Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Honestly, Junior seems like a bit of a wild card at the moment, could be good or terrible. As for never meeting Jessy and Jason, you could possibly force a scene on the way home with Jason after either of the two scenes after running off with Junior. Might seem a bit static and mess up the flow, but I think you could work it in well :grin:


Maybe an initiation to force the protagonist to prove themselves worthy of joining his gang, something to test their morality?


I always envisioned my character becoming some kinda underground street-gang legend, considering they got the skill already. Which makes sense to lead through Junior’s route. Maybe his potential death is dependent on the MC? So there is a chance of him living, rather than discarding him completely.

I also hear that near death experiences bring people closer together… cough cough

If the gang doesn’t break out into Grease Lightning I’m going to be very disappointed.



Spelling error, found in the seventh hour.

“Have you been taken by Miss. Stein yet?”

Remove the full stop from the end of the bolded word.

Bug in Junior’s path, when choosing to go to his hangout.

Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data.


Ha ha! Love the New Vegas reference, couldn’t help read it out like he does in game.



Junior: Ah, smell that air! Can’t you just drink it like booze?

MC: … [deadpan] I love the smell of napalm in the morning.


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Update 35:
Finished the walk home for those who aren’t going with Junior anywhere (the majority of players).
Also added a scene for people who hadn’t learned Jessy or Jason’s names yet. In the main path.



What are you planing to do with Vi? Can MC help her somehow?


I’m also interested what will happen with Vi she’s best girl by the way


Yea, first place for best girl/weidro :slight_smile: But seriously - it’s unique character with tragic/intresting backstory, (+ its potential RO, with 100% affection If you ask her to be your slave)


Uhhhhhhh, I played the demo again and I knocked out Jason in the hallway and then saw him again after school. He didn’t have any injuries and didn’t recognize me. Also, for some reason Daniel’s call happened twice. Might wanna fix that.


Wait a second…did you knock out Jason without learning his name?
If so, how?


When I was walking to lunch, there was an option to “Attack”, it was the one where if you decided to kill him, the game ends. I spared him because I couldn’t kill him and keep playing and then he showed up again after school unfazed and I was really disappointed.


Disappointment is part of life


Where’s the Sad Trombone when you need it.


Actually, that happens too if you talk to him for a bit before suckerpunching him. Perhaps he has regenerative powers and a short attention span?:stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly :thinking: (20 Thinking Characters)


I found a small bug (not sure if this has been reported yet, but if it is, please ignore this post):

When you meet Junior 7th period, his name doesn’t change to ‘Junior’ from ‘classified’.



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36 PM


I would love in this story where a group of guys go in with guns to capture some students or something and we have to choose to knock them out or kill them