I agree. I was merely expressing my thoughts (In hindsight it does seem to imply I would not want that), and besides that, that partly is also why I am playing, I am curious to how I would feel about the ending. Such an interesting work.

Nevermind, I suppose I was half-asleep when I wrote that (or emotionally wrought out for some reason or another), I realize I did presumptions about what I was reading and made plausible endings out of it (not realizing that you had just finished chapter one, I thought this was a demo and you had already finished it, my bad).

Anyways thank you for replying and I apologize for any misconstrued or ambiguous interpretations (especially on my part).


I guess the real ending, the ending we are suposed to get , the way YOU, the writer, thought (imagined or whatever) the story would or should end is the True Ending. Everything else is alternate.

I think.



I often thought about Tilda from Into the Badlands when I played this


Basically every ending where we’re alive.


It seems if I choose retain hyperawareness,I always got stuck here


Preferably happy? I just had to say that hahaha.


Do the stats actually matter? I don’t think I’ve seen any choice that had different outcomes depending on your stats


Well I guess the stats are going to matter more in future chapters. This is just the first chapter and we just finished the first day of school.


Hmm. I get to the “half an hour later…” point in the second hour class on the first day and can’t get any further due to the next page just not loading no matter how much time passes. I’ve tried several times. Strange considering when I played the game months ago I could play beyond that point.


I am having the same problem.


think i ran into a bug in the second class

doesnt mater the options i pick either hyper aware or the “daydreaming” option lead to a frozen loading screen
it wont let me click anything and i have to relod the page and try again. i have tried on 3 computers so its not on my end but i cant finish the chapter because of it :thinking:


Yep, I’m having the same problem of the stuck loading screen as stated above. Same exact spot, everytime.


Wow, 9 days to fix a bug that required just a simple find-and-replace to fix.
Big damn hero, ain’t I just?

Anyway, good day. :tada:
For the maybe two of you that have followed since last year, and the percentage of that who gives a shit, I’m standing in my house for the first time in 10 months. Finally free from having every moment of my time regulated and always cowering in fear of what little free time I got being forced away due to petty bullshit. Finally free.
Well, I’m pretty happy about it.

The part you might care about is that this means more free time, which means less stress, which means more motivation to write, which means better work ethic, which means faster production time.
Which means more depression, heartbreaking flashbacks, disturbing implications expressed through character interactions, and a bit of heartwarming comedy sprinkled here or there to maintain both our mental states.


This really brightened my day, man. I really do love this project (and your others) so I can’t wait for more! Also congrats on returning home, man!!! :tada: