Through Broken Lenses (Update 40 on 13 NOV 2018) WiP



So near the end, after Vi introduces herself and Daniel is flabbergasted, every choice reacts as if I nodded in response. I shrugged. Loving this by the way.


He’ll say the same thing to Vi no matter your decision. It’s the dialogue afterwards, when you’re alone, that changes.


I feel like I was the only one to understand this.


Glad to come back to the forums after a hiatus and see one my favorite WIP’s updated.

One potential error I spotted in my lasted playthrough was that whether you choose to nod, shrug or shake your head at Agent Decker, it always says you nod in the next page.


This update shows the OP REALLY knows their stuff when it comes to creating quirky yet natural feeling characters you want to read more about. Considering bumping this above Freak Amidst the Neon Light as my second favorite current WIP.


This is kind of a gross question, so I’ll put it under the spoilers.

For a female MC, how would she (and the CIA) react to menstrual periods and such? Since after the MC was captured, she received regular, nutritious meals, which could lead to her having to deal with it for the first time in her life (I bet that the MC wouldn’t react well :sweat_smile:). Or did the CIA place her on birth control that makes periods a non-issue?

It’s just something that’s been on my mind since I started following the game.


@Snowflower Um, birth control pills don’t stop a girl from having her period… or at least mine didn’t…


It doesn’t have to be the pill- it could be a shot, or an IUD. It could just be a different pill, too.


Ok, so I just did some research to see if the shots or the IUDs would stop the bleeings (because I’m a skeptic), and it turns out that you’re half right; after taking them for a whole year (none stop), it can reduce how much blood comes out, making them light periods, and for some women can even stop it all together. But that’s usually after taking them for at least a whole year…


Hmm, well there is a good chance for comedy, tragedy, and heartwarming moments, I don’t think I’d go into much more depth than a single scene somewhere in the second or third chapter.

Reason being, I lack the female reproductive organs necessary to really understand the subject with any sort of empathy and understanding. I’d probably offend someone.
I already have the homosexual audience out for my blood, I don’t want the females trying to get me too.
I happen to really like females!


That’s just a matter of consulting a female. But I don’t really see a need for a scene. It’s something the reader just assumes that happens; like we always assume the character is wearing pants. It’s not something that needs to elaborated unless it’s needed like, though cliche, foreshadowing pregnancy.


I agree that the story doesn’t need the scene, but it still would be kind of funny (in my opinion) to see how awkward the CIA dude (I forgot his name :sweat_smile: )would become once the female MC did get her period. Honestly, I kind of find those kinds of awkward talks to be hilarious, especially when a paren/guardian tries to give The Talk :rofl:. Though, honestly it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the MC (male or female) already knew everything about “the birds and the bees”… however, it would still be funny to see the CIA dude still try giving The Talk, not realizing that the MC already knows about :thinking:. But that’s just my opinion :laughing:. Like I said, I agree with @Phoenix_Wolf that we don’t need the scene, but that doesn’t mean I’d be opposed to seeing it in the WiP either


Vi is pure yandere waifu i love it. lol


the idea is to give mc a normal life, and period is normal. so i don’t see the need for birth control or iud, not to mention the probable health issues that could result from them. cia even taught the mc calculus, i think it’s logical that they also taught them basic sex ed.


A better adapted MC might keep the sex ed Daniel taught them in mind when she first has her period, while a less adapted MC might brush it off as disinformation and upon her first period, possibly attack Decker for poisoning her, with lethal intent. . My idea was that the CIA has no way of knowing how the MC would adapt, so they would put her on birth control believing that it would prevent a future incident.
But that’s just my two cents!


Wow, okay, 15 days have come and gone.

I have been really pre-occupied. Neither this nor my secondary story have really gotten any work done on them at all in the past week or so. Getting to my room late, and always so worn out from the day’s stress and stupidity that I can’t muster up the energy to do anything but play video games.
Oh well. Three more weeks and I’ll be free! Really, truly free!

Hopefully productivity will go up at around that time.

And now that chapter 1 is finished I’m faced with a choice. For those of you who don’t know, awhile ago I realized that stats were getting horribly imbalanced and decided to forget about them until I was near finished and could adjust them a bit more properly.
Now I must decide, do I continue with chapter 2 now or go back to fix what was put off for later?
These are the decisions that haunt a creator.


It might be easier for you going forward to fix the stats now so you can carry over the good balanced ones into chapter 2.


stats later story now


It’s probably best to change the stats first.


As much as I would love to see more of the story, I think it’s much better to take care of the stats first.