Through Broken Lenses (Update 39 on 24 JUL 2018) WiP



Wait wait… You shanked someone? How?

Also This is why i love this game, its the fact that we get to do all this shit.


Quite simple,really.

When those 3 blokes are ganging on Lucy,intervene and attack.

When you’re dealing with the last prick,there’ll be an option called ‘Grab a pen’

Your relationship with Lucy takes a big hit if you do this,though.But who needs friends when you can shank people with a fucking pen?


What’s that movie where it ends with the guy in prison shanking someone with a spoon? You could always do it one better, I mean.


Sure spoons are awesome but Riddick shanked someone with a fucking mug. Thats fucking badass.


That was part was awesome


Update 7:
Finished another scene, and implemented a save system courtesy of @CJW
Also, there is a bug that’s been bothering me for a long time. While I’m pretty sure it’s been fixed (Thank you @Violet_Color) I’m still not certain. To be clear, if you are either male OR are a female who broke Jessy’s arm, you should be seeing the confrontation scene at lunch. If you aren’t, then that’s a bug.


Hmm. I got taken to the nurses office and the game ended. No lunch scene. But I enjoyed the demo so far.


I think you have to survive the bullies in class unscathed.


I have the same problem. I survived the bullies unscathed and when I got to the lunch room, it just ends.


I suppose that’s another way to dodge the lunch confrontation, since you would go to the nurse’s office instead of the lunchroom[quote=“Ardit_Maloku, post:310, topic:15318, full:true”]
I have the same problem. I survived the bullies unscathed and when I got to the lunch room, it just ends.
Can you give me more details, please? What exactly did you do leading up to that?


Both 1-9lunch-1 (uninjured) and 1-9lucylunch-1 (injured, nurse) only contain *finish, so either update didn’t go through or the scene is something else.


Neither of those branches have been written yet. Right now I’m focusing on the 1-9fightlunch branch, and trying to make it to where people can actually access it when the prerequisites have been met.


When I try To interrogate Jessy’s boyfriend as a female the game stops suddenly. Is that suppose To happen?


No it isn’t, but I’m pretty sure I fixed it


Update 8:
Still slowly making progress on the confrontation scene, and continuing to make bug fixes as they are reported. Nothing else to report.


I don’t know if any had some this yet but nationality of the MC could almost be anything. Like with central to south america with all the civil wars drug cartels. Most of south Asia almost always has something going on. Africa enough said same with middle east. Even someplaces in Europe but nothing long term. The only thing I could complain about is the stats. War or peace that’s pretty much what they are ,but I think it might mean thought process but still. Also I kick those three punks was and that football guy and it made me friendlier. Makes no sense


I’m not sure what you mean by the nationality, but you definitely have a point with the stats. I’ve been far to generous with them so far.
After the first chapter is finished I’ll go through again and make the stats a bit more balanced


“I was a pretty pateint person” (it’s in the scene in which you meet the principal and you get your schedule. Also pencils suddenly become pens for some reason.


Sorry if I wasn’t very clear I had like 10 minutes to write that out. I was going off at was the fact that everyone seems to be worried about their nationality or ethnicity and well I am a little too I was merely pointing out that there is war all across the world not just the stereotypical Child Soldier of Africa even though that’s most well-documented. Now just because there in one location does not mean that it is automatically makes you this and that you are this nationality no I don’t believe so travel nowadays has changed that to where anyone can go anywhere if they wanted so much so for example your parents were with the Doctors Without Borders why they brought you I have no idea but still and also people can live and primarily dominant ethnicity groups and still be the minor. Also the stats if not mental make no sense. One of the friendliest person’s I know is also the deadliest man I know so what gives.


I don’t think this mc’s parents were anything to write about, at least our mom in this game was likely some desperate lower class woman with no friends, family or wealth to speak of who got trapped in a war-zone and couldn’t get out.

Also the mc could come from a great many regions of the world and have any their ethnicity and nationality could be a great many things. Personally, yeah, I have my mc coming from Africa, although I always Imagine him to be as white as a lily, blond hair blue eyes, the All-American boy of old basically, except he’s not.
though coming from Africa originally he could be construed as “African American”, despite his “race”, provided of course the CIA actually gave us the American nationality. He may even have come to America a slave, if Daniel only captured my mc once he was on American soil, since before that he was basically a slave to a terrorism for hire outfit. :wink: